Plantation Field Fall STARTER Horse Trials
Unionville, Pennsylvania
Entry Status as of 10/19/2020 10:58 PM
Rider Name Horse Name Division Amount Due Missing Items Status
Aigeldinger, Jacob HH Daag IR $0.00   Complete
Altman, Kristie Chelsea's Midterm BNH $0.00   Complete
Babcock, Jennifer Rufio ER $0.00   Complete
Baker, Riley Diamond Rio BNR $0.00   Waitlist
Baldassare, Julia Legend Has It NH $0.00 •Coggins Waitlist
Barr, Fylicia Kaballero NH $0.00   Complete
Bartlett, Sam Adagio ER $0.00   Complete
Beattie, Leah Macchiato IR $0.00   Complete
Beaver, Kelly Excel Star Pluto TH $0.00   Complete
Berardino, Molly Up and Over Oliver ER $0.00   Waitlist
Berkner, Katherine Tale as Old as Time IR $0.00   Complete
Berman, Leah Win Dancer  IH $0.00   Complete
Bevers, Angi Amtrak NR $0.00   Complete
Bird, Barbara Annie B IH $0.00   Complete
Blom, Anna Crescendo BNR $0.00   Complete
Bortle, Courtney Hazel BNR $0.00   Complete
Boys, Kristine Zelengrad BNR $0.00   Complete
Bracken, Kyleigh Criminal Matters IR $0.00   Complete
Bradford, Emily LJS Lana Traveler NH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Brady, Nina Wait for June BNH $0.00   Complete
Breault, Jenna Pedro Cerrano BNR $0.00   Complete
Brereton, Kristina High Heat NR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Brittingham, Kylee Last Tango IR $0.00   Complete
Brooks, Emma Some Kind of Wonderful NR $0.00   Complete
Buchanan, Cindy Stroll to the Beat NH $0.00   Complete
Buchanan, Maggie Wired Up NR $0.00   Complete
Buchanan, Audrey Dove TR $0.00   Complete
Buller, Josephine Zanzibar NR $0.00   Complete
Butler, Carolyn Lord Nelson NH $0.00   Complete
Callahan, Elizabeth Merlin NH $0.00   Complete
Camens, Neal Who's a Star NR $0.00   Complete
Campagna, Anna I'm Lovin It IH $0.00   Complete
Caprez, Eleyna Promise Me Mars TR $0.00   Complete
Carey, Sarah Feather In My Cap IR $0.00   Complete
Carson, Aimee MHF Christine NR $0.00   Complete
Cassou, Marina Sex Appeal IH $0.00   Complete
Ceppetelli, Vivian In Character ER $0.00   Complete
Chatham, Christine Top Shelf EH $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Chubb, Alison Game On TR $0.00   Complete
Clayton, Annaliese A New York Minute BNR $0.00   Complete
Clemens, Patricia Master Manipulator  BNR $0.00   Complete
Cohen, Sara Quiet All American BNR $0.00   Complete
Collett, Kaleigh Worthy of Love BNR $0.00   Complete
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Phoenix  BNH $0.00   Complete
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Darcy TH $0.00   Complete
Cornetta, Rebecca Trenton Traveler BNH $0.00   Complete
Crespo, Olivia Star Lord 27 TH $0.00   Complete
Crespo, Faith The King's Daughter IR $0.00   Complete
Crowther, Drew King of Disko BNR $0.00   Complete
Cuca, Kathleen Chequer BNR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
D'Lauro, Karen Nautikus  IR $0.00   Complete
Daignault-Salvaggio, Emily Jirrocco Ryal K  IH $0.00   Complete
Davis, Susan Halftime Show TH $0.00   Complete
Davis, Tracey Celtic Cruise BNR $0.00   Complete
Davis, Amy Cordially Yours IR $0.00   Complete
Davis, Elisabeth Glendale's Katie Belle NR $0.00   Complete
Davis, Tammie Ruby Tuesday ER $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
de Castro, Sofia Sweet 'n Sour IR $0.00   Complete
de Castro, Sofia Lu Lu Lemon Bear ER $0.00   Waitlist
Dengler, Dakota Dip N Dots ER $0.00 •Coggins Waitlist
Depoe, Charlotte Suspended Moon NR $105.00   Waitlist
DiPierro, Maria Falini BNR $0.00   Waitlist
Donaldson, Lucinda Rocket Man TR $0.00   Complete
Driscoll, Stacey Smetana BNH $0.00   Complete
Dukes, Shelby Attenborough NR $0.00   Complete
Dureka, Tami The Duke NH $0.00 •Signatures Waitlist
Durke, Erin Larrikan BNR $0.00   Complete
Elliott, Christina The Twilight Zone IR $0.00   Complete
Ellis, Julianne Benson BNR $0.00   Complete
Ennis, Sydney Boo-Yah NR $0.00   Complete
Enochs, Ella Drop of Rubys NR $0.00   Complete
Fenkel, Caroline Patrol Like a Champion IH $0.00   Waitlist
Fergusson, Lisa Marie Luigi Z EH $115.00 •Coggins Waitlist
Fergusson, Lisa Marie Maryland Bad Boy EH $115.00 •Coggins Waitlist
Fergusson, Lisa Marie Blue Grass Bandit EH $115.00 •Coggins Waitlist
Ferrio-Wise, Melanie Carvalla Real NH $0.00   Complete
Fillipo, Amanda Braveheart ER $0.00   Complete
Fiss, Josie Skip to My Lou ER $0.00   Complete
Fiss, Monica The Legend of Caldez IH $0.00   Complete
Flynn, Lisa Giovanni BNH $0.00   Complete
Ford, Tessa And That's The Way It Is  ER $0.00   Complete
Fordyce, Hilary Where's the Risk NH $0.00   Complete
Francis, Julia Cappuccino Crunch ER $0.00   Complete
Frank, Abigail Contrary Opinion BNH $0.00   Complete
Franz, Abby Unexpected Confidence IR $0.00   Complete
French, Jenavieve Stevie Woods BNR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Geiter, Paige Blue Moon Rising BNR $0.00   Complete
Gentry, Jocelyn Ballyengland Crafty TR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Glaccum, Denis Fake Start BNH $0.00   Complete
Goodall, Alice Colby BNR $115.00 •Coggins Waitlist
Greenwood, Tracey Copper Penny IH $0.00   Complete
Gudger, Josey Gilly NH $0.00   Complete
Guthrie, Abigail Kegger IH $0.00 •Signatures Waitlist
Hahn, Cady Super Star ER $0.00   Complete
Haley, Grace Tucker ER $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Hamilton, Alex Zealectric IR $0.00   Complete
Hart, Sarah Raphael's Promise NR $0.00   Complete
Healy, Kathy Galloping Hill Leap IR $0.00   Waitlist
Heckendorn, Lucy Serendipity BNR $0.00   Waitlist
Herman, Eliza Shootmetothemoon BNH $0.00   Waitlist
Heroux, Callie Legolas IH $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Waitlist
Heroux, Callie Seven Seas of Rhye NH $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Waitlist
Herr, Abigail The Great Mouse Detective BNR $0.00   Complete
Herr, Caroline Jack in the Box BNR $0.00   Complete
Hiener, Leah Spirit of Heaven BNH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Hiener, Leah Old Fashioned Love Song TR $0.00   Waitlist
Hillmeyer, David Casper BNR $0.00   Waitlist
Hochman, Caroline Cash ER $0.00   Complete
Hofmann, Antoinette St. James TR $0.00   Complete
Holloway Wren, Brooke WS Hunts Bay IH $0.00   Complete
Holmquest, Jennifer All About the Murph ER $0.00   Complete
Horgan, Michelle Courage to Be BNH $0.00 •Signatures Waitlist
Horwith, Allison More Zen Ready TR $0.00   Complete
Horwith, Allison Larrikin NH $0.00   Waitlist
Hosterman, Karly Scooby ER $0.00 •Signatures Waitlist
Huber, Morgan Top Dollar  IR $0.00 •Signatures Waitlist
Hutchings-Sebring, Juli Simply Charming NH $0.00   Complete
Jaeger, Whitney No Doubt BNH $105.00   PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Jaeger, Amelia Live a Little NR $105.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Jennings, Julia Nocello  BNR $0.00 •Signatures Waitlist
Jervis, Jocelyn Delancey Street IR $0.00   Complete
Jonsdottir, Alicia My Man Thirsty NR $0.00   Complete
Julian, Frankie Mad Tea Party IR $0.00 •Signatures Waitlist
Juvonen, Evelyn Z Camelot BNR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Keane, Logan Pip EH $140.00 •Coggins Waitlist
Kelley, Sarah IMA Irish Playboy IR $115.00   Waitlist
Kelly, Ellen Little Chief IR $0.00   Complete
King, Robin Splash of Sass NR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Kirst, Mallory Absolute Wink BNR $0.00 •Signatures Waitlist
Korrell, Gena Dance with the Devil BNR $0.00   Complete
Krall, Kimberly Russell BNR $140.00   Waitlist
Kraucunas, Laura Paisley MCF EH $0.00 •Signatures Waitlist
Kriskie, Gwen Isle of Wright NR $0.00 •Signatures Waitlist
Kundravi, Ashley Balouette NR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
LaDow, Kristen Jardin FF BNH $0.00   Complete
LaDow, Katie Aviation Show TR $0.00   Complete
Lamparski, Lara Agawam River BNH $0.00   Complete
Lane, Lisa Tuxedo NH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Lapp, Alexa Adirondack King TH $140.00   Waitlist
Lapp, Andrew Coach BNR $0.00   Complete
Layfield-Insley, Daryl Galway NH $140.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Waitlist
Leahy, Jackie Diesel IR $0.00   Complete
Lee, Nancy Maren BNH $140.00 •Signatures Waitlist
Lester, Dominique Canecao BNH $0.00   Complete
Licup, Kym Amandare BNH $0.00   Complete
Lopez, Isabel Beau's Emergence IH $0.00   Complete
Lorenz, Jasmine El Capitan IR $0.00   Complete
Lortie, Dana Excel Star Midas Touch TR $140.00   Waitlist
Lynn, Meaghan Roman Fable EH $0.00   Complete
Magee, Amy Lasting Impression EH $0.00   Complete
Mann, Mackenzie Been There Dun That NR $0.00   Complete
McCabe, Jessica Petroglyphs  BNH $0.00   Complete
McCabe, Jessica Cheetah Beach IH $0.00   Complete
McGrane, Jessica True Mystic TR $0.00   Waitlist
McKinney, Elle Maryland's Amore BNH $0.00   Complete
McMahon, Harry Allure IR $0.00   Waitlist
McMahon, Eve City Kitty IR $0.00 •Coggins Waitlist
Mentrak, Katherine Come In Handy IR $22.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Waitlist
Miller, Barbara Cory BNR $0.00   Complete
Miller, Morgan Kira Rose TR $0.00   Complete
Mink, Gail Trebuchet BNR $0.00   Complete
Monks-Reilly, Karen Jingle EH $0.00   Complete
Montgomery, Madison Bad Angle Burke IR $0.00   Waitlist
Moyer, Adrianna Little Debbie NR $140.00   Waitlist
Musselman, Danielle Go On Green IH $0.00   Complete
Nelson, Rylie Harvest Moon NR $0.00 •Signatures Waitlist
Nelson, Dawn Eagle of Delight TR $0.00 •Signatures Waitlist
Newell, Greg BE Victory Dance IR $140.00   Waitlist
Nitzenberger, Kerri Nick's Luck NH $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Waitlist
Nock, Megan Breezy BNR $0.00   Complete
Nock, Megan Mischief IR $0.00   Complete
Norris, Ashley Zero N Hero NH $0.00   Waitlist
Norris, Ashley One Diego NH $0.00   Waitlist
Norris, Ashley Sorrel TH $0.00   Waitlist
Novotny, Katie Tinkerbell IH $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
O'Connor-Reichert, Keira Pine Creek's Snapdragon IR $90.00   Waitlist
Ogburn, Elissa Land Run BNH $0.00   Complete
Packard, Brittany Cayenne Pepper NR $0.00   Complete
Palmieri, Francesca Friendly  ER $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Parkes, Caitlin Joker IR $0.00   Complete
Pizzie, Hannah Start the Music TR $0.00   Complete
Plumb, Cassie Salix BNH $25.00 •Coggins Waitlist
Poikans, Elisabeth So Hot She's Smoking IH $0.00   Complete
Quill, Isabella Bringing the Heat NR $0.00 •Signatures Waitlist
Racey, Jason FE Akari NH $0.00   Complete
Reace, Rushing A Star By Far NR $0.00   Complete
Reagoso, Charlotte Stash The Splash TR $0.00   Complete
Rhodes, Lila Whoop Whoop De Do NR $0.00   Complete
Rice, Raquel Lady Katherine IH $0.00 •Signatures Waitlist
Richard, Cathy Cody Cody IR $0.00   Complete
Richardson, Dean Cadiz NH $0.00   Complete
Richardson, Laura Wellington BNR $0.00   Complete
Robinson, Mary Justforthehalibut NR $0.00   Complete
Robinson, Taylor Underlights IH $0.00   Complete
Romans, Aneesa Kasarah EH $0.00   Complete
Rowland, Will Over Rider  NR $0.00   Waitlist
Rubin, Karen Pax BNH $0.00   Complete
Sacksen, Alexandra Let 'em Roll NH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Savelloni, Mia Eve Catching Eve NR $0.00   Complete
Schaefer, Melanie Frankly My Dear NR $0.00   Complete
Schwacke, Anna Bey Luxury BNR $0.00   Complete
Selle, Bekka Finger Lickin' Good IR $0.00   Complete
Sidorsky, Brooke Daddy Said Yes IR $0.00   Complete
Siepser, Fenya Reina BNR $0.00   Complete
Siepser, Fenya Charlie Hustle NR $0.00   Complete
Sigsbee, Joa Inchesky NH $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Silliman, Caitlin Excel Star Eye Candy TH $25.00 •Coggins Waitlist
Simon, Julianna Flashy Miss BNH $0.00   Complete
Simpson, Jebb Beyond the Mist NH $0.00   Complete
Simpson, Jebb Gentry Go Chill BNH $0.00   Complete
Sims, Audrey Southern Drifter BNR $140.00   Waitlist
Sluder, Audrey Silver Springs IR $0.00   Complete
Solloway, Sarah Minnie IR $0.00   Complete
Somers, Conrad  Paris NR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
South, Erika I Think I Can IR $0.00   Complete
Sterling, Gabrielle A Sister's Love IH $0.00   Complete
Sweeny, Emilia Halcyon's Keepsake NR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Tansey, Brita Calliope NH $0.00   Complete
Tansey, Elisabeth Oreo IR $0.00   Complete
Teeluck, Tish The Winter Soldier BNR $0.00 •Signatures Waitlist
Tincher, Emily Bluegrass Baron TR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Tresselt, Margaret Paint By Numbers BNR $0.00   Complete
Tully, Rebecca One Wise Monkey ER $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Turner, Regina Five of Diamonds TR $0.00   Complete
Ucko, Veronica Mainely Brews NR $140.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Waitlist
Vandenbraak, Holly Tisbet IH $0.00   Complete
Veitch, Chris Southern Comfort TR $0.00   Complete
Wahl, Gloria District 12 BNR $0.00   Complete
Wallace, Tiffany In the Moment IH $0.00   Complete
Wandy, Tiffany Doctor James TH $0.00   Waitlist
Warro, Michelle Marco T. Ferguson TH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Warro, Michelle Saraceno NH $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Warzecha, Christine Wicked Elegance IR $0.00 •Signatures Waitlist
Weaver, Anna Blonde Bombshell IR $0.00   Complete
Werner, Jessica Hawkins NH $0.00   Complete
Whitehead, Amanda Whiskey Tango Foxtrot  BNR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Wicas, Drew Ballyheade Roger  BNH $0.00   Complete
Wickens, Grace Whinny in Wonderland IR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Williams, Megan Cali EH $0.00   Complete
Yoder, Livvy Play It Forward  BNH $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Young, Amelia Full of Beans TR $0.00   Waitlist
Zelo, Logan Tater Tot IH $0.00   Complete