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Plantation Field June STARTER Horse Trials
Unionville, Pennsylvania
Entry Status as of 06/04/2020 04:25 PM
Please note: all submissions must be paid and complete in order to be accepted.
No paperwork for this event will be handled at the Secretary's Stand.
Rider Name Horse Name Division Amount Due Missing Items Status
Angst, Valerie John Wayne IR $0.00   Complete
Babcock, Jennifer Rufio ER $0.00   Complete
Barnard, Megan Devilish Antics BNR $0.00   Complete
Beattie, Leah Kayla the Magical Unicorn ER $0.00   Complete
Beattie, Erin Henry IR $0.00   Complete
Begbie, Jenna Fastlane Frontman IH $0.00   Complete
Belden, Brooke Tough Enough IR $0.00   WAITLIST (entry complete)
Blauner, Peter Clyde BNH $0.00   Complete
Bosley, Isabelle Windstar Irish Rose BNH $0.00 •Signatures PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Brannigan, Jennie Stella Royale NH $0.00   Complete
Brannigan, Jennie Jasper NH $0.00   Complete
Brannigan, Jennie Keepsake NH $0.00   Complete
Bresch, Grace Green Lane BNR $0.00   Complete
Brooks, Emma Some Kind of Wonderful BNR $0.00   Complete
Buchanan, Maggie Wired Up NH $0.00   Complete
Buchanan, Cindy Stroll to the Beat IH $0.00   Complete
Byers, Gianna Wild But Classy BNH $10.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Caiazzo, Madalyn Murphy's Amigo IR $0.00   Complete
Campisi, Jessica Sonnythenavigator BNR $0.00   Complete
Carson, Aimee MHF Christine IR $0.00 •Signatures PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Chumley, Lauren Scheherazade BNH $0.00   Complete
Ciccone, Gabrielle Oklahoma Ace TH $0.00   Complete
Ciccone, Gabrielle Queen of Gems BNH $0.00   Complete
Clayton, Annaliese Stormcat IR $0.00   Complete
Clemens, Patty Master Manipulator  BNR $0.00   Complete
Cole, Ginny May Day Cash NH $0.00   Complete
Cousins, Sally Hagrid TH $0.00   Complete
Cousins, Sally Candy Cigarette BNH $0.00   Complete
Crowther, Emily King of Disko BNR $0.00   Complete
D'Lauro, Karen Nautilus IR $0.00   Complete
Dankanich, Courtney Avilord BNR $0.00   Complete
Davis, Mary Hogan BNR $0.00   Complete
DeCicco, Taylor Grey Gator IH $0.00   Complete
DeSutter, Lindsey Cat BNR $0.00 •Signatures PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Denlinger, Leah A Real Tweet IR $35.00 •Coggins WAITLIST (entry incomplete)
Depoe, Charlotte Suspended Moon BNR $0.00   Complete
DiPasqua, Alexis Reba Dean NH $0.00   Complete
Doherty, Regina Blaine IR $0.00   Complete
Donaldson, Emily Deja Voodoo IH $0.00   WAITLIST (entry complete)
Driscoll, Stacey Smetana BNH $0.00   Complete
Elliott, Christina The Twilight Zone ER $0.00   Complete
Enochs, Ella Drop of Rubys BNR $0.00   Complete
Facciolo, Alissa Soon Mia Soon BNR $0.00   Complete
Ferguson, Matt Form the Posse BNH $0.00   Complete
Fillman, Samantha Cheers to Us  BNR $0.00 •Signatures PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Fisher, Phoebe Hay Get Out of My Way BNR $0.00   Complete
Fiss, Monica Don't Blink TH $0.00   Complete
Fitzhugh, Anna Decision Time NH $0.00   Complete
Fordyce, Hilary Where is The Risk BNH $0.00   Complete
Forsyth, Micaela Southern Comfort NR $0.00   Complete
Fortier, Anna Mr. Bounce NR $0.00   Complete
Geiter, Paige Blue Moon Rising IH $0.00   Complete
Gentry, Jocelyn Campione BNH $0.00 •Signatures PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Gregg, Erica High Noon IH $0.00   Complete
Grice, Rachael Killer Queen IH $0.00   Complete
Gudger, Josey Lookin Around NH $0.00   Complete
Haas, Quinn Penny's Bonnett BNH $0.00   WAITLIST (entry complete)
Hahn, Cady Super Star ER $0.00   WAITLIST (entry complete)
Hahn, Megan Little Joe IR $0.00   WAITLIST (entry complete)
Hamel, Emily Private Biggs BNH $0.00   Complete
Harris, Rebecca Lion's Share BNH $0.00   Complete
Harvey, Grace Phantom of My Dreams BNR $0.00   Complete
Haspel-Soares, Tzur Ronin BNR $0.00   Complete
Hayes, Jessie FMF Liesl IH $0.00   Complete
Hayes, Jessie Rivendell NH $0.00   Complete
Heckendorn, Lucy Serendipity IR $0.00   Complete
Heljenek, Kaleigh Political Courage BNR $0.00 •Signatures PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Herr, Caroline Jack in the Box BNR $0.00   Complete
Hiener, Leah Old Fashioned Love Song NR $0.00   Complete
Hoppers, Doris Implicit IH $0.00   Complete
Hornbeck, Pamela For the Fun of It BNR $0.00   Complete
Houghton, Madison Jake's Shake BNR $0.00   Complete
Houghton, Madison Enfield Glen BNR $0.00   Complete
Houghton, Thomas Princess Pogo IR $0.00   Complete
Humble, Emma Fox Ridge Inferno  IH $0.00 •Coggins PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Hurley, Erin Merlot TR $0.00   Complete
Iorio, Melissa Judge Well BNR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Ireland, Christen Florida Bay NH $0.00   Complete
Jacobs, Elliot Buckharo NR $0.00   Complete
Jonsdottir, Alicia My Man Thirsty IR $0.00   Complete
Kager, Lillian Avogadro's Constant NR $0.00   Complete
Kager, Sophia Little Miss TR $0.00   Complete
Kearney, Meredith Lady Rosita BNH $0.00   Complete
Keller, Hannah Cassia IH $0.00   Complete
Keller, Hannah Cavalier NR $0.00   Complete
Kelley, Sarah Irish IR $0.00   Complete
Kelly, Marnie Campground  TR $0.00   Complete
Kelly, Ellen Skip to my Lou IR $0.00   Complete
Klugman, Ema RF Redfern NH $115.00 •Signatures PENDING: payment not yet received
Klugman, Ema Rummy TH $115.00 •Signatures PENDING: payment not yet received
Kotoulek, Tatiana Hot Coco ER $0.00   Complete
Krasowski, Abigail The Golden Snitch EH $0.00   Complete
Kratz, Lily Light It Up NR $0.00   Complete
Kreiser, Rachel Trinity IR $0.00   Complete
LaDow, Kristen Jardin FF IH $0.00   Complete
Lamparski, Lara Agawam River BNH $0.00 •Coggins PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Lapp, Alexa Pascal NH $0.00   Complete
Lapp, Alexa Kismet NH $0.00   Complete
Lapp, Alexa Adirondak King NH $0.00   Complete
Ligon, Nicole Swans Rosalind BNH $0.00   Complete
Lortie, Dana Mr Blue Sky BNH $0.00   Complete
Lortie, Dana Excel Star Midas Touch TR $0.00   Complete
Luther, Ellie ??? TH $140.00 •Signatures  •Coggins WAITLIST (entry incomplete)
Luther, Ellie ??? BNH $140.00 •Signatures  •Coggins WAITLIST (entry incomplete)
Mace, Elizabeth Magic Cash EH $0.00   Complete
Mace, Elizabeth Shez Always Invited IH $0.00   Complete
Malavasi, Chelsie Tridium IR $0.00   Complete
Maloney, Mike Khemos Fyre Khracker IR $0.00   Complete
Mann, Mackenzie Been There Dun That IR $0.00   Complete
Marcantonio, Nicole Funny Money BNH $0.00   Complete
Marrinan, Julia Snownado BNH $0.00   Complete
McCabe, Jessica JawBone NH $0.00   Complete
McCormick-Archutowski, Mary P.R.F. Dublin NR $0.00   Complete
McGrane, Jessica True Mystic TR $0.00   Complete
Meany, Katie Forrest BNR $0.00   Complete
Mentrak, Katherine Come in Handy IR $0.00   Complete
Miller, Morgan Kira Rose BNH $0.00   Complete
Miller, Rachael Affaires Detat IH $0.00   WAITLIST (entry complete)
Minghenelli, Gianna Ladybug Traveler TR $0.00   Complete
Moses, Hillary Cameron TH $0.00   Complete
Moses, Hillary Casper NH $0.00   Complete
Murphy, Devlin Ideal Concerto BNR $0.00   Complete
Nelson, Kathryn Moonshine EH $0.00   Complete
Nichols, Kayla The Flying Fox IR $0.00   Complete
O'Connor- Reichert, Keira Pine Creek's Snapdragon IR $0.00   Complete
Ogburn, Elissa Land Run BNH $0.00   Complete
Pappler, Megan Private Show TR $0.00   Complete
Phillips, Alyssa Cornelius Bo NH $0.00   Complete
Phillips, Alyssa FE Celestino NH $0.00   Complete
Poole, Lyndsay Celtic Forte TR $0.00   Complete
Powers, Brooke Buck NR $0.00   Complete
Quill, Isabella Bringing the Heat BNR $0.00   Complete
Ragosta, Sarah El Capitan BNR $0.00   Complete
Renzetti, Annie Molly BNH $0.00   Complete
Renzetti, Annie Luna NH $0.00   Complete
Richardson, Dean Cadiz BNR $0.00   Complete
Richardson, Laura Wellington BNR $0.00   Complete
Rogers, John Gamblin' Doc IR $0.00   Complete
Rubin, Karen Pax IH $0.00   Complete
Rutledge, Carly The Capitalist BNR $0.00   Complete
Scherrer, Nikki Bold Tiger TR $0.00   Complete
Scherrer, Nikki Itsjustagame NH $0.00   Complete
Schmidt, Jennifer Eden Got Even NR $0.00   Complete
Schwab, Caitlin Sky Walker BNR $0.00 •Signatures PENDING: paperwork incomplete
Schweers, Lindsey Eight Ball Corner Pocket IR $0.00   Complete
Senserini, Stephanie Monbeg Icon BNR $0.00   Complete
Servin, Leah Breeze BNR $0.00   Complete
Shertzer, Emily Adagio IH $0.00   Complete
Sidorsky, Brooke Daddy Said Yes ER $0.00   Complete
Siepser, Fenya Reina IH $0.00   Complete
Siepser, Fenya Coquina BNH $0.00   Complete
Sims, Audrey Southern Drifter BNR $0.00   Complete
Solloway, Sarah Minnie IR $0.00   Complete
Somers, Conrad Illustration TR $0.00   Complete
Somers, Conrad Get Away Money NR $0.00   Complete
Sorensen, Danika Topaz IR $0.00   Complete
Stephenson, Sherry Benjamin Brat BNR $0.00   Complete
Stephenson, Sherry Pygmalion Prince BNR $0.00   Complete
Sterling, Gabrielle A Sister's Love IR $0.00   Complete
Stockar, Kameryn Scandalous Love BNR $0.00   Complete
Strench, Virginia Black Diamond NR $0.00   Complete
Talarowski, Haley Duncan BNR $0.00   Complete
Tansey, Brita Calliope BNH $0.00   Complete
Tansey, Elisabeth Oreo ER $0.00   Complete
Tresselt, Maggie Paint By Numbers BNR $0.00   Complete
Tunney, Jocelyn View The Star EH $0.00   Complete
Turjan, Grace Gas House NR $0.00   Complete
Verille, Isabel Beamer Boy BNR $140.00 •Coggins WAITLIST (entry incomplete)
Volpe, Ashleigh Overwork IH $0.00   Complete
Wahl, Gloria District 12 BNR $0.00   Complete
Walker, Heather Overnight Fling EH $0.00   Complete
Waltz, Sandra Declan TR $0.00   Complete
Weichler, Madison Fast and Furious IR $0.00   Complete
Wheeley, Katherine Say No More BNR $0.00   Complete
White, Donna Esprit de Barbereau BNH $0.00   Complete
Wicas, Drew Ballyheade Roger  BNH $0.00   Complete
Yoest, Nicole Fergus Maximus IR $0.00   Complete
Zabarenko, Leah A Real Cooley IR $0.00   Complete
de Castro, Sofia Sweet 'n Sour IR $0.00   Complete
Ride Times: Plantation Field June STARTER Horse Trials Plantation Field June STARTER Horse Trials Unionville, PA 19375 6/7/2020 to 6/7/2020 Ride Times (Subject to Change) Revised: 06/07/2020 07:45 AM Rider NameHorseDivisionDressageCross-CountryStadium
Angst, ValerieJohn WayneIR-ASun 01:54 pmSun 03:26 pmSun 03:12 pm
Babcock, JenniferRufioERSun 03:36 pmSun 05:24 pmSun 05:10 pm
Barnard, MeganDevilish AnticsIH-ASun 02:00 pmSun 03:48 pmSun 03:34 pm
Beattie, ErinHenryIR-ASun 02:48 pmSun 04:06 pmSun 03:52 pm
Beattie, LeahKayla the Magical UnicornERSun 03:24 pmSun 05:16 pmSun 05:02 pm
Begbie, JennaFastlane FrontmanIH-BSun 03:12 pmSun 04:38 pmSun 04:24 pm
Blauner, PeterClydeBNH-BSun 12:30 pmSun 01:52 pmSun 01:38 pm
Bosley, IsabelleWindstar Irish RoseBNH-BSun 12:18 pmSun 01:46 pmSun 01:32 pm
Brannigan, JennieKeepsakeNH-ASun 08:48 amSun 10:50 amSun 10:36 am
Brannigan, JennieJasperNH-ASun 09:24 amSun 11:22 amSun 11:08 am
Brannigan, JennieStella RoyaleNH-BSun 09:42 amSun 11:56 amSun 11:42 am
Bresch, GraceGreen LaneBNR-BSun 10:54 amSun 01:18 pmSun 01:04 pm
Brooks, EmmaSome Kind of WonderfulBNR-DSun 12:36 pmSun 02:44 pmSun 02:30 pm
Buchanan, CindyStroll to the BeatIH-ASun 01:30 pmSun 03:14 pmSun 03:00 pm
Buchanan, MaggieWired UpNH-ASun 09:48 amSun 11:32 amSun 11:18 am
Byers, GiannaWild But ClassyBNH-BSun 12:24 pmSun 01:48 pmSun 01:34 pm
Caiazzo, MadalynMurphy's AmigoIR-CSun 03:00 pmSun 04:32 pmSun 04:18 pm
Campisi, JessicaSonnythenavigatorBNR-CSun 12:18 pmSun 02:18 pmSun 02:04 pm
Carson, AimeeMHF ChristineIR-BSun 01:42 pmSun 03:40 pmSun 03:26 pm
Chumley, LaurenScheherazadeBNH-ASun 10:24 amSun 12:32 pmSun 12:18 pm
Ciccone, GabrielleOklahoma AceTHSun 08:24 amSun 10:08 amSun 09:54 am
Ciccone, GabrielleQueen of GemsBNH-BSun 11:54 amSun 01:38 pmSun 01:24 pm
Clayton, AnnalieseStormcatIR-CSun 03:18 pmSun 04:42 pmSun 04:28 pm
Clemens, PattyMaster Manipulator BNR-ASun 11:24 amSun 01:28 pmSun 01:14 pm
Cole, GinnyMay Day CashNH-BSun 09:24 amSun 11:30 amSun 11:16 am
Cousins, SallyHagridTHSun 08:00 amSun 09:44 amSun 09:30 am
Cousins, SallyCandy CigaretteBNH-ASun 11:00 amSun 12:56 pmSun 12:42 pm
Crowther, EmilyKing of DiskoBNR-DSun 12:30 pmSun 02:42 pmSun 02:28 pm
Dankanich, CourtneyAvilordBNR-DSun 12:06 pmSun 02:32 pmSun 02:18 pm
Davis, MaryHoganBNR-ASun 11:18 amSun 01:26 pmSun 01:12 pm
DeCicco, TaylorGrey GatorIH-BSun 02:36 pmSun 04:14 pmSun 04:00 pm
DeSutter, LindseyCatBNR-ASun 11:30 amSun 01:32 pmSun 01:18 pm
Denlinger, LeahA Real TweetIH-ASun 02:12 pmSun 03:36 pmSun 03:22 pm
Depoe, CharlotteSuspended MoonBNR-DSun 12:00 pmSun 02:28 pmSun 02:14 pm
DiPasqua, AlexisReba DeanNH-BSun 09:12 amSun 11:16 amSun 11:02 am
Doherty, ReginaBlaineIR-ASun 02:30 pmSun 03:56 pmSun 03:42 pm
Driscoll, StaceySmetanaBNH-BSun 01:00 pmSun 02:10 pmSun 01:56 pm
Elliott, ChristinaThe Twilight ZoneERSun 03:54 pmSun 05:34 pmSun 05:20 pm
Enochs, EllaDrop of RubysBNR-BSun 11:12 amSun 01:34 pmSun 01:20 pm
Facciolo, AlissaSoon Mia SoonBNR-ASun 10:36 amSun 12:54 pmSun 12:40 pm
Ferguson, MattForm the PosseBNH-ASun 11:06 amSun 01:02 pmSun 12:48 pm
Fillman, SamanthaCheers to Us BNR-DSun 12:24 pmSun 02:40 pmSun 02:26 pm
Fisher, PhoebeHay Get Out of My WayBNR-ASun 10:30 amSun 12:44 pmSun 12:30 pm
Fiss, MonicaDon't BlinkTHSun 08:18 amSun 09:48 amSun 09:34 am
Fitzhugh, AnnaJoker's WinNH-ASun 09:06 amSun 10:54 amSun 10:40 am
Fordyce, HilaryWhere is The RiskBNH-ASun 10:36 amSun 12:48 pmSun 12:34 pm
Forsyth, MicaelaSouthern ComfortNRSun 09:30 amSun 11:34 amSun 11:20 am
Fortier, AnnaMr. BounceNRSun 09:18 amSun 11:20 amSun 11:06 am
Geiter, PaigeBlue Moon RisingIH-BSun 02:42 pmSun 04:18 pmSun 04:04 pm
Gentry, JocelynCampioneBNH-BSun 12:06 pmSun 01:42 pmSun 01:28 pm
Gentry, JocelynNautilusIR-ASun 02:42 pmSun 04:02 pmSun 03:48 pm
Gregg, EricaHigh NoonIH-BSun 02:48 pmSun 04:22 pmSun 04:08 pm
Grice, RachaelKiller QueenBNR-CSun 11:48 amSun 01:58 pmSun 01:44 pm
Gudger, JoseyLookin AroundNH-ASun 09:54 amSun 11:38 amSun 11:24 am
Haas, QuinnPenny's BonnettBNR-BSun 10:30 amSun 12:52 pmSun 12:38 pm
Hamel, EmilyPrivate BiggsBNH-BSun 12:54 pmSun 02:06 pmSun 01:52 pm
Harris, RebeccaLion's ShareBNH-ASun 10:18 amSun 12:30 pmSun 12:16 pm
Harvey, GracePhantom of My DreamsBNR-ASun 10:48 amSun 01:00 pmSun 12:46 pm
Haspel-Soares, TzurRoninBNR-BSun 11:00 amSun 01:24 pmSun 01:10 pm
Hayes, JessieRivendellNH-BSun 09:30 amSun 11:36 amSun 11:22 am
Hayes, JessieFMF LieslIH-ASun 01:48 pmSun 03:24 pmSun 03:10 pm
Heckendorn, LucySerendipityIR-BSun 01:30 pmSun 03:28 pmSun 03:14 pm
Heljenek, KaleighPolitical CourageBNR-BSun 11:06 amSun 01:30 pmSun 01:16 pm
Herr, CarolineJack in the BoxBNR-BSun 10:24 amSun 12:42 pmSun 12:28 pm
Hiener, LeahOld Fashioned Love SongNRSun 09:24 amSun 11:28 amSun 11:14 am
Hoppers, DorisImplicitIH-ASun 02:06 pmSun 03:42 pmSun 03:28 pm
Hornbeck, PamelaFor the Fun of ItBNR-ASun 10:54 amSun 01:06 pmSun 12:52 pm
Houghton, MadisonEnfield GlenBNR-BSun 11:18 amSun 01:36 pmSun 01:22 pm
Houghton, MadisonJake's ShakeBNR-DSun 12:18 pmSun 02:38 pmSun 02:24 pm
Houghton, ThomasPrincess PogoIR-BSun 01:54 pmSun 03:52 pmSun 03:38 pm
Humble, EmmaFox Ridge Inferno IH-BSun 03:06 pmSun 04:34 pmSun 04:20 pm
Hurley, ErinMerlotTR-BSun 08:30 amSun 10:16 amSun 10:02 am
Iorio, MelissaJudge WellBNR-CSun 12:12 pmSun 02:14 pmSun 02:00 pm
Ireland, ChristenFlorida BayNH-ASun 09:36 amSun 11:18 amSun 11:04 am
Jacobs, ElliotBuckharoNRSun 09:06 amSun 11:10 amSun 10:56 am
Jonsdottir, AliciaMy Man ThirstyIR-CSun 03:12 pmSun 04:40 pmSun 04:26 pm
Kager, LillianAvogadro's ConstantNRSun 09:00 amSun 11:06 amSun 10:52 am
Kager, SophiaLittle MissTR-BSun 08:24 amSun 10:12 amSun 09:58 am
Kearney, MeredithLady RositaBNH-ASun 11:12 amSun 01:08 pmSun 12:54 pm
Keller, HannahCavalierNRSun 10:00 amSun 11:52 amSun 11:38 am
Keller, HannahCassiaIH-ASun 01:42 pmSun 03:18 pmSun 03:04 pm
Kelley, SarahIrishIR-BSun 02:06 pmSun 04:04 pmSun 03:50 pm
Kelly, EllenSkip to my LouIR-ASun 02:06 pmSun 03:38 pmSun 03:24 pm
Kelly, MarnieCampground TR-ASun 08:24 amSun 10:10 amSun 09:56 am
Klugman, EmaRF RedfernNH-BSun 09:00 amSun 11:08 amSun 10:54 am
Klugman, EmaRummyNH-BSun 09:36 amSun 11:48 amSun 11:34 am
Kotoulek, TatianaHot CocoERSun 03:48 pmSun 05:32 pmSun 05:18 pm
Kreiser, RachelTrinityIR-CSun 02:42 pmSun 04:20 pmSun 04:06 pm
LaDow, KristenJardin FFIH-BSun 02:30 pmSun 04:10 pmSun 03:56 pm
Lamparski, LaraAgawam RiverBNH-ASun 10:54 amSun 12:50 pmSun 12:36 pm
Lapp, AlexaPascalNH-ASun 08:54 amSun 10:52 amSun 10:38 am
Lapp, AlexaAdirondak KingNH-BSun 09:18 amSun 11:24 amSun 11:10 am
Lapp, AlexaKismetNH-BSun 09:48 amSun 11:58 amSun 11:44 am
Ligon, NicoleSwans RosalindBNH-ASun 10:42 amSun 12:36 pmSun 12:22 pm
Lortie, DanaExcel Star Midas TouchTR-ASun 08:12 amSun 09:52 amSun 09:38 am
Lortie, DanaMr Blue SkyBNH-ASun 11:48 amSun 01:22 pmSun 01:08 pm
Mace, ElizabethShez Always InvitedIH-ASun 01:24 pmSun 03:54 pmSun 03:40 pm
Mace, ElizabethMagic CashEHSun 03:06 pmSun 05:14 pmSun 05:00 pm
Malavasi, ChelsieTridiumIR-CSun 02:36 pmSun 04:16 pmSun 04:02 pm
Maloney, MikeKhemos Fyre KhrackerIR-ASun 02:00 pmSun 03:32 pmSun 03:18 pm
Mann, MackenzieBeen There Dun ThatIR-CSun 03:06 pmSun 04:36 pmSun 04:22 pm
Marcantonio, NicoleFunny MoneyBNH-ASun 10:48 amSun 12:40 pmSun 12:26 pm
Marrinan, JuliaSnownadoBNH-BSun 01:06 pmSun 02:12 pmSun 01:58 pm
McCabe, JessicaJawBoneNH-ASun 09:42 amSun 11:26 amSun 11:12 am
McCormick-Archutowski, MaryP.R.F. DublinNRSun 09:12 amSun 11:14 amSun 11:00 am
McGrane, JessicaTrue MysticTR-ASun 08:18 amSun 09:56 amSun 09:42 am
Meany, KatieForrestBNR-CSun 12:30 pmSun 02:26 pmSun 02:12 pm
Mentrak, KatherineCome in HandyIR-BSun 01:24 pmSun 03:22 pmSun 03:08 pm
Miller, MorganKira RoseBNH-BSun 12:12 pmSun 01:44 pmSun 01:30 pm
Minghenelli, GiannaLadybug TravelerTR-ASun 08:36 amSun 10:18 amSun 10:04 am
Moses, HillaryCameronTHSun 08:12 amSun 10:06 amSun 09:52 am
Moses, HillaryCasperNH-BSun 09:06 amSun 11:12 amSun 10:58 am
Murphy, DevlinIdeal ConcertoBNR-CSun 11:54 amSun 02:02 pmSun 01:48 pm
Nelson, KathrynMoonshineEHSun 03:18 pmSun 05:30 pmSun 05:16 pm
Nichols, KaylaThe Flying FoxIR-CSun 02:48 pmSun 04:24 pmSun 04:10 pm
O'Connor- Reichert, KeiraPine Creek's SnapdragonIR-BSun 02:12 pmSun 04:08 pmSun 03:54 pm
Ogburn, ElissaLand RunBNH-ASun 11:18 amSun 01:14 pmSun 01:00 pm
Pappler, MeganPrivate ShowTR-BSun 08:18 amSun 09:54 amSun 09:40 am
Pendleton, MichaelOKE Ruby RTR-BSun 08:12 amSun 09:50 amSun 09:36 am
Phillips, AlyssaCornelius BoNH-ASun 09:18 amSun 10:58 amSun 10:44 am
Phillips, AlyssaFE CelestinoNH-BSun 09:54 amSun 11:54 amSun 11:40 am
Poole, LyndsayCeltic ForteTR-ASun 08:30 amSun 10:14 amSun 10:00 am
Powers, BrookeBuckNRSun 08:48 amSun 10:56 amSun 10:42 am
Quill, IsabellaBringing the HeatBNR-BSun 10:42 amSun 01:04 pmSun 12:50 pm
Ragosta, SarahEl CapitanBNR-ASun 10:18 amSun 12:34 pmSun 12:20 pm
Renzetti, AnnieLunaNH-ASun 09:30 amSun 11:46 amSun 11:32 am
Renzetti, AnnieMollyBNH-ASun 10:30 amSun 12:46 pmSun 12:32 pm
Richardson, DeanCadizBNR-CSun 12:36 pmSun 02:30 pmSun 02:16 pm
Richardson, LauraWellingtonBNR-CSun 11:36 amSun 01:50 pmSun 01:36 pm
Rogers, JohnGamblin' DocIR-BSun 02:00 pmSun 03:58 pmSun 03:44 pm
Rubin, KarenPaxIH-BSun 03:00 pmSun 04:30 pmSun 04:16 pm
Rutledge, CarlyThe CapitalistBNR-DSun 11:48 amSun 02:20 pmSun 02:06 pm
Scherrer, NikkiBold TigerTR-BSun 08:00 amSun 10:00 amSun 09:46 am
Scherrer, NikkiItsjustagameNH-BSun 08:54 amSun 11:02 amSun 10:48 am
Schmidt, JenniferEden Got EvenBNH-ASun 11:24 amSun 01:16 pmSun 01:02 pm
Schwab, CaitlinSky WalkerBNR-CSun 11:42 amSun 01:54 pmSun 01:40 pm
Schweers, LindseyEight Ball Corner PocketIR-ASun 02:36 pmSun 04:00 pmSun 03:46 pm
Senserini, StephanieMonbeg IconBNR-ASun 10:24 amSun 12:38 pmSun 12:24 pm
Servin, LeahBreezeBNR-DSun 12:12 pmSun 02:36 pmSun 02:22 pm
Shertzer, EmilyAdagioIH-ASun 01:54 pmSun 03:30 pmSun 03:16 pm
Sidorsky, BrookeDaddy Said YesERSun 03:42 pmSun 05:28 pmSun 05:14 pm
Siepser, FenyaCoquinaBNH-BSun 12:00 pmSun 01:40 pmSun 01:26 pm
Siepser, FenyaReinaIH-BSun 02:54 pmSun 04:26 pmSun 04:12 pm
Sims, AudreySouthern DrifterBNR-ASun 11:00 amSun 01:12 pmSun 12:58 pm
Solloway, SarahMinnieIR-BSun 01:48 pmSun 03:46 pmSun 03:32 pm
Sorensen, DanikaTopazIR-ASun 02:12 pmSun 03:44 pmSun 03:30 pm
Stephenson, SherryBenjamin BratBNR-ASun 11:12 amSun 01:20 pmSun 01:06 pm
Stephenson, SherryPygmalion PrinceBNR-CSun 12:00 pmSun 02:34 pmSun 02:20 pm
Sterling, GabrielleA Sister's LoveIR-ASun 01:48 pmSun 03:20 pmSun 03:06 pm
Stockar, KamerynScandalous LoveBNR-DSun 11:42 amSun 02:16 pmSun 02:02 pm
Strench, VirginiaBlack DiamondNRSun 09:48 amSun 11:44 amSun 11:30 am
Talarowski, HaleyDuncanBNR-CSun 12:24 pmSun 02:22 pmSun 02:08 pm
Tansey, BritaCalliopeBNH-BSun 12:42 pmSun 02:00 pmSun 01:46 pm
Tansey, ElisabethOreoERSun 03:30 pmSun 05:20 pmSun 05:06 pm
Tresselt, MaggiePaint By NumbersBNR-BSun 10:48 amSun 01:10 pmSun 12:56 pm
Tunney, JocelynView The StarEHSun 03:12 pmSun 05:18 pmSun 05:04 pm
Turjan, GraceGas HouseNRSun 09:36 amSun 11:40 amSun 11:26 am
Volpe, AshleighOverworkIH-ASun 01:36 pmSun 03:16 pmSun 03:02 pm
Wahl, GloriaDistrict 12BNR-BSun 10:36 amSun 12:58 pmSun 12:44 pm
Waltz, SandraDeclanTR-BSun 08:06 amSun 09:46 amSun 09:32 am
Weichler, MadisonFast and FuriousIR-CSun 02:54 pmSun 04:28 pmSun 04:14 pm
Wheeley, KatherineSay No MoreBNR-CSun 12:06 pmSun 02:08 pmSun 01:54 pm
White, DonnaEsprit de BarbereauBNH-BSun 12:48 pmSun 02:04 pmSun 01:50 pm
Wicas, DrewBallyheade Roger BNH-BSun 12:36 pmSun 01:56 pmSun 01:42 pm
Yoest, NicoleFergus MaximusIR-CSun 02:30 pmSun 04:12 pmSun 03:58 pm
Zabarenko, LeahA Real CooleyIR-ASun 02:18 pmSun 03:50 pmSun 03:36 pm
de Castro, SofiaSweet 'n SourIR-BSun 01:36 pmSun 03:34 pmSun 03:20 pm
Final Results: Plantation Field June STARTER Horse Trials Plantation Field June STARTER Horse Trials Unionville, PA 19375 6/7/2020 to 6/7/2020 Final Results Training HorseRiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceTraining Rider-ARiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceTraining Rider-BRiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceNovice Horse-ARiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceNovice Horse-BRiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceNovice RiderRiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceBeginner Novice Horse-ARiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceBeginner Novice Horse-BRiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceBeginner Novice Rider-ARiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceBeginner Novice Rider-BRiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceBeginner Novice Rider-CRiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceBeginner Novice Rider-DRiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceIntroductory Horse-ARiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceIntroductory Horse-BRiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceIntroductory Rider-ARiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceIntroductory Rider-BRiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceIntroductory Rider-CRiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceElementary HorseRiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceElementary RiderRiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlace
Hillary MosesCameron37.1010.000.0037.1010.000.0037.101
Sally CousinsHagrid44.3020.000.0044.3020.000.0044.302
Gabrielle CicconeOklahoma Ace45.2030.000.0045.2030.000.0045.203
Monica FissDon't Blink47.6040.000.0047.6040.000.0047.604
Dana LortieExcel Star Midas Touch27.4010.000.0027.4010.000.0027.401
Lyndsay PooleCeltic Forte31.2020.000.0031.2020.000.0031.202
Gianna MinghenelliLadybug Traveler37.9040.000.0037.9030.000.0037.903
Jessica McGraneTrue Mystic35.5034.000.0039.5040.000.0039.504
Conrad SomersIllustration41.0050.000.0041.00520.000.0061.005
Marnie KellyCampground43.3068.00RFRFRF0.00RFRF
Nikki ScherrerBold Tiger32.902-T0.000.0032.901-T0.000.0032.901-T
Sophia KagerLittle Miss32.902-T0.000.0032.901-T0.000.0032.901-T
Sandra WaltzDeclan35.7054.000.0039.7040.000.0039.703
Michael PendletonOKE Ruby R33.6040.000.0033.60320.000.0053.604
Megan PapplerPrivate Show31.4010.00WWW0.00WW
Alyssa PhillipsCornelius Bo26.7010.000.0026.7010.000.0026.701
Jennifer BranniganKeepsake26.9020.000.0026.9020.000.0026.902
Maggie BuchananWired Up28.8030.000.0028.8030.000.0028.803
Anna FitzhughJoker's Win31.4040.000.0031.4040.000.0031.404
Alexa LappPascal34.3050.000.0034.3050.000.0034.305
Annie RenzettiLuna38.3070.000.0038.3060.000.0038.306
Christen IrelandFlorida Bay48.6080.000.0048.6070.000.0048.607
Josey GudgerLookin Around49.3094.000.0053.3080.000.0053.308
Jessica McCabeJawBone35.70612.00EEE0.00EE
Alyssa PhillipsFE Celestino20.2010.000.0020.2010.000.0020.201
Jennifer BranniganStella Royale20.7020.000.0020.7020.000.0020.702
Ema KlugmanRummy22.9030.000.0022.9030.000.0022.903
Ema KlugmanRF Redfern24.1040.000.0024.1040.000.0024.104
Alexa LappKismet29.5050.000.0029.5050.000.0029.505
Alexis DiPasquaReba Dean30.206-T0.000.0030.2060.000.0030.206
Hillary MosesCasper30.7080.000.0030.7070.000.0030.707
Jessie HayesRivendell30.206-T4.000.0034.2080.000.0034.208
Nikki ScherrerItsjustagame32.4094.000.0036.4090.000.0036.409
Alexa LappAdirondak King41.20110.000.0041.20110.000.0041.2010
Ginny ColeMay Day Cash34.30104.000.0038.30100.00TETETE
Elliot JacobsBuckharo31.2014.000.0035.2030.000.0035.201
Leah HienerOld Fashioned Love Song36.2050.000.0036.2040.000.0036.202
Virginia StrenchBlack Diamond36.4060.000.0036.4050.000.0036.403
Lillian KagerAvogadro's Constant36.7070.000.0036.7060.000.0036.704
Anna FortierMr. Bounce33.6034.000.0037.6070.000.0037.605
Hannah KellerCavalier38.1090.000.0038.1080.000.0038.106
Brooke PowersBuck39.50100.000.0039.5090.000.0039.507
Micaela ForsythSouthern Comfort37.60812.000.0049.601020.000.0069.608
Mary McCormick-ArchutowskiP.R.F. Dublin32.1020.000.0032.10160.00EEE
Grace TurjanGas House34.5040.000.0034.50260.00EEE
Lauren ChumleyScheherazade26.9020.000.0026.9010.000.0026.901
Elissa OgburnLand Run23.6014.000.0027.6020.000.0027.602
Dana LortieMr Blue Sky29.2030.000.0029.2030.000.0029.203
Nicole LigonSwans Rosalind31.1040.000.0031.1040.000.0031.104
Hilary FordyceWhere's the Risk31.405-T0.000.0031.4050.000.0031.405
Annie RenzettiMolly31.405-T4.000.0035.4060.000.0035.406
Rebecca HarrisLion's Share38.60110.000.0038.6070.000.0038.607
Sally CousinsCandy Cigarette35.0098.000.0043.0090.000.0043.008
Matt FergusonForm the Posse33.10716.000.0049.10110.000.0049.109
Lara LamparskiAgawam River46.10138.000.0054.10120.000.0054.1010
Nicole MarcantonioFunny Money45.60120.000.0045.601060.000.00105.6011
Meredith KearneyLady Rosita34.7084.000.0038.7080.00TETETE
Jennifer SchmidtEden Got Even38.10100.00WWW0.00WW
Donna WhiteEsprit de Barbereau26.7010.000.0026.7010.000.0026.701
Brita TanseyCalliope31.1030.000.0031.1020.000.0031.102
Isabelle BosleyWindstar Irish Rose34.7040.000.0034.7040.000.0034.703
Julia MarrinanSnownado36.4050.000.0036.4050.000.0036.404
Peter BlaunerClyde39.7080.000.0039.7060.000.0039.705
Gianna ByersWild But Classy39.4074.000.0043.4070.000.0043.406
Fenya SiepserCoquina45.00100.000.0045.0080.000.0045.007
Morgan MillerKira Rose47.8012-T0.000.0047.8090.000.0047.808
Gabrielle CicconeQueen of Gems47.8012-T4.000.0051.80100.000.0051.809
Jocelyn GentryCampione28.9024.000.0032.90320.000.0052.9010
Emily HamelPrivate Biggs46.401112.000.0058.40110.000.0058.4011
Drew WicasBallyheade Roger 37.2060.00WWW0.00WW
Stacey DriscollSmetana40.3090.00WWW0.00WW
Stephanie SenseriniMonbeg Icon29.2014.000.0033.2010.000.0033.201
Grace HarveyPhantom of My Dreams33.3030.000.0033.3020.000.0033.302
Audrey SimsSouthern Drifter32.8024.000.0036.8040.000.0036.803
Lindsey DeSutterCat36.7054.000.0040.7050.000.0040.704
Phoebe FisherHay Get Out of My Way45.30110.000.0045.3080.000.0045.305
Patricia ClemensMaster Manipulator 41.9088.000.0049.9090.000.0049.906
Sarah RagostaEl Capitan43.90108.000.0051.90100.000.0051.907
Pamela HornbeckFor the Fun of It34.7040.000.0034.70320.000.0054.708
Mary DavisHogan40.8074.000.0044.80720.000.0064.809
Sherry StephensonBenjamin Brat38.3064.000.0042.3060.00WWW
Alissa FaccioloSoon Mia Soon42.5098.00TETETE0.00TETE
Caroline HerrJack in the Box33.3010.000.0033.3010.000.0033.301
Tzur Haspel-SoaresRonin34.2020.000.0034.2020.000.0034.202
Ella EnochsDrop of Rubys35.6050.000.0035.6030.000.0035.603
Quinn HaasPenny's Bonnett36.7060.000.0036.7040.000.0036.704
Isabella QuillBringing the Heat38.6078.000.0046.6070.000.0046.605
Margaret TresseltPaint By Numbers40.00916.000.0056.00100.000.0056.006
Grace BreschGreen Lane35.303-T4.000.0039.30620.000.0059.307
Kaleigh HeljenekPolitical Courage38.9080.000.0038.905125.00EEE
Gloria WahlDistrict 1235.303-T16.000.0051.3090.00WWW
Madison HoughtonEnfield Glen46.90100.000.0046.9080.00WWW
Caitlin SchwabSky Walker30.3010.000.0030.3010.000.0030.301
Sherry StephensonPygmalion Prince33.1040.000.0033.1020.000.0033.102
Katherine WheeleySay No More31.4024.000.0035.4030.000.0035.403
Devlin MurphyIdeal Concerto32.8034.000.0036.8040.000.0036.804
Jessica CampisiSonnythenavigator37.8090.000.0037.8050.000.0037.805
Haley TalarowskiDuncan34.2054.000.0038.2060.000.0038.206
Katie MeanyForrest38.30100.000.0038.3070.000.0038.307
Melissa IorioJudge Well37.2084.000.0041.20100.000.0041.208
Dean RichardsonCadiz35.3064.000.0039.30820.000.0059.309
Laura RichardsonWellington35.8074.000.0039.80920.000.0059.8010
Rachael GriceKiller QueenEE0.00EEE0.00EEE
Kameryn StockarScandalous Love33.602-T0.000.0033.6020.000.0033.601
Emma BrooksSome Kind of Wonderful34.7050.000.0034.7030.000.0034.702
Charlotte DepoeSuspended Moon35.8060.000.0035.8040.000.0035.803
Samantha FillmanCheers to Us 33.602-T4.000.0037.6050.000.0037.604
Madison HoughtonJake's Shake38.3070.000.0038.3060.000.0038.305
Courtney DankanichAvilord45.0094.000.0049.0070.000.0049.006
Carly RutledgeThe Capitalist40.30816.000.0056.3080.000.0056.307
Emily CrowtherKing of Disko30.3010.000.0030.3010.00TETETE
Leah ServinBreeze33.602-T0.00WWW0.00WW
Hannah KellerCassia22.8010.000.0022.8010.000.0022.801
Cindy BuchananStroll to the Beat31.9040.000.0031.9030.000.0031.902
Emily ShertzerAdagio33.6050.000.0033.6040.000.0033.603
Jessie HayesFMF Liesl31.7034.000.0035.7050.000.0035.704
Elizabeth MaceShez Always Invited39.7080.000.0039.7060.000.0039.705
Ashleigh VolpeOverwork34.7068.000.0042.7070.000.0042.706
Doris HoppersImplicit31.4020.000.0031.4020.00TETETE
Megan BarnardDevilish Antics43.1090.00WWW0.00WW
Leah DenlingerA Real Tweet39.4074.000.0043.40865.00RFRFRF
Kristen LaDowJardin FF37.202-T0.000.0037.2020.000.0037.201
Paige GeiterBlue Moon Rising38.104-T0.000.0038.1030.000.0038.102
Erica GreggHigh Noon37.202-T4.000.0041.2040.000.0041.203
Taylor DeCiccoGrey Gator38.104-T4.000.0042.1050.000.0042.104
Fenya SiepserReina40.8064.000.0044.8060.000.0044.805
Jenna BegbieFastlane Frontman41.1078.000.0049.1070.000.0049.106
Emma HumbleFox Ridge Inferno 35.0010.000.0035.00165.00RFRFRF
Erin BeattieHenry28.9020.000.0028.9010.000.0028.901
Leah ZabarenkoA Real Cooley27.5014.000.0031.5020.000.0031.502
Valerie AngstJohn Wayne31.7034.000.0035.7030.000.0035.703
Ellen KellySkip to my Lou36.1040.000.0036.1040.000.0036.104
Lindsey SchweersEight Ball Corner Pocket36.4050.000.0036.4050.000.0036.405
Regina DohertyBlaine38.9060.000.0038.9060.000.0038.906
Danika SorensenTopaz39.7070.000.0039.7070.000.0039.707
Mike MaloneyKhemos Fyre Khracker43.3080.000.0043.3080.000.0043.308
Jocelyn GentryNautilus33.10HC4.000.0037.10HC0.00WWHC
Aimee CarsonMHF Christine33.3010.000.0033.3010.000.0033.301
John RogersGamblin' Doc35.0020.000.0035.0020.000.0035.002
Keira O'Connor-ReichertPine Creek's Snapdragon35.8030.000.0035.8030.000.0035.803
Katherine MentrakCome in Handy36.904-T0.000.0036.9040.000.0036.904
Sarah KelleyIrish38.3060.000.0038.3050.000.0038.305
Lucy HeckendornSerendipity36.904-T4.000.0040.9060.000.0040.906
Thomas HoughtonPrincess Pogo41.9090.000.0041.9070.000.0041.907
Sofia de CastroSweet 'n Sour39.2084.000.0043.2080.000.0043.208
Sarah SollowayMinnie38.60712.000.0050.60920.000.0070.609
Nicole YoestFergus Maximus32.2010.000.0032.2010.000.0032.201
Chelsie MalavasiTridium34.4050.000.0034.4030.000.0034.402
Madison WeichlerFast and Furious35.306-T0.000.0035.3040.000.0035.303
Alicia JonsdottirMy Man Thirsty35.8080.000.0035.8050.000.0035.804
Mackenzie MannBeen There Dun That32.8024.000.0036.8060.000.0036.805
Madalyn CaiazzoMurphy's Amigo33.3034.000.0037.3070.000.0037.306
Rachel KreiserTrinity35.306-T4.000.0039.3080.000.0039.307
Annaliese ClaytonStormcat41.4094.000.0045.4090.000.0045.408
Kayla NicholsThe Flying Fox34.2040.000.0034.20220.000.0054.209
Kathryn NelsonMoonshine24.4010.000.0024.4010.000.0024.401
Elizabeth MaceMagic Cash55.9020.00WWW0.00WW
Jocelyn TunneyView The StarWW0.00WWW0.00WWW
Christina ElliottThe Twilight Zone21.9010.000.0021.9010.000.0021.901
Elisabeth TanseyOreo23.4020.000.0023.4020.000.0023.402
Tatiana KotoulekHot Coco26.9040.000.0026.9030.000.0026.903
Brooke SidorskyDaddy Said Yes24.1034.000.0028.1040.000.0028.104
Leah BeattieKayla the Magical Unicorn30.6054.000.0034.6060.000.0034.605
Jennifer BabcockRufio33.8060.000.0033.80540.000.0073.806
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