Beginner Novice
Starter trials
Entry status
June STARTER Horse Trials Entry Status
Plantation Field June STARTER Horse Trials
Unionville, Pennsylvania
Entry Status as of 6/1/2021, 11:43 AM
Rider Name Horse Name Division Status Balance Due Missing Items
Abrecht, Kelsey Russel IH Complete    
Abrecht, Kelsey Tazzie IH NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $140.00 •Coggins
Adams, Ashley Quicksilver Gräns TH Complete    
Altman, Kristie Chelsea's Midterm BNH Complete    
Barr, Fylicia Debonnaire Party BNH Complete    
Beach, Dawn Smokin Hot NH Complete    
Beale, Susie BE Maxwell 16 TH Complete    
Beattie, Leah Kayla the Magical Unicorn IR Complete    
Beattie, Leah Paisley Pony ER Complete    
Benes, Kimberley Sweet and Sassy ER Complete    
Berkowitz, Steven Ricardo BNR Incomplete   •Coggins
Bevers, Angi Wishful EH Complete    
Blauner, Peter Xtra NH Complete    
Bortle, Courtney Hazel BNR Complete    
Brereton, Kristina High Heat NR Incomplete   •Coggins
Broadhurst, Samantha Trophy BNR Incomplete $25.00  
Burke, Tyler (Ty) HHS Iris BNR Complete    
Carey, Sarah Feather In My Cap BNR Complete    
Chan, Isabella Parkmore IR Complete    
Chubb, Alison Missed Him NH Complete    
Clemens, Patricia Master Manipulator BNH Complete    
Clement, Samuel Devilish Tom TR Incomplete   •Signed Release
Clendaniel, Sara Bella NR Complete    
Cole, Ginny May Day Cash TR Complete    
Cole, Ginny Roziere BNH Complete    
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Future Hero BNH Complete    
Cooper, Courtney The Sorcerer's Star  BNH Complete    
Cooper, Courtney A Star By Far TH Complete    
Corcoran, Kelly Hurricane Hill ER Complete    
Corigliano, Sophia Eight Ball Corner Pocket ER Incomplete   •Coggins
Crowther, Drew Jagger IH Complete    
Davidson Sr., Bruce Chesterland's Sunswich NH Complete    
de Castro, Sofia Finger Lick'n Good BNR NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $140.00 •Coggins  •Signed Release
Dengler, Dakota Dip N Dots ER Complete    
Devine, Lizzie Captain IR Complete    
DiRocco-Toy, Brianna Summit County IR Complete    
Driscoll, Stacey Smetana BNH Complete    
Dudley, Kaitlyn Geno Madero IH Complete    
Erusha, Merideth Still I Rise NH Complete    
Feeser, Kira Uno Magna NR Complete    
Fenkel, Caroline Norman BNH Complete    
Fergusson, Lisa Marie Friendly Wager IH Incomplete $25.00  
Fiss, Josie Crazy Game of Poker ER Complete    
Fiss, Monica The Legend of Caldez BNH Complete    
Flynn, Lisa Giovanni NR Complete    
Fordyce, Hilary Where is The Risk BNH Complete    
Fortier, Anna Star Glitter BNH Incomplete   •Coggins  •Signed Release
Frank, Mae Abigail Contrary Opinion BNH Complete    
Fritchman, Heather Exmoor Xander BNR Complete    
Garcia, Natalie Rambaldi EH Incomplete   •Signed Release
Glynn, Maggie Battle Royalty BNR Complete    
Gregg, Erica High Noon TR Complete    
Hahn, Cady Super Star IR Complete    
Hall, Steph Jaded Emperor ER Complete    
Harrison, Liz Bombero BNH Complete    
Harvey, Chris It's Wally's World IR Incomplete   •Coggins  •Signed Release
Healy, Kathleen Galloping Hill Leap BNR Complete    
Henderson, Rocco Blaine Wildwych Belladonna BNR Complete    
Hess, Addie Gold Pacific Lark ER Complete    
Hillman, June Jd Superstar BNR Incomplete   •Signed Release
Horwith, Allison Larrikin TR NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $140.00 Entry  •Signed Release
Humble, Emma Divine Danella EH Incomplete   •Signed Release
Hutchinson, Hali Timeless Legend BNH Incomplete   •Signed Release
Juvonen, Evelyn Z Camelot BNR Complete    
Kelly, Ellen Little Chief IR Complete    
Kerr, Myla Sunset Summer Rain ER Incomplete   •Signed Release
Kramer, Laura Marie Atlas NR Complete    
Kraucunas, Laura Paisley MCF EH Complete    
Kundravi, Ashley Balouette IR Complete    
Kundravi, Lynn Smart Talk IR Complete    
LaDow, Kristen Jardin FF BNH Complete    
Lane, Lisa Tuxedo NR Complete    
Lapp, Alexa Greystone's Blue Denim IH Complete    
Layfield-Insley, Daryl Galway TH Complete    
Leahy, Jackie Diesel IR Complete    
Leese, Carrie Sheridan Square NR Complete    
Licup, Kym Amandare NR Complete    
Ligorano, Debra Apple Lucy ER Complete    
Luke, Margo Alive After 5 BNH Incomplete   •Signed Release
Lurito, Julia Zampire BNH Complete    
Magee, Amy Lasting Impression EH Complete    
Malcolm, Madison Grand Finale IR Complete    
Mallet, Veronique Southern Bay BNR Incomplete   •Coggins
Malseed, Janine Ringwood Sonny BNR Complete    
Maroko, Katherine Sparkle of Peace IR Complete    
Maroko, Samantha Powerofone IR Complete    
McAdam, Michelle Epic Moment ER Complete    
McCabe, Jessica Cheetah Beach BNH Complete    
McGowan, Abigail Mystic Serenade BNH Complete    
McGrane, Jessica True Mystic TR Complete    
McKinney, Elle Maryland's Amore BNH Complete    
McKinney, Elle Superstitious FLF NR Complete    
McLane, Julia My Divine Dream BNR Complete    
McWhirter, Deborah Fernhill Fine Diamond BNR Complete    
Mentrak, Katherine Come in Handy BNR Complete    
Miller, Barbara Cory BNR Complete    
Morgan, Luiza Share Option EH Incomplete   •Coggins  •Signed Release
Musselman, Danielle Go On Green BNH Complete    
Newell, Gregory BE Victory Dance IR Complete    
Nock, Megan Mischief BNR Complete    
Norman, Madison Emma's Delite BNR Incomplete   •Signed Release
Norris, Ashley One Diego TH Complete    
Norris, Ashley Sorrel NH Complete    
Packard, Brittany Cayenne Pepper NR Complete    
Parsons, Quinn My Girly ER Complete    
Phillips, Alyssa Carrigshawn HFS BNH Complete    
Planeta, Maya Jackpot is Due IR Complete    
Plumb, Cassie Salix NH Complete    
Poorman, Bailey Nice Surprise IH Complete    
Popovic, Amelia Cody BNR Complete    
Powers, Brooke Marilyn Monroe IH Complete    
Reagoso, Charlotte Patterson Cross IH Complete    
Renzetti, Annie Molly TR Complete    
Renzetti, Annie Jocelyn IH Complete    
Rice, Roxanne Balmoral IH Complete    
Richardson, Dean Cadiz 1 BNH Complete    
Schlingmann, Karen Bird BNH Complete    
Schmidt, Jenny Juliet IR Incomplete   •Coggins  •Signed Release
Silliman, Caitlin Tully BNH Incomplete   •Coggins
Silliman, Caitlin Excel Star Vero Amore NH Incomplete   •Coggins
Sims, Audrey Southern Drifter BNR Complete    
Sipple, Allison Matilda ER Incomplete   •Coggins  •Signed Release
Solomon, Sydney Window Table BNH Complete    
Somers, Conrad Get Away Money NR Complete    
Somers, Conrad Illustration TR Complete    
Sorensen, Danika Morris BNR Complete    
South, Erika I Think I Can BNR Complete    
Stanlaske, Noah Chesterland's Silver Lining BNH Complete    
Starrett, Grace Ruby Tuesday BNR Complete    
Stephenson, Claire Elle Dusty EH NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $140.00 •Coggins  •Signed Release
Stockar, Kameryn Cordially Yours BNR Incomplete   •Signed Release
Strawbridge, Julia Balmoral Oakey TH Complete    
Strawbridge, Julia The Optimist NH Complete    
Thompson, Jordan Chesterland's Brown Sugar BNH Incomplete   •Coggins  •Signed Release
Thompson, Jordan Chesterland's Juice BNH Incomplete   •Signed Release
Vennemann, Tanya Riley IR Complete    
Wandy, Tiffany Bold Salsa BNH Complete    
Weichler, Madison Fast and Furious BNR Incomplete   •Signed Release
Wenner, Rebecca Undisputed Champ NR Complete    
Wiley, Erinn Loughnatousa Sean IR Incomplete   •Coggins  •Signed Release
Williams, Jennifer Hannah's Girl BNR Complete    
Wren, Brooke WS Hunts Bay BNH Complete    
Young, Vivienne Edward Painted Hooves ER Complete    
Zabarenko, Leah A Real Cooley IR Complete    
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