Volunteer Portal

Plantation Field continues to be a part of the USEA (VIP) Volunteer Incentive Program for all our volunteer scheduling. Click here for an article on the new program which has links for signing up through www.eventingvolunteers.com.

If you are new to Eventing Volunteers:

How to create a log-In
Step-One: Go to www.eventingvolunteers.com
Step-Two: Click on "I'm a volunteer"
Step-Three: Click "Sign Up" and create your log-in info
Step-Four: Go to the Plantation Field Venue page to sign up for our events


To jump straight to the Plantation Field Venue Page for signups, click HERE

If you have any questions and want to communicate directly to the volunteer coordinator for the Plantation Field Horse Trials and CIC email pfhtvolunteers@gmail.com.

Helpful Links for Volunteers

USEA Volunteering Information

USEA Cross Country Jump Judge Guidelines - rev. 2021

NEW: Download the Eventing Volunteers mobile app for iPhone & iPad or Android

Volunteer Incentives

Each day of volunteering earns volunteers an additional raffle entry, so the more you volunteer, the greater your chances of winning! We are also proud to offer a year-end raffle for a cash prize of $1000 to attend the Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event, held every year in Lexington, Kentucky.  The top 25 volunteers on the Plantation Leaderboard at the end of the year will be entered into a raffle for this prize for the following spring.

Volunteers will also receive a $25 voucher for each day of volunteering. These vouchers are good for any schooling jumper or dressage show or starter trials throughout the year. Please email the secretary when you are entering and mention your volunteer voucher to redeem. 

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities through out the year associated with the Plantation Field Horse Trials.  Following are some of the areas in which volunteers are needed for each event:

Prior to the Event

  • Dressage arena setup
  • Cross Country flagging
  • Office help on Friday and during the event
  • Stabling assistant
  • Signage

On Dressage Day

  • Dressage scribes
  • Dressage score runners
  • Bit check
  • Dressage warm-up stewards
  • Scoring assistants

On Cross Country and Stadium Day

  • Stadium manager
  • Stadium timer
  • Stadium jump crew
  • Stadium scribe
  • Stadium runners
  • Cross Country timers
  • Cross Country fence judges
  • Cross Country starter
  • Scoring assistants

If you have an interest in volunteering, please contact our volunteer coordinators at pfhtvolunteers@gmail.com.