Plantation Field Fall Starter Horse Trials
Unionville, Pennsylvania
Entry Status as of 10/20/2021, 3:24 PM
Rider Name Horse Name Division Status Balance Due Missing Items
Barrett, Emily Zero N Hero BNR Complete    
Bartlett, Sam Adagio ER Complete    
Battig-Leamer, Nora Keltic Junebug TH Complete    
Beattie, Leah Kayla the Magical Unicorn IR Complete    
Berkner, Katherine Tale As Old As Time BNR Complete    
Berkowitz, Steven J. Ricardo BNR Complete    
Betz, Ashley Hashtag Alex BNR Complete    
Bevers, Angi Heathcliff IH Complete    
Bickel, Annette Carlingford's West ER Complete    
Billings, Allie Elizabeth All Things Nice BNR Complete    
Blauner, Peter George IH Complete    
Blevins, Stacey Skye's the Limit IR Complete    
Boehmler, Elsie Kate Tally Ho IR Complete    
Bowersox, Joe Lost Sailor EH Complete    
Brady, Siobhan Minnie Mouse IH Incomplete   •Signed Release
Brooke, Caroline Queen Bee IR Incomplete   •Signed Release
Buchanan, Audrey Dove NR Complete    
Buchanan, Cindy Stroll to the Beat NH Complete    
Buchanan, Cindy Upper Charlize DS BNH Complete    
Bull, Judy Manos de Piedra NR Incomplete   •Signed Release
Buller, Josie Zanzibar NR Complete    
Byer, Bryn Hurry Up Harry NH Complete    
Cabrera, Daniel Pilgrim IR Complete    
Camens, Neal Who's A Star NR Incomplete   •Coggins
Campanella, Jillian TSRE Aurelio NR Complete    
Campisi, Adalena Belmont BNR Complete    
Chin, Emma Malibu Gold ER Complete    
Colaianni, Meg Old Army NR Incomplete   •Coggins
Cole, Ginny Roziere NH Complete    
Corcoran, Kelly Hurricane Hill BNR Complete    
Cracknell, Madeline Commanding Curve NR Complete    
Cracknell, Madeline Galway Empire BNR Complete    
Crespo, Faith Ever After ER Incomplete   •Coggins
Crowther, Corinda Bentley IR Complete    
DeMasi, Kate Bling ER Complete    
Devine, Lizzie Reggae Jams ER Incomplete   •Coggins
Dukes, Shelby Attenborough NR Complete    
Dureka, Tami The Duke TR PENDING: payment not yet received $115.00 •Coggins
Eicher, Christina E Attaboy NR Complete    
Elbert, Katherine Patrick Henry BNR Complete    
Elliott, Christina The Twilight Zone BNR Complete    
Faison, Amy Royal Empress NH Complete    
Fasciano, Holly Mr. Peabody ER Complete    
Fenkel, Caroline Stormin' Norman BNH Complete    
Fillipo, Amanda Braveheart IR PENDING: payment not yet received $115.00  
Flores-Kinney, Zara Hand In Hand NH Complete    
Flynn, Lisa Giovanni NR Complete    
Frank, Abigail Mae Contrary Opinion BNH Complete    
Frankovich, Peyton Field Agent NR Complete    
Fraysier, Samantha Elsbeth  BNR Complete    
Frei, Kaitlin Hawkins BNH Complete    
Fritz, Christina Charmer IR Complete    
Gallagher, Sarah McCloy SH Right on the Money BNH Complete    
Goodall, Alice Twiggy BNR Complete    
Greenwood, Tracey Copper Penny IH Complete    
Gupta, Aditi Rio ER Complete    
Hahn, Cady Little Joe EH Complete    
Hahn, Cady Super Star IR Complete    
Hakizimana, Hope Rainy Days ER Incomplete   •Coggins
Hamel, Emily Excel Star Count On Me NH Complete    
Hamel, Emily Excel Star Time Will Tell BNH Complete    
Hamel, Emily Fernhill Pimms Jr NH Complete    
Hamel, Emily Houston BNH Complete    
Harrison, Liz Bombero NH Complete    
Hawley, Brynn Die Fledermause NH Incomplete   •Signed Release
Herbs, Bobbie Whitty Remark BNR Complete    
Herr, Abigail Maximum Impact EH Complete    
Herr, Abigail Uptown Funk NR Complete    
Hicks, Kate Billy Avon NH Complete    
Hogan, Madison Quintessential 39 BNH Complete    
Huey, Lillian Zodiac Matador BNH Complete    
ILG, Carolyn Classy Lady BNR Complete    
Jones, McKenzie There's a Loose Horse IR Complete    
Jonsdottir, Alicia Rose Gentry Go for Gold NR Complete    
Juvonen, Evelyn Rose Z Camelot NR Complete    
Kaplan, Becca Quick Charge IR Complete    
Kelly, Jennifer JK's Outa Time EH Complete    
Kelly, Marnie Campground TR Complete    
Kennedy, Michael K. Gentleman NR Complete    
Killeen, Jenna Paige Jersey Jet TR Complete    
Kirtley, Caroline Summerfield Nick's Luck BNR Complete    
Klesmer, Michele Harrington Cat NR PENDING: payment not yet received $115.00  
Kletjian, Sofia Arthur BNR Incomplete   •Coggins
Kostiv, Ievgeniia (Jen) Gordon Bennett NR Complete    
Kotoulek, Tatiana Flute BNR Complete    
Kowatch, Michaela Arabella's Treasure ER Complete    
Kozink, Kelly Skips Caramel IH Incomplete   •Coggins
Kozink, Taylor Extreme Warrior IR Complete    
Kratz, Lily One Lark One Legend NR Complete    
Kraucunas, Laura Paisley MCF EH Complete    
LaDow, Katie Aviation Show TR Complete    
LaDow, Kristen Jardin FF NH Complete    
Lane, Lisa Tuxedo NR Complete    
Levesque, Jenna Imagine That TR Complete    
Levesque, Jenna Paprika TR Complete    
Licup, Kym Amandare NR Complete    
Ligorano, Debra Apple Lucy ER Complete    
Lobach, Zoë Fake Start IR Incomplete   •Coggins  •Signed Release
Louis, Maxwell Mr. Pumbles BNH Incomplete   •Coggins
Lubov, Victoria Little Moon ER Complete    
Mann, Mackenzie Been There Dun That TR Complete    
McGlinn, Katharine Prince Butter ER Incomplete   •Coggins
McIntyre, Katie Playboy Skoal EH Complete    
Mentrak, Katherine Come in Handy BNR Complete    
Merchant, Nathan Papa Choo Choo TR Incomplete   •Signed Release
Milanese, Mya Kathryn Speedball IR Complete    
Miller, Madelyn Heaven Sent BNR Complete    
Morosky-Sterling, Gabrielle A Sister's Love IH Complete    
Moyer, Adrianna Backgammon NR Incomplete   •Coggins
Moyer, Adrianna Little Debbie NR Incomplete   •Coggins
Murphy, Donna C. Rosalind IR Complete    
Murphy, Emily Red Hot Shot IR Incomplete   •Signed Release
Musselman, Danielle E. Go On Green IR Complete    
Neyman, Ellie Beyond The Horizon IR Complete    
Nguyen, Gabrielle Zeus BNR Complete    
Norris, Ashley Steele Sorrel NH Complete    
Norris, Ashley Steele Stu BNH Complete    
Oaster, Hannah A Taste of Italy BNR Complete    
Oblack, Catherine Leroy ER Complete    
Oblack, Molly Belmont IR Complete    
O'Connor- Reichert, Keira Pine Creek's Snapdragon BNR Complete    
Parsons, Quinn Pocket Full of Sunshine ER Complete    
Pizzie, Hannah Start the Music TR Complete    
Poikans, Elisabeth E.P. The Devil Wears Prada IH Complete    
Povish, Makenzee Brownie ER Complete    
Reinbold, Darby Good Graces ER Complete    
Renzetti, Annie Luna TR Complete    
Renzetti, Annie Molly TR Complete    
Richman, Riley Little Chaos ER Incomplete   •Coggins
Rivera, Chloe Caspian ER Incomplete   •Coggins
Robbins, Alexandra Sir Winston IR Complete    
Robinson, Mary Justforthehalibut TR Complete    
Robinson, Stella Pumba IR Complete    
Robinson, Taylor Underlights BNR Complete    
Romans, Aneesa Kasarah IH Complete    
Russo, Aubrey Zepplin ER Complete    
Sadlowski, Ryann Cause I Can ER Complete    
Satterthwaite, Rachel Docs Cuttin Candy ER Complete    
Savelloni, Mia Lynn Eye Catching Eve NR Complete    
Scherrer, Nicole Not Ours NH Complete    
Schultze, Claudia Windchase Lionstar NR Incomplete   •Signed Release
Schwacke, Anna T.R. NR Incomplete   •Coggins
Sellers, Tanya Ivory Ella ER Complete    
Seman, Nicole Flatlined EH Complete    
Sidorsky, Brooke Daddy Said Yes BNR Complete    
Simoff, Betsy Fire Sparx EH Complete    
Simon, Julianna Flashy Miss NH Complete    
Simpson, Jebb Gentry Irish Clover BNH Complete    
Sims, Audrey Southern Drifter BNR Complete    
Skala, Lisa Big Storm Coming BNH Complete    
Slater, William Sir Wallace BNR Incomplete   •Signed Release
Solomon, Sydney Cotton House BNH Incomplete   •Coggins
Somers, Conrad Illustration TR Complete    
Somers, Conrad Paris NR Complete    
South, Erika Tilted Halo ER Complete    
Stapf, Lilah My Man Thirsty BNR Complete    
Starrett, Grace Ruby Tuesday HW BNR Complete    
Sterling, Amanda Bordeaux EH Complete    
Stewart, Tricia Wild River ER Complete    
Stockar, Kameryn Scandalous Love TR Complete    
Stockar, Kira Unbuttoned ER Complete    
Stuart, Caroline Take Me to Paris ER Complete    
Surdam, Emily Southern Beach BNR Complete    
Sutton, Mikaylin BluesNJazz Til Dawn NR Complete    
Sweet, Haley Nautical Nonsense ER Complete    
Tansey, Brita Calliope NH Complete    
Tansey, Elisabeth Creekland's Chaco Canyon IR Complete    
Taylor, Ashley Tuff Duff BNH Complete    
Thomson, Valerie RC Razzle IR Complete    
Turner, Regina Five of Diamonds TR Complete    
Ucko, Veronica Mainely Brews TR Complete    
Volpe, Ashleigh Sweet Brother BNH Complete    
Warzecha, Christine Splish Splash BNR Complete    
Weaver, Anna Blonde Bombshell IH Complete    
Whisenant, Katie Wanted (Lightning Hit) IR Complete    
Williams, Kendra Broad Lover ER Incomplete   •Coggins
Wood, Sarah Mario IR Complete    
Wren, Brooke WS Hunts Bay NR Complete    
Zelo, Logan "Ted" Pool BNH Complete    
Ziegler, Tara Battle Tested EH Complete