Plantation Field May Horse Trials
Unionville, Pennsylvania
Entry Status as of 5/11/2022, 10:58 AM
Rider Name Horse Name Division Status Balance Due Missing IDs Missing Documents
Abrecht, Kelsey Third Times A Charm OT Complete      
Adams, Ashley Global Halcyon ON Complete      
Anderson-Blank, Cindy Windchase Faberge Star OI Complete      
Anderson-Blank, Cindy Wahoo Legal OT Complete      
Ayre, Emma FGF Aiken Prep PR Complete      
Ayre, Emma Power Strike PR Complete      
Ballas, Caitlyn Untangled Truth OBN Complete      
Barr, Fylicia Where is The Risk OT Complete      
Bayly, Dick Graf Bobby ON Complete $48.00    
Beale, Susie B.E. Calvados 12 OT Complete      
Beale, Susie BE Maxwell 16 OP Complete      
Beaver, Seth Excel Star Jupiter OBN Complete      
Benner, Kendall Mine Quarry NR Complete      
Berkner, Katherine Tale As Old As Time JOBN Complete      
Bevers, Angi Heathcliff BNR Complete      
Bigham, Julie Accomplice NR Complete      
Boccia, Amy FireFly NR Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Bosley, Isabelle Paper Doll OP Complete      
Bradley, Stephen Erika Louvo OP Complete      
Brannigan, Jennifer FE Flint ON Complete      
Brannigan, Jennifer Ottakringer OT Complete      
Brooks, Emma Legendary Man JON Incomplete     •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Buchanan, Audrey Rolling Rocker TR Complete      
Buchanan, Cindy Fabby Abbey TR Complete      
Buchanan, Maggie 3,2,1, Blastoff PR Complete      
Burgess, Kristine Arakan OP Complete      
Burgess, Kristine Twoggeron OP Complete      
Burnett, Hannah Sue Oscar OP Complete      
Burnett, Hannah Sue Florida Bay OP Incomplete     •Coggins
Cahill, Madison Tony D BNR Complete      
Chantler, Madeline Duke of Waymore JON Complete      
Chappell, Jessica Bryn Taran Laurel TR Complete      
Ciccone, Devlin Murphy Newmarket Auto TR Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Cousins, Sarah Hagrid OI Complete      
Cousins, Sarah Tiz Ready OI Complete      
Cousins, Sarah Wizard OP Incomplete $33.00   •Coggins
Crotty, Paige E.I. Lexington's MinuteMan OT Complete      
Crotty, Paige Excel Star E.I. Bostonian OP Incomplete $33.00    
Darnell, Destiny Six Gun Salute NR Complete      
Davidson, Bruce Sr. Chesterland's Sunswick OT Complete      
Davidson, Kennedy Tabasco Flying Tivio JOBN Complete      
Driscoll, Stacey Smetana ON Complete      
Dugan, Bevin O'Reilly Snow Wind SN OP Complete      
Elliott (PC Rally), Christina Paint Me Grey JOBN Complete      
Fansler, Kendal Curioso JOBN Complete      
Farje, Diego Asti's Charming OT Complete      
Farje, Diego Joey Fiddlesticks OT Complete      
Farje, Diego Sky Moon OT Complete      
Farje, Diego Spartin Martin Z OT Complete      
Ferguson, Matt American Ride TR Complete      
Fergusson, Lisa Marie Newcomer Z OP NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $368.00   •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Ghahremani, Arezo B. E. Never Say Never JOBN Complete      
Glas, Adam Clever Soul PR Complete      
Grant, Jen Lavendel BNR Complete      
Gudger, Josey Miss Fantastic TR Complete      
Hagaman, Sydney Genius To Go OP Incomplete $40.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Hahn (PC Rally), Cady You Oughta Know JOBN Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Hain, Victoria Bounce Pass OP Incomplete $40.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Hambleton, Anne Should Expect PR Complete      
Harryman, Jenevee Nellie's Comet BNR Complete      
Hogan, Mallory Clarissa Purisima OI Complete      
Hoover, Lauren Atlanta VII PR Complete      
Horah, Ellie Marie Coopers Marck PR NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $423.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Horwith, Allison More Zen Ready TR Complete      
Iskra, Olivia Baker Street TR Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Jaeger (PC Rally), Amelia Live a Little JON Complete      
Jennings, Jane Larano 5 OI Incomplete $40.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Johnson, Morgyn Peter Parker GS PR Incomplete $40.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Jonsdottir, Alicia Remember Clement TR Complete      
Kavouksorian, Alexandra The Alchemist TR Complete      
King, Robin Splash of Sass NR Complete      
Kozumplik, Sara Otta B Quality OP Incomplete $80.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Kozumplik, Sara Rock Phantom OI Incomplete $80.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Law, Kathleen Brooklynville NR Complete      
Ligon, Nicole Lightning Stone PR Incomplete $40.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Littlefield, Audrey Prince Renan PR Complete      
Lobach, ZoĂ« Fake Start JOBN Complete      
Mann, Mackenzie Been There Dun That TR Complete      
Mazza, Stefanie Brigantine PR Complete      
McDonough, Rachel Pac Yer Tack OT Incomplete $70.00   •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
McMillen, Molly Lily OT Incomplete $40.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Meek, Sarah Scherzo Di Notte NR Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Merison, Caroline Born Ready OT Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Merison, Caroline HSH Mosstown Mexico OT Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Middlebrook, Sophia Bonhunt Bertie OT Complete      
Middlebrook, Sophia Prontissimo OP Complete      
Miller (PC Rally), Madelyn Heaven Sent JOBN Complete      
Miller (PC Rally), Morgan Kira Rose TR Incomplete $20.00   •USEF Waiver: Incomplete
Millhiser, Mary Northern HotShot NR Complete      
Myers, Lauren Fernhill Rodger That TR Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Napravnik, Jazz Legend's Hope PR Complete      
Nelson, Rylie Harvest Moon TR Complete      
Newmiller, Gabriella So Many Natives TR Incomplete $40.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
O'Connor- Reichert, Keira Adrenaline Rush JOBN Complete      
Onega, Riley I'm Special VG OP Complete      
Pendleton, Michael Clarkes Sweet Music OT Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Pendleton, Michael At First OT Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Pendleton, Michael Adorrado OT Incomplete     •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Pendleton, Yeardley Not Without Me OI Complete      
Pezzuto, Angelina High Prince JON Complete      
Phillips, Lainey Global Exellencia Z JON Complete      
Pifer, Julie HRH Judgemental PR Complete      
Pizzie, Hannah Start the Music TR Complete      
Robinson, Taylor Underlights BNR Complete      
Rockwood, Gail Indigo Blue NR Complete      
Rodman, Lilly What Opposition TR Complete      
Roux, Romulo Colenomer TR Complete $47.00    
Sanger, Cassie Redfield Fyre OI Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Sanger, Cassie Fernhill Zoro OI Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Schaefer, Melanie Frankly My Dear TR Complete      
Schain, Ayden Fernhill Hole Shot OP Complete      
Schmidt, Christa Leo Distinction TR Complete      
Schmidt, Christa Monbeg Odyssey TR Complete      
Schuitema, Kirsten One Sly Fox OP Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Schwartz, Samantha Rumble Fish TR Incomplete $40.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Schwickert, Greta Matchless OP Incomplete $130.00 Rider USEF, Owner USEF •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Sidorsky (PC Rally), Brooke Daddy Said Yes JOBN Incomplete $45.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Simminger, Jennifer CF Thunder & Grace NR Complete      
Simpson, Jebb Grantstown Coney Street OT Complete      
Snyder, Mackenzie Painted Lilly BNR Complete      
Somers, Conrad Illustration TR Complete      
Stapf, Lilah My Man Thirsty JOBN Complete      
Stockar, Kameryn Scandalous Love TR Complete      
Stoltzfus, Vanessa Teddy Sarco OI Complete      
Strini, Lucia Excel Cool Quality OI Complete      
Strini, Lucia Kevin G OP Complete      
Strini, Lucia Keynote Dassett OP Complete      
Talley, Chris Rappahannock OP Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Talley, Chris Gina OP Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Talley, Chris Unmarked Bills OI Incomplete $90.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Talley, Chris Loughtown Cici ZA OP Incomplete $40.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Teich, Caroline Dondarrion OP Incomplete $60.00   •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Teich, Caroline Flagmount's Spartan OP Incomplete $20.00   •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Thombs, Mia Bantry Bays Winston JOBN Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Trayford, Daisy Ermintrude OI Complete      
Trayford, Daisy Exmoor Xena OP Complete      
van Gysel, Jean Eiffel de L'Abbaye OI Incomplete $40.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Wallskog, Cassandra Marquet Rise OI Incomplete $20.00   •Coggins
Wandy, Tiffany CV Outlaw OP Complete      
Wandy, Tiffany Bold Salsa ON Complete      
Whitaker, Emma Delilah's Boy JOBN Complete      
White, Nancy Wild Eyed And Wicked BNR Complete      
Wicas, Drew Killernan Prince TR Incomplete $60.00   •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Yablonovitz, Bailey Fiddler's Choice NR Complete      
Zygelyte, Emilija Carriage House Dirk OBN Complete