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Starter trials
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June STARTER HTs Status Page
Plantation Field June STARTER Horse Trials
Unionville, Pennsylvania
Entry Status as of 6/3/2022, 8:21 PM
Rider Name Horse Name Division Status Balance Due Missing IDs Missing Documents
Barr, Briana Stormin' Normin NR Complete      
Barr, Fylicia Rocket Man NH Complete      
Barrett, Emily Zero N Hero NR Complete      
Bay, Pamela Clonshire Le Roy SR Complete      
Bearden, Logan Into the Storm BNH Incomplete     •Signed Release
Beattie, Leah Kayla SR Complete      
Beaver, Seth Excel Star Jupiter NH Complete      
Becket, Alane En Pointe SR Complete      
Bevers, Angi Heathcliff BNH Complete      
Blauner, Peter Xtra BNH Complete      
Briles, Emma Pretty in Pink ER Complete      
Callahan, Finley Cameron BNR Complete      
Callahan, Riley Irish Turn BNR Complete      
Cannon, Sydney Princess Fernanda BNR Incomplete     •Signed Release
Carson, Aimee Bertie le Belge BNR Incomplete     •Signed Release
Chantler, Madeline Duke of Waymore TR Complete      
Coile, Kelly Soul Rebel TR Incomplete     •Signed Release
Cole, Ginny Roziere NH Complete      
Cole, Ginny May Day Cash NH Complete      
Demchur, Jolie Why Wouldn't We SH Complete      
Depoe, Charlotte Suspended Moon NR Complete      
Dionne, Laura Best Available BNR Complete      
Distler, Mallory Chesapeake EH Complete      
Ennis, Sydney Boo-Yah NR Complete      
Ewing, Annabelle Jet Lag SR Complete      
Finateri, Tori Coconut ER Incomplete     •Coggins
Flores-Kinney, Zara One Lark One Legend TH Complete      
Francois, Bob Jameson BNR Complete      
Frank, Abigail Exile "Remy" SH Complete      
Gilbert, Cynthia Cyber Criminal SH Complete      
Goodall, Alice Roxy BNR Complete      
Greco, Samantha Adriana's Boy ER Complete      
Greene-Stewart, Patricia Wild River ER Complete      
Griffiths, Annalisa Emma's Grey Angel ER Complete      
Groves, Lindsey Normandy BNH Complete      
Guimond, Beau Tito BNH Incomplete     •Coggins  •Signed Release
Guimond, Beau Wrosewater BNH Incomplete     •Coggins  •Signed Release
Guimond, Dominique Esstoga Tune NR Incomplete     •Signed Release
Hampton, Brenden California Mischief ER Complete      
Hawley, Brynn Die Fledermause NH NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $150.00    
Henwood, Brooke Honeybun ER Complete      
Hicks, Kate Raider NH Incomplete     •Signed Release
Hillman, June Jd Superstar BNR Complete      
Hineman, Kelsey Eli MWF BNR Incomplete     •Coggins  •Signed Release
Holland, Kailyn Best Shot Yet ER Incomplete     •Signed Release
Horwith, Allison Larrikin NH Complete      
Huber, Alexandria Every Step NR Complete      
Huber, Alexandria Willy Wonka TR Complete      
Hutchinson, Hali Timeless Legend BNH Incomplete     •Coggins
Ilg, Carolyn Classy Lady BNR Complete      
Ioele, Kathryn Remy SH Complete      
Johnson, Kerra Gideon EH Complete      
Kanara, Erin Excel Star Future Hugo NH Complete      
Kanara, Erin Excel Star Skywalker BNH Complete      
Klara, Olivia Rafiki SH Complete      
Komisor, Kelly CRF Coal EH Complete      
Kratz, Lily Hand In Hand NR Complete      
LaDow, Katie Aviation Show TR Complete      
LaDow, Kristen Jardin FF NR Complete      
Lightfoot, La'Nya Just a Fancy Box of Chocolates ER Incomplete     •Signed Release
Malseed, Janine Cooley Jet Set BNR Complete      
McCabe, Jessica Cheers to Us BNH Complete      
McCarty, Kendra Ballyrimmon Copper SR Complete      
Morales, Sophia Jet NR Complete      
Moyer, Adrianna Little Debbie BNH Complete      
Murphy, Donna Swan's Rosalind SR Complete      
Murray, Mackenna Jimmie SR Complete      
Nelson, Dawn Big Bad Shack SH Complete      
Nelson, Rylie Harvest Moon TR Complete      
Newell, Gregory BE Victory Dance SR Complete      
Nguyen, Gabrielle Zeus NR Complete      
Norris, Ashley Steele Sorrel NH Complete      
Norris, Ashley Steele Youcan'tfixstupid NH Incomplete     •Coggins
O'Malley, Martha Shelby SR Complete      
Penland, Jordan Misty's Irish Mist BNR NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $150.00    
Pezzuto, Angelina High Prince TR Complete      
Phillips, Alyssa Redfield M. Ruggeri NH Incomplete     •Signed Release
Pierdon, Zoe Best Boy SR Complete      
Pizzie, Hannah Start the Music TR Complete      
Prueter, Tatyana Sheridan Square BNR Complete      
Ransehousen, Missy We Have a Problem BNH Complete      
Reagoso, Charlotte Patterson Cross BNH Complete      
Reese, Tricia Beach Princess EH Complete      
Reiter, Daniel Homer ER Complete      
Renzetti, Annie Harry NR Complete      
Renzetti, Annie Molly TR Complete      
Rice, Deborah Godric BNR Complete      
Rice, Roxanne Balmoral BNR Complete      
Rice, Roxanne Grid Iron SH Complete      
Richardson, Laura Trend BNR Complete      
Richman, Riley Little Chaos ER Complete      
Riley, El Smokestack Lightnin' BNH Complete      
Riley, Erin Chata Chunkash SR Complete      
Ringley, Bridgette Doc BNH Complete      
Ryan, Eliza Made You Look Twice NR Incomplete     •Signed Release
Sabo, Sara Bryn Taran Violet ER Complete      
Schlachter, Kristin Devine Luck BNH Complete      
Schlachter, Kristin Windblown Tree BNH Complete      
Schmitz, Meg Who's Treasure BNR Complete      
Schwab, Audrey Untangled Truth BNR Complete      
Seifert, Max Tahkodha Princes SR Complete      
Shertzer, Emily Adagio SH Complete      
Shinn, Sydney HSH Crypto TH Complete      
Shinn, Sydney Hula Bronzer TH Complete      
Shinn, Sydney Excel Star Mirage BNH Complete      
Shinn, Sydney Excel Star Megawatt NH Complete      
Shinn, Sydney Excel Star Stephen's Green BNH Complete      
Sluder, Audrey Silver Springs NR Incomplete     •Signed Release
Smith, Amanda Thunderstorm SH Incomplete     •Signed Release
Snyder, Jessica LF Florida Georgia Line ER Complete      
Sobolewski, Paulina No Strings Attached SH Complete      
Solloway, Sarah Steel the Moment ER Complete      
Solomon, Sydney Tuxedo TH Complete      
Somers, Conrad Get Away Money NR Complete      
Somers, Conrad Illustration TR Complete      
Speck, Kaelen Checkwithme NH Complete      
Starrett, Grace Ruby Tuesday HW SR Complete      
Stephenson, Elle Treasury Stock NH Complete      
Stockar, Kira Unbuttoned SR Complete      
Strawbridge, Julia Balmoral Oakey NH Complete      
Strawbridge, Julia Cooley Cadbury NH Complete      
Taylor, Ashley Tuff Duff TH Complete      
Turjan, Grace Pataz SH Complete      
Turner, Regina Five of Diamonds TR Incomplete     •Signed Release
Vennemann, Tanya Riley NR Complete      
Vennemann, Tanya Wrongfully Accused EH Complete      
Volpe, Ashleigh Sweet Brother BNH Complete      
Walker, Heather One Diego SR Complete      
Walsh, Avery Falcon Hill EH Incomplete     •Coggins
Walters, Evangelene Mr. Tumnus EH Complete      
Wandy, Tiffany Bold Salsa NH Complete      
Watson, Sabrina Monster BNR Complete      
Weaver, Robyn FMF Champagne SH Incomplete     •Signed Release
Werkiser, Maria Druid's Glen BNR Complete      
Wienholt, Hope Elizabeth Show Me Success EH Complete      
Winants, Remy All Go BNH Complete      
Yoder, Livvy Straight Aces EH NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $150.00   •Coggins
Young, Debra Kissing Cash Away SH Complete      
Zabarenko, Leah A Real Cooley SR Accepted      
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