Question: When are the scores going to be posted? When are the final results going to be posted?

Answer: This is the question that is asked the most at our events and probably at every other event in the country. While we appreciate the competitors wanting to get on the road and get home, please understand that the scorers are working as fast as possible calculating the scores. Two things slow down the processing of scores: one is when a rider goes out of order in his section of a division; the other is when a competitor has a scoring question about a time fault or a jumping fault.

For example: on cross country day, if a competitor has a conflict because he is riding two or more horses, he may get permission to ride one horse earlier or later in the division. If the ride is moved later in the division, that cross country score may not be included with all the others in that division and the scores from that division will be held up until that score sheet comes in.

Regarding scoring questions such as competitors getting jumping penalties which they feel they did not incur, please politely ask your questions and voice your concerns. The scorers will work with you to find out the answer, but it might take some time.

Now with smartphones and online scoring you can look up your score right at the event. The online scoring is updated every 10 minutes. At a recognized event, even if you have left the event, please check your scores and make sure that they are correct. Don't wait until the next day; let us know immediately if there is an error.

Question: Do you mail ribbons?

Answer: We prefer that you pick up your ribbon when the division is final or that you have a friend pick it up on your behalf. However, if that is not possible, we will mail your ribbon. We have manila envelopes at the Secretary's Office which you can fill out with your name and address, put $5.00 inside to cover postage and handling, and write on the flap whether you want just the ribbon or also the dressage test.

Question: Do you mail us our dressage tests?

Answer: The same goes with the dressage test as with the ribbons. You can pick up your dressage test from the Secretary's Office during the event, but we do not mail it unless so instructed.

Question: Why have you gone to adjustable plastic pinney holders instead of cloth pinnies?

Answer:  We have done away with the cloth pinnies and have gone to the adjustable plastic pinney holders because of the tremendous amount of time it took to collect, wash, sort, and stuff the competitor packets. Competitors were always either forgetting to return them or taking them home as souvenirs. It is extremely difficult to schedule an event if you are missing numbers. The new adjustable pinney holders are available from the secretary for $20.00 and are yours to keep. Just think of them as another piece of tack you need along with your saddle, bridle, boots, and breeches.

Question: What about refunds?

Answer: If the scratch is made before closing day we refund the entry minus the office fee.  If the scratch is made after closing day we are unfortunately unable to give a refund, even if it is because the horse or rider was injured.  By the time the closing date has come, we have already spent money on the event: building jumps, ordering ribbons and prizes, etc. -- all the necessary expenses attached with running an event. We will however, write a donation letter for the competitor, if he so desires, saying that the competitor (or owner) has donated the entry fee. The week of the event we will also allow competitors to substitute horses or riders for that horse or rider that cannot compete, as long as the horse or rider is in the same division. There is a $25 change charge for this. Event Cancellation: entry fees are not refunded if the event is cancelled.

Question: In the starter horse trials, what is the difference between the Horse and Rider divisions, such as Elementary Horse and Elementary Rider?

Answer: The different divisions in the starter trials specify whether it is the horse or the rider who is at that level, if they are not both at the same level.  If Bruce Davidson were competing an elementary-level horse he would put it in Elementary Horse, not Elementary Rider. Generally we put all the competitors who are under 21 in the Rider divisions. 


Special Request Questions:

Question: Do you take scheduling requests?

Answer: Yes, send in your scheduling request with your entry, or at any time before scheduling begins, and we will try to accommodate as many requests as possible.


Question: Can you schedule me late in the day? I go to school and have classes until 2 p.m.

Answer: We try to schedule all the Young Riders in the afternoon so that they won't be missing too much school.


Question: My friend and I are trailering together. Can we be scheduled together? Her horse is in Elementary and mine is in Training.

Answer: We will make every effort to accommodate scheduling requests, but it all depends on the numbers of entries that we have at the different levels. 


Question: Can you please not stable me next to so and so? We have broken up and I cannot stand him.

Answer: Although they were an item on opening date, they obviously are no longer in love about 3 weeks later. We make every effort to accommodate the competitors if the requests are made before the stabling assignments are finalized.


. . . and then this from a lawyer, who asked to remain anonymous:

"I had listed this entry as “Beginner Novice Division” Class 2 and circled NR and NH thinking that this meant New Horse and New Rider.  I am being told that I really should have signed up for Elementary.  In any event, I would like to go Elementary if possible or Beginner Novice as I initially intended.  However, I have a problem.  I sold this horse’s buddy, a little pony,  to someone else for her granddaughter. Now I see she has entered in Elementary on the pony.  My purpose was to separate these two and I don’t want to cause any problems for the little girl.  So, I would like to keep my time if possible and downgrade my level..  Any assistance would be helpful. "

As Bambi always says, "Everyone is in kindergarten when they start something new."

And as Denis always says, "Keep your heels down, sit up straight, and smile."