Plantation Field May STARTER Horse Trials
Unionville, Pennsylvania
Entry Status as of 5/5/2022, 7:47 PM
Rider Name Horse Name Division Status Balance Due Missing Documents
Altringer, Erin Star SR Complete    
Barr, Briana Stormin' Normin BNR Incomplete   •Signed Release
Barr, Fylicia Rylee's Rooster TH Complete    
Bayly, Dick Graf Bobby TH Complete    
Becket, Alane En Pointe EH Complete    
Billings, Allie All Things Nice BNR Complete    
Blauner, Peter Xtra BNH Complete    
Boehmler, Elsie Chip SH Complete    
Brown, Rebecca Humble Pie SH Complete    
Buchanan, Cindy Stroll to the Beat TR Complete    
Buchanan, Cindy Upper Charlize NH Complete    
Buller, Josie Let Me Lead BNH Complete    
Byers, Gianna Wild But Classy BNH Incomplete   •Signed Release
Caffrey, Kyra Never Gone South SH Complete    
Cannon, Sydney Princess Fernanda BNR Complete    
Ceppetelli, Vivian Walk The Line SR Complete    
Champagne, Bradley Nicciola KW SH Incomplete   •Coggins  •Signed Release
Collett, Kaleigh NoteWorthy BNR Complete    
Cousins, Nathaniel Walle BNR Complete    
Cousins, Sarah FireCall NH Complete    
Cousins, Sarah Candy Cigarette TH Complete    
Crowther, Drew King of Disko SR Complete    
Cuca, Kathleen Chequer BNR Complete    
Cunningham, Kaylyn Ollivander TR Complete    
Cunningham, Kaylyn Malibu In Motion SH Complete    
Demchur, Jolie Why Wouldn't We SH Complete    
Dixon, Kachine Parker EH Complete    
Dougherty, Katie Heza Pretty Zippo ER NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $150.00 •Signed Release
Dureka, Tami The Duke NH Complete    
Edwards, Bailey Surf n’ Turf BNR Complete    
Elbert, Katherine Patrick Henry BNR Complete    
Fanning, Kara C’Ode de Joy NH Complete    
Fenkel, Caroline Ideal Concerto BNH Incomplete   •Signed Release
Fenkel, Caroline Sormin' Norman BNH Incomplete   •Signed Release
Figaniak, Bella Spock SR Complete    
Frank, Abigail Contrary Opinion BNH Complete    
Frank, Abigail Exile "Remy" SH Complete    
Fritchman, Heather Exmoor Xander BNR Complete    
Geczy, Claudia Truthful Saint BNR NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $150.00 •Coggins
Glynn, Maggie Battle Royalty BNR Incomplete   •Coggins  •Signed Release
Goldfarb, Nora Ridgetop Royal Locket TH Complete    
Goodall, Alice Roxy BNR Complete    
Harrison, Liz Bombero TR Complete    
Hawley, Brynn Die Fledermause NH NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $150.00 •Coggins  •Signed Release
Heid, Liza Minnie Mouse ER Incomplete   •Signed Release
Herr, Abigail Maximum Impact BNH Incomplete   •Signed Release
Hillman, June Jd Superstar BNR Complete    
Homsey, Anna Levi SR Incomplete   •Coggins  •Signed Release
Horwith, Allison Larrikin NH Complete    
Hovermill, Ollie Hasta Luego SR Complete    
Huey, Lillian Zodiac Matador NR Incomplete   •Signed Release
Jennings, Julia High Hopes SR Incomplete   •Coggins
Johnson, Kerra Gideon EH Complete    
Kaplan, Adlai Balius Drumcolligan ER Incomplete $10.00  
Kaplan, Becca Quick Charge SR Incomplete $10.00  
Klara, Olivia Rafiki EH Complete    
Komisor, Kelly CRF Coal EH NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $125.00  
Kosofsky, Alexa Above All Else BNR Complete    
Lapp, Andrew Coach BNR Incomplete   •Signed Release
Licup, Kym Amandare NR Complete    
Ligon, Nicole Mocha BNH Incomplete   •Signed Release
Ligon, Nicole Wisdom SH Incomplete   •Signed Release
Lodge, Sundene Misty's Sunfire SR Incomplete   •Signed Release
Lortie, Dana Excel Star Midas Touch BNH Incomplete   •Signed Release
Lucas, Ella Gooig Cove BNR Incomplete   •Signed Release
MacLachlan, Mary Jagger ER Complete    
McDonough, Rachel Heaven Made NH NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $150.00 •Coggins  •Signed Release
McIntyre, Mariette Play Boy Skoal SH Complete    
Miller, Barbara Cory SH Incomplete   •Coggins  •Signed Release
Murray, Mackenna Jimmie SR Incomplete   •Coggins  •Signed Release
Nelson, Dawn Big Bad Shack BNH Complete    
Newell, Gregory BE Victory Dance SR Complete    
Norris, Ashley Steele Sorrel NH Complete    
Norris, Ashley Steele Youcan'tfixstupid BNH Complete    
Oblack, Catherine Leroy ER Complete    
Oblack, Leigh Tally Ho ER NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $150.00 •Coggins
Oblack, Molly Belmont SR Complete    
Penland, Jordan Misty's Irish Mist BNR Incomplete   •Signed Release
Perry, Lauren Prince William G SH Complete    
Pifer, Julie Magnific C'Imagination BNH Complete    
Povish, Makenzee Brownie BNH Complete    
Powers, Brooke Independent Son BNH Complete    
Reagoso, Charlotte Patterson Cross BNH Incomplete   •Signed Release
Reinbold, Darby Good Graces AKA Grace SR Complete    
Rice, Deborah Godric BNR Incomplete   •Signed Release
Rice, Roxanne Balmoral BNR Complete    
Rice, Roxanne Grid Iron SH Complete    
Robbins, Alexandra Sir Winston SR Complete    
Scott, Annalise Woody Wyatt SR NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $150.00  
Seifert, Max Tahkodha Princes SR Incomplete   •Signed Release
Slater, William Sir Wallace BNR NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $150.00 •Coggins  •Signed Release
Slough, Deidra Deanfield Ice Queen ER NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $150.00 •Coggins
Solomon, Sydney Tuxedo NH Complete    
Somers, Conrad Get Away Money NR Complete    
Somers, Conrad Prime Time SR Complete    
South, Erika Tilted Halo ER Complete    
Steele Norris, Ashley Agawam River NH Incomplete   •Coggins
Stockar, Kira Unbuttoned SR Complete    
Stuart, Caroline Take Me to Paris SR Complete    
Sutton, Mikaylin BluesNJazz Til Dawn NR Complete    
Sweet, Haley Nautical Nonsense ER Complete    
Volpe, Ashleigh Sweet Brother BNH Complete    
Walker, Heather One Diego SR Complete    
Warren, Amy Major Attitude SH Complete    
Watson, Sabrina Monster SR Incomplete $25.00 •Signed Release
Wren, Brooke Holloway WS Hunts Bay NR Complete    
Zygelyte, Emilija Sydney SH Accepted