Plantation Field June Horse Trials
Unionville, Pennsylvania
Entry Status as of 06/05/2020 09:59 AM
Please note: all submissions must be paid and complete in order to be accepted.
No paperwork for this event will be handled at the Secretary's Stand.
Rider Name Horse Name Division Amount Due Missing Items Status
Ackiewicz, Louise Black Pistol JOBN $0.00   Complete
Adams, Ashley Charly OP $0.00   Complete
Aharoni, Arielle Dutch Times OI $0.00   Complete
Alexander, Darrah Shersheen Du Carel OP $0.00   Complete
Anderson-Blank, Cindy Windchase Phoenix Star OI $0.00   Complete
Anderson-Blank, Cindy Winchase Faberge Star OP $0.00   Complete
Anderson-Blank, Cindy MHS Cooley Vegas OI $0.00   Complete
Auckett-Stowe, Geneva B.E. Mansfield Park JOBN $0.00   Complete
Baker, Shanon Ballingowan Zeal OP $0.00   Complete
Ballek, Susan Jitter Bug NR $0.00   Complete
Barr, Fylicia Galloway Sunrise OI $0.00   Complete
Barr, Fylicia Kaballero OBN $0.00   Complete
Beach, Macy Chasing Moonlight JYOP $0.00   Complete
Beach, Dawn Master Magician ON $0.00   Complete
Beale Clement, Amanda Carlson 119 OI $0.00   Complete
Beale Clement, Amanda BE Maxwell 16 OT $0.00   Complete
Bevers, Angi Amtrak ON $0.00   Complete
Black, Maya Maks Mojo C OP $0.00   Complete
Black, Maya Miks Master C OI $0.00   Complete
Bortuzzo, Elizabeth Belongs To Teufer OI $0.00   Complete
Bortuzzo, Elizabeth Royal Archie OP $0.00   Complete
Borun, Amy Vitalis OP $0.00   Complete
Bosley, Isabelle Night Quality OI $0.00   Complete
Bosley, Isabelle Paper Doll ON $0.00   Complete
Bosley, Isabelle Tap the Moment ON $0.00   Complete
Brannigan, Jennie Bliss III OI $0.00   Complete
Brannigan, Jennie I Bella OI $0.00   Complete
Brannigan, Jennie Amazing Anthem OP $0.00   Complete
Brannigan, Jennie Twilightslastgleam OI $0.00   Complete
Brannigan, Jennie VFE Soldier's Salute OT $0.00   Complete
Brennan, Amanda Kilcannon Pride NR $0.00   Complete
Bromley, Katie Shiner Dunit Smart JOBN $0.00   Complete
Buchanan, Audrey Dove NR $0.00   Complete
Buchanan, Maggie 3,2,1, Blastoff TR $0.00   Complete
Buchanan, Cindy Fabby Abbey ON $0.00   Complete
Buchanan, Cindy Rolling Rocker OT $0.00   Complete
Buller, Josephine Zanzibar BNR $0.00   Complete
Burnett, Hannah Sue Harbour Pilot OP $0.00   Complete
Burnett, Hannah Sue Lukeswell OP $0.00   Complete
Burnett, Hannah Sue Coolrock Wacko Jacko OT $0.00   Complete
Burnett, Hannah Sue Capitol HIM OP $0.00   Complete
Canter, Sara I DunNo JON $0.00   Complete
Caprez, Eleyna Promise Me Mars JON $0.00   Complete
Carroll, Aisling Asthore OT $0.00 •Coggins PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Cassou, Marina Castleturvin Mungo JOBN $0.00   Complete
Chadderton, Kate Dewey Square OT $0.00   Complete
Chadderton, Kate FF Valour OT $0.00   Complete
Champagne, Bradley Wallaroo W OI $0.00   Complete
Chance, Meredith lalo JON $0.00   Complete
Chavis, Cary Game On OP $0.00   Complete
Chinana, Maya Popstar ON $0.00   Complete
Cianciulli, Paige Dark N Handsome JYOP $0.00   Complete
Clasing, Daniel MW Gangster's Game OI $0.00   Complete
Clasing, Daniel Greek Empire OP $0.00   Complete
Clasing, Daniel Cartender de Nyze OP $0.00   Complete
Clucas, Cadence On Tenterhooks  JON $0.00   Complete
Cousins, Sarah Herculon OI $0.00   Complete
Cousins, Sarah Tiz Ready OP $0.00   Complete
Cousins, Sarah Christopher OI $0.00   Complete
Coutley, Raymond Quebracho Z NR $0.00   Complete
Coutley, Raymond Navier Stokes TR $0.00   Complete
Cracknell, Madeline Commanding Curve JON $0.00   Complete
Craft, Isabella Marcato (Sam) JON $0.00   Complete
Cuca, Kathleen Chequer BNR $0.00 •USEF Agrmnt/Waiver   PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Curtis, Jack Luska Candy Clover JYOP $0.00   Complete
Curtis, Sam Blyth's Centurion FE JYOP $0.00   Complete
Curtis, Jack Playmate III OT $0.00   Complete
Davidson, Sr., Bruce Chesterland's Dapper Don ON $0.00   Complete
Davidson, Sr., Bruce Chesterland's Jif OT $0.00   Complete
Davidson, Sr., Bruce Sambuko OT $0.00   Complete
Davis, Susan Halftime Show OT $0.00   Complete
Davis, Josephine Brick Haus JON $0.00   Complete
Davis, Elisabeth Glendale's Katie Belle JOBN $0.00   Complete
DeWitt, Annie Offshore Cooley NR $0.00   Complete
Decker, Skyler HHS Iris OP $0.00   Complete
Dickerson, Gabby Cherished Friend OP $0.00   Complete
Dickerson, Gabby Journeyman OI $0.00   Complete
Donaldson, Lucinda Rocket Man JON $0.00   Complete
Dutton, Phillip Quasi Cool OI $0.00   Complete
Dutton, Phillip Lincoln's Address ON $0.00   Complete
Dutton, Phillip California D'Horset OP $0.00   Complete
Dutton, Phillip Fernhill PickPocket OI $0.00   Complete
Dutton, Olivia Iniesta OT $0.00   Complete
Ebzery, Jessica Absolut Cooley Quality TR $0.00   Complete
Echeverria, Imanol Heidi OBN $0.00   Complete
Eisenberg, Elyse Arthur OT $0.00   Complete
Englehardt, Will WEC Emperor of Hope TR $0.00   Complete
Falcone, Danielle For Goodness Sake JON $0.00   Complete
Fazio, Laura Quirlige  ON $0.00   Complete
Feeser, Kira Uno Magna JON $0.00   Complete
Fergusson, Lisa Marie Epic Moment OP $0.00   Complete
Fitzhugh, Anna Loreto JYOP $0.00 •USEF Agrmnt/Waiver   PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Freeman, Hannah Coyote TR $0.00   Complete
Frew, Gretel Union Commander JON $0.00   Complete
Gendal, Lila BT Just A Rebel OP $0.00   Complete
Glas, Adam Clever Soul BNR $0.00   Complete
Goldstone, Tove Flagmount's Spartan JON $0.00   Complete
Goodall, David Indian Creek Queen JOBN $0.00   Complete
Goth, Tedd Silver Screen OBN $0.00   Complete
Greulich, Allison Heart River ON $0.00   Complete
Grice, Rachael Kodak Moment BNR $0.00   Complete
Gumbiner, Sara Wildwood Stroll ON $0.00 •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt/Waiver   PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Gumbiner, Sara Harmony HPF ON $0.00 •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt/Waiver   PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Gumbiner, Sara Gadwall OP $0.00 •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt/Waiver   PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Hagaman, Sydney Charmeur OI $0.00   Complete
Hain, Victoria Bounce Pass ON $0.00   Complete
Hambleton, Anne Should Expect OT $0.00   Complete
Hamel, Emily Corvett OI $0.00   Complete
Hamel, Emily The Winter Soldier ON $0.00   Complete
Hartsock, Madeline Global Innocenzo DHI OT $0.00   Complete
Hartsock, Madeline Tullabeg Tango OT $0.00   Complete
Heard, Lillian Dassett Olympus OI $0.00   Complete
Heard, Lillian Cooley Gentleman OP $0.00   Complete
Hogan, Mallory Clarissa Purisima OI $0.00   Complete
Hogan, Madison OKE Ruby R OP $0.00   Complete
Holden, Sandra Cadillac Boy ON $0.00   Complete
Holden, Sandra Sir Samuel OBN $0.00   Complete
Hollberg, Matthias Carsonstown OT $0.00   Complete
Ingraham, LeeAnn Trump Card NR $0.00   Complete
Jacobs, Jennifer That's Tequila ON $0.00   Complete
Jaeger, Amelia The Medicine Game JOBN $0.00   Complete
Johnson, Morgyn Peter Parker GS OBN $0.00   Complete
Johnson, Kerra Fly High Quality OP $0.00   Complete
Johnson, Kerra Detailed in Diamonds OT $0.00   Complete
Johnson, Kerra Star Quality  OP $0.00   Complete
Kanara, Erin Morning GlorySE OP $0.00   Complete
Kanara, Erin Warren LVS Z OT $0.00   Complete
Kanara, Erin Bertie le Belge OT $0.00   Complete
Kanara, Erin Not Ours OT $0.00   Complete
Kanara, Erin Plouescat Gold OP $0.00   Complete
Keane, Kevin HH Ontario OP $0.00   Complete
Kilgo-Kelly, Brian Duke of Waymore OT $0.00   Complete
Kinnamon, Molly The Diesel Boy OP $0.00   Complete
Kinnamon, Molly Faralli Flame ON $0.00   Complete
Klugman, Ema Bronte Beach Z OP $0.00   Complete
Kress, Annabelle LCC Vogue JYOP $0.00   Complete
Kress, Annabelle Canny Calypso JYOP $0.00   Complete
Lackey, Jenny Dallo De La Galerna ON $0.00   Complete
Levering, Alex Swizzle OT $0.00   Complete
Ligon, Nicole Lightning Stone TR $0.00   Complete
Ligon, Nicole Madison Avenue TR $0.00   Complete
Lipping, Calli Wild Affair OI $0.00   Complete
MacLeod, Alexandra Newmarket Jack OI $0.00   Complete
Mann, Hilary Ever So Clever JON $0.00   Complete
Manning, Melissa Santa's Playboy BNR $0.00   Complete
March, Megan Guinness TR $0.00   Complete
Marth, Kristina Hang on Caitlyn OT $0.00   Complete
Martin, Gillian Top Dollar JOBN $0.00   Complete
Martinez, Mckenna Commitment TR $0.00   Complete
Maude, Abby Stonehavens Dream  OP $0.00   Complete
McClure, Sabrina Pirates Bid NR $0.00   Complete
McConnell, Grady Ace of Spades JON $0.00 •Coggins PENDING: paperwork incomplete
McGuire, Brenna Lorax NR $0.00   Complete
McIntyre, Brynne Third Time's A Charm JOBN $0.00   Complete
Mellwig, Juliet Fernhill Hustler JON $0.00   Complete
Meyer, Meredith HollyBerry BNR $0.00   Complete
Micai, Melissa Hugo Boss TR $0.00   Complete
Middlebrook, Sophia Candy Jane OP $0.00   Complete
Miller, Bridgette Why Is The Rum Gone? ON $0.00   Complete
Miller, Missy Quinn OI $0.00   Complete
Miller, Missy Allegratto OT $0.00   Complete
Moore, LuLu WF Oliver JOBN $0.00   Complete
Moore, Logan Cooley Jet Set  BNR $0.00   Complete
Moore, LuLu Billie JON $0.00   Complete
Moses, Hillary Excel Star Gladiator ON $0.00   Complete
Moses, Hillary Ringwood Sonny ON $0.00   Complete
Moses, Hillary Save Magic OP $0.00   Complete
Moyer, Adrianna Little Debbie JON $0.00   Complete
Najdanovic, Ava Arc Above JOBN $0.00   Complete
Negrea, Nikki Liberty ON $250.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Nelson, Rylie Donaghy ON $0.00   Complete
Nelson, Dawn Eagle Of Delight NR $0.00   Complete
Nicholson, Danielle Optical Illusion OT $0.00   Complete
O'Grady, Maura Watch Out OBN $0.00   Complete
O'Neil, Delaney An Irish Blessing JYOP $0.00   Complete
Olijslager, Jorgen Northern Quest Lady's Man OI $0.00   Complete
Olijslager, Jorgen Northern Quest Blue Sea OT $0.00   Complete
Ong, Hannah Pirate Captain OBN $0.00   Complete
Pastuck, Alayna Azul OT $0.00   Complete
Peloquin, Amy Frankie NR $0.00   Complete
Pendleton, Michael Maya OI $0.00   Complete
Pendleton, Michael Wabanaki OP $0.00   Complete
Pendleton, Michael The Fonz Himself OI $0.00   Complete
Pendleton, Yeardley Not Without Me OP $0.00   Complete
Pendleton, Michael Woodstock Checkmate OT $0.00   Complete
Pezzuto, Angelina True Carrick Diamond JOBN $0.00   Complete
Phillips, Alyssa Oskar OI $0.00   Complete
Pifer, Julie HRH Judgemental TR $0.00   Complete
Pizzie, Hannah Start the Music JON $0.00   Complete
Poe, Casey Waterline OT $0.00   Complete
Poe, Alexis The Dark Mark TR $0.00 •Coggins PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Ransehousen, Missy Slow Heart Break OP $0.00   Complete
Rayner, Carroll Amazing Grace/Shannondale Ardento BNR $0.00   Complete
Razzi, Gabby Swan's Atalanta  JON $0.00 •USEF Agrmnt/Waiver   PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Reagoso, Charlotte Stash The Splash TR $0.00   Complete
Rhodes, Lila Whoop Whoop De Doo JOBN $0.00   Complete
Ricklefs, Elizabeth Idlehour Patriot TR $0.00   Complete
Robinson, Mary Justforthehalibut BNR $0.00   Complete
Rockwood, Gail Indigo Blue NR $0.00   Complete
Roosevelt, Alice Fernhill Zoro OI $0.00   Complete
Roosevelt, Alice Get it Together OI $0.00   Complete
Rosenberg, Haley Evil Munchkin OP $0.00   Complete
Roth, Rebecca Chapter Two TR $0.00   Complete
Rowland, Will Over Rider  JOBN $0.00   Complete
Roy, Jennifer Tupelo Honey BNR $0.00   Complete
Rubin, Cayla Celtic Lass BNR $0.00   Complete
Russell Jordan, Kim Alpengeist TR $0.00   Complete
Sanger, Cassie Ultra Violet OT $0.00   Complete
Schliemann, Ann Salt Air Swagger BNR $0.00   Complete
Schumacher, Laura Camelsoul TR $0.00   Complete
Sigsbee, Joa K-Cosimo SE OP $0.00   Complete
Silliman, Caitlin Quality Gamblers Girl ON $0.00   Complete
Simpson, Jebb Matisse OT $0.00   Complete
Simpson, Curran Fernhill Flame ON $0.00   Complete
Solomon, Sydney Early Review C OI $0.00   Complete
Solomon, Sydney FE Mactan OP $0.00   Complete
Speck, Kaelen Sweet Rebellion OI $0.00   Complete
Speck, Kaelen BSF Liam OT $0.00   Complete
Speck, Kaelen Charmed Victory OT $0.00   Complete
Springle, Madison Andante JOBN $0.00   Complete
Springle, Madison Captain Morgan JOBN $0.00   Complete
Stamos Johns, Christina Tri for the Rubies NR $0.00   Complete
Stepic, Laura El Rayito TR $0.00   Complete
Stoltzfus, Vanessa Teddy Sarco OP $0.00   Complete
Teich, Caroline Dondarrion OI $0.00   Complete
Tincher, Emily Bluegrass Baron TR $0.00   Complete
Trayford, Daisy Ermintrude OI $0.00   Complete
Trayford, Daisy Exmoor 6X ON $0.00   Complete
Trayford, Daisy Exmoor Xandy Z  OT $0.00   Complete
Turner, Regina Five of Diamonds TR $0.00 •USEF Agrmnt/Waiver   PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Veitch, Chris Southern Comfort TR $0.00   Complete
Von Suhr, Zoe Ivory Lightning NR $0.00   Complete
Wales, Natalie Starfish OT $0.00   Complete
Wandy, Tiffany CV Outlaw OP $0.00   Complete
Wandy, Tiffany Andromeda OP $0.00   Complete
Welker-Ebling, Elizabeth Santana II OI $0.00   Complete
West, Michaline Southport BNR $0.00   Complete
White, Nancy Wild Eyed And Wicked BNR $0.00   Complete
Whitten, Mandolin Mudville JYOP $0.00   Complete
Wicas, Drew Killernan Prince  TR $0.00   Complete
Wilson, Megan Get Ready TR $0.00   Complete
Wilson, Megan B.E. Favored Ferro ON $0.00   Complete
Wilson, Grace Bears Pegasus JYOP $0.00   Complete
Wood, Ryan Confidence Level ON $0.00   Complete
Wood, Ryan Ben Nevis OT $0.00   Complete
Wood, Ryan Bellavista OT $0.00   Complete
Wood, Ryan Cooley Shutterfly Cruise ON $0.00   Complete
Wotring, Julie B.E. Excalibur BNR $0.00   Complete
Young, Amelia Full of Beans JON $0.00   Complete