Plantation Field April Horse Trials
Unionville, Pennsylvania
04/17/2021 and 4/18/2021
Entry Status as of 04/06/2021 12:33 PM
Rider Name Horse Name Division Amount Due Missing Items Status
Ackiewicz, Louise Punch Line TR $0.00   Complete
Ansaldi, Paige Bombay Original  TR $0.00   Complete
Ardillo, Alyssa Roaring Vixen JOBN $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Auckett-Stowe, Geneva B.E. Bankwood Boy JOBN $0.00   Complete
Beale, Susie BE Maxwell 16 OP $0.00   Complete
Beaver, Kelly Excel Star Pluto OT $0.00   Complete
Bitsko, Rachel Well Al Be BNR $0.00   Complete
Bomse, Emma Unexpected Moxie JON $0.00   Complete
Bosley, Isabelle Paper Doll OP $363.00 •Signatures  •Coggins PENDING: payment not yet received
Brannigan, Jennifer Kismet OT $0.00   Complete
Brannigan, Jennifer Keepsake OT $0.00   Complete
Brannigan, Jennifer Stella Royale OT $0.00   Complete
Brooks, Emma Some Kind of Wonderful BNR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Buck-Smith, Brenda Saranac Tramonay BNR $0.00   Complete
Buller, Josephine Zanzibar JON $0.00   Complete
Burns, Elizabeth Nazrullah JOBN $0.00   Complete
Burns, Virginia Captain Jack JOT $0.00   Complete
Cannon, Sydney Princess Fernanda BNR $0.00   Complete
Carroll, Darby Solvent JON $0.00   Complete
Carroll, Aisling Fernhill Cubalawn OP $0.00   Complete
Carson, Aimee MHF Christine JON $0.00   Complete
Casey, Caelyn Executive Pumpkin BNR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Casteel, Helen Unapproachable NR $0.00   Complete
Chadderton, Kate FF Valour OI $363.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Chinana, Maya Theo OBN $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Cibak, Kira October Tryst JON $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Clancy, Ajia Ataktos NR $0.00   Complete
Clark, Michele Zues NR $0.00   Complete
Clarke, Katharine Kay's Replica TR $0.00   Complete
Clasing, Daniel Jaguar My ON $0.00   Complete
Clasing, Daniel Butts Arthur ON $0.00   Complete
Clasing, Daniel Berkshire ON $0.00   Complete
Collier, Melissa Big Ambitions BNR $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Cousins, Sarah Wizard OI $0.00   Complete
Cousins, Sarah Tiz Ready OI $0.00   Complete
Cousins, Sarah Hagrid OP $0.00   Complete
Crotty, Paige Excel Star Armina Z OI $0.00   Complete
Crowther, Emily King of Disko BNR $0.00   Complete
Davidson Sr., Bruce Invito OP $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Davidson Sr., Bruce Sambuko OP $0.00   Complete
Davidson Sr., Bruce Chesterland's Jif OP $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Davis, Elisabeth Glendale's Katie Belle JON $0.00   Complete
Davis, Josephine Brick Haus JON $0.00   Complete
Davis, Susan Halftime Show TR $0.00   Complete
DeWitt, Annie Offshore Cooley TR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Dhruv, Aylah Chasen BNR $0.00   Complete
Donaldson, Lucinda Rocket Man JOT $0.00   Complete
Dupont, Alexandra Paloleo TR $0.00   Complete
Durden, Beth Dusty Dazing BNR $0.00   Complete
Dureka, Tami The Duke NR $0.00   Complete
Dutton, Phillip Hachi OT $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Dutton, Phillip Lincoln's Address OT $0.00   Complete
Edgar, Katie Willard NR $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Ennis, Jules Shars Dancer OP $0.00   Complete
Farah, Jamie Dancing Denis NR $0.00   Complete
Fearon, Maggie Brando OI $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Fedak, Anna Quiero Bourbon NR $0.00   Complete
Ferguson, Matt Parade of Freedom NR $0.00 •Coggins  •Horse USEA Incomplete
Fergusson, Lisa Marie Newcomer Z ON $355.00 •Coggins PENDING: payment not yet received
Fielden, Eliza Life In The Fast Lane JON $0.00   Complete
Fisher, Hannah Ethan JOT $0.00   Complete
Fiss, Monica Malibu Rock OP $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
French, Jenavieve Stevie Woods JOBN $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Fulton, Stephen DB Cooper BNR $0.00   Complete
Fulton, Savannah Cash Point  OP $0.00   Complete
Fulton, Savannah Irie OT $0.00   Complete
Gartenberg, Alexa Excel Star Briarhill Magill ON $0.00   Complete
Gentry, Jocelyn Ballyengland Crafty OT $0.00   Complete
Glaccum, Denis Backgammon OBN $0.00   Complete
Glaccum, Denis Fake Start OBN $0.00   Complete
Grassie Fay, Maisy Irish Roadie PR $0.00   Complete
Gregg, Erica High Noon NR $0.00   Complete
Grubbs, Mary Kate Whole Lotta Heart NR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Hacker, Lois Adagio BNR $0.00   Complete
Hagaman, Sydney Newsham Diamond OT $0.00   Complete
Hagen, Ainsley Risque S JOT $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Hagen, Ainsley Brae's Mountain JYOP $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Hambleton, Anne Should Expect PR $0.00   Complete
Hart, Danielle Legendary Man PR $0.00   Complete
Hart, Sarah Raphael's Promise TR $0.00   Complete
Hellerman, Sam Roheryn TR $0.00   Complete
Honeycutt, Anna Excel Star Sugar Daddy OBN $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Ireland, Christen Florida Bay OT $0.00   Complete
Ireland, Christen Oscar OT $0.00   Complete
Jacobs, Elliot Trendy Lady ON $330.00 •Signatures  •Coggins PENDING: payment not yet received
Jaeger, Amelia Live a Little JON $333.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Jones, McKenzie Creekland's Chaco Canyon JOBN $0.00   Complete
Jonsdottir, Alicia Cullinaghmor Pepper JON $0.00   Complete
Kanara, Erin Warren LVSZ OI $0.00   Complete
Kane, Sarah Knight Lion TR $0.00   Complete
Kaplan-Walbrecht, Eve Spanish Bay OBN $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Kaplan-Walbrecht, Shira Huckleberry JOBN $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Kaplan-Walbrecht, Eve Whilethewife'saway OT $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Karp, Cat IT'SAKATTHING JON $0.00   Complete
Keahon, Emma PS Duty Calls OI $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Keyhani, Dariush B.E. Cruiseland PR $0.00   Complete
Kiefer Wood, Jean St. Nick's Beam of Light BNR $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Kohr, Steph Jessyalve OT $0.00   Complete
Koon, Bella Million Dollar Baby TR $0.00   Complete
Kratz, Lily Light It Up JON $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Kress, Annabelle Canny Calypso OI $0.00   Complete
Lapp, Alexa Adirondack King OT $330.00 •Signatures  •Coggins PENDING: payment not yet received
Lapp, Alexa Pascal OP $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Lopour, Jacqueline Quianna NR $0.00   Complete
Louis, Maxwell Wicked Elegance NR $0.00   Complete
MacLeod, Alexandra Newmarket Jack OI $0.00   Complete
Malavasi, Chelsie Dassett Profile  NR $0.00   Complete
Mann, Mackenzie Been There Dun That NR $0.00   Complete
Manning, Samantha Princessita JON $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Marrinan, Julia Snownado NR $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Martinez, Melanie Sibon Rose TR $0.00   Complete
Maxian, Jax Milo Diamond PR $0.00   Complete
McCabe, Jessica Cheetah Beach ON $0.00   Complete
Meier, Taylor Timmins JON $0.00   Complete
Moro, Alana Southern Star NR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Moses, Hillary Excel Star Gladiator ON $0.00   Complete
Myers, Lauren Fernhill Rodger That NR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Myers, Betsy Sambuca BNR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Nakano, Maya Pac Man BNR $0.00   Complete
Nelson, Rylie Harvest Moon JOT $0.00   Complete
Nelson, Peri Tap the Moment JOBN $0.00   Complete
Nesler, Erika Bon Voyage DSF ON $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Nienaber, Antoinette Tizbreezy ON $0.00   Complete
O'Neil, Delaney Ocean Ready ON $0.00   Complete
Parks, Mackenzie Mojave Moon PR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Pease, Cami Vibrant BNR $0.00   Complete
Peloquin, Amy Frankie TR $0.00   Complete
Pendleton, Michael Redfield Fellow OI $0.00   Complete
Pendleton, Michael Ad Lib ON $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Phillips, Alyssa FE Celestino OP $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Pifer, Julie HRH Judgemental PR $0.00   Complete
Pizzie, Hannah Start the Music NR $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Ratliff, Merrilyn Koda ON $0.00   Complete
Rettenmyer, Joei Knox Your Sox Off JOBN $0.00   Complete
Rhodes, Lila Whoop Whoop De Do JOBN $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Ricklefs, Elizabeth Idlehour Patriot TR $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Robinson, Mary Justforthehalibut TR $0.00   Complete
Rowland, Will Over Rider  JOT $0.00   Complete
Rowsell, Leeci Man of Conviction JOBN $0.00   Complete
Scherrer, Nikki Set Out ON $0.00   Complete
Schmidt, Christa Leo Distinction PR $0.00   Complete
Schwartz, Samantha Rumble Fish NR $0.00   Complete
Sendak, Courtney DGE Kiss Prints OI $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Sendak, Courtney DGE TheManInTheGlass OI $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Shafer, Francie B.E. Never Say Never BNR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Simpson, Curran Fernhill Flame NR $0.00   Complete
Simpson, Jebb Beyond the Mist OT $0.00   Complete
Simpson, Madi Call Me Classy JOT $330.00 •Signatures  •Coggins PENDING: payment not yet received
Solomon, Sydney FE Mactan OI $0.00   Complete
Somers, Conrad Get Away Money NR $0.00   Complete
Somers, Conrad Illustration TR $0.00   Complete
Spencer, Grace Ben'Jammin JON $0.00   Complete
Stamos Johns, Christina Tri for the Rubies NR $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Stanlaske, Noah Chesterland JYOP $0.00   Complete
Stephens, Kailyn London Aire NR $0.00   Complete
Stoltzfus, Vanessa Teddy Sarco OI $0.00   Complete
Suero, Sofia B.E. Favored Ferro NR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Syvarth, Anneka Lakota Moon BNR ($175.00)   Complete
Tansey, Brita Calliope OBN $0.00   Complete
Tardiff, Megan Polarized  ON $0.00   Complete
Tardiff, Megan Vindakova PR $0.00   Complete
Taylor, Ashley BCF Belicoso OT $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Teich, Caroline Dondarrion OI $175.00 •Coggins PENDING: payment not yet received
Turjan, Grace Gas House JON $0.00   Complete
Von Suhr, Zoe Ivory Lightning ON $0.00   Complete
Waters, George S. An American Girl NR $0.00   Complete
Weingarten, Sarah Crushin' It BNR $0.00   Complete
Welker-Ebling, Elizabeth B.E. Calvados 12 ON $0.00   Complete
White, Nancy Wild Eyed And Wicked BNR $0.00   Complete
Wicas, Drew Ballyheade Roger OBN $0.00 •Horse USEA Incomplete
Wicas, Drew Killernan Prince TR $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Wood, Ryan Cooley Jet Set  ON $0.00   Complete
Wood, Ryan Ben Nevis OT $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Wood, Ryan Woodstock Argo OT $330.00 •Coggins PENDING: payment not yet received
Wood, Ryan Cooley Continental OT $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Wood, Ryan Check Point OT $330.00 •Coggins PENDING: payment not yet received
Wood, Ryan Cooley Jet Set  OT $0.00   Complete
Wood, Ryan Insuspense OT $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Wotring, Julie B.E. Excalibur BNR $0.00   Complete
Wunder, Martha Mr McGoey ON $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Young, Amelia Full of Beans JOT $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete