Plantation Field May Horse Trials
Unionville, Pennsylvania
Entry Status as of 04/09/2021 03:17 PM
Rider Name Horse Name Division Amount Due Missing Items Status
Beaver, Kelly Excel Star Pluto OT $0.00   Complete
Bradley, Alexandria Shares Available OT $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Burnett, Hannah Sue Bellefleur Z OP $0.00   Complete
Cahill, Madison Sight Unseen VII BNR $0.00   Complete
Cassou, Marina Castleturvin Mungo JON $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Cooper, Courtney Hunting Stars OP $0.00   Complete
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star First Class OP $0.00   Complete
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Tick Tock OP $0.00   Complete
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Double Clover OP $0.00   Complete
Cornetta, Rebecca Trenton Traveler ON $0.00   Complete
Crowther, Emily King of Disko (Bentley) NR $0.00   Complete
Darnell, Destiny Tony D NR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Davis, Elisabeth Glendale's Katie Belle JON $0.00   Complete
Howarth, Audrey Mint Julep BNR $0.00   Complete
Jacobs, Jennifer That's Tequila NR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Karp, Cat IT'SAKATTHING JON $0.00   Complete
Lichten, Maddie AF Albertous ON $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Lichten, Maddie EHF Casiro Royale ON $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Ligon, Nicole Lightning Stone PR $0.00   Complete
Mazza, Stefanie Brigantine TR $0.00   Complete
Merrill, Jamie Maudlin In Time OBN $0.00 •Coggins  •Horse USEA Incomplete
Rockwood, Gail Indigo Blue NR $0.00   Complete
Stanlaske, Noah Chesterland JYOP $0.00   Complete
Stepic, Laura El Rayito JOT $230.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Stewart, Elizabeth Innsbruck VDO OP $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Strini, Lucia Superstorm Sandy  OI $0.00   Complete
Strini, Lucia FE Caspian  OT $0.00   Complete
Strini, Benita DHI Kevin G OT $0.00   Complete
Syvarth, Anneka Lakota Moon BNR $0.00   Complete
Wakefield, Lynette Rathmoylan Bay NR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Willham, Michael Fernhill Cayenne OI $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete