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Recognized horse trials
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June Recognized HTs Status Page
Plantation Field June Recognized Horse Trials
Unionville, Pennsylvania
Entry Status as of 6/3/2022, 7:30 PM
Rider Name Horse Name Division Status Balance Due Missing IDs Missing Documents
Abrecht, Kelsey Third Times a Charm OT Complete      
Alexander, Sarah Southern Humor JON Complete      
Astacio, Tara Money to Burn BNR Incomplete $40.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Barnett, Anabel Derawley Lady OBN Incomplete   •Rider USEA#  •Horse USEA# •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Beaver, Kelly Excel Star Pluto OP Complete      
Bienemann, Tracey Venezuelan River ON Complete      
Bienemann, Tracey Menlo Park OT Complete      
Bierly, Olivia Sure Hit ON Complete      
Bradford, Emily Ben-jamin' Traveler ON Incomplete $20.00    
Bradford, Emily LJS Lana Traveler OP Complete      
Brogan, Barbara Whispering Ash ON Incomplete $40.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Burnett, Hannah Sue Oscar OP Complete      
Burnett, Hannah Sue Karate Kid OT Complete      
Carrajat, Charlotte As Is JON Complete      
Clasing, Daniel Double Diamond C OP Complete      
Clasing, Daniel Jaguar My OT Complete      
Clasing, Daniel Et Cetera OP Complete      
Clasing, Daniel Butts Arthur OP Complete      
Clasing, Kaitlin Sportsfield All Out OP Incomplete $40.00    
Clayton, Annaliese Dewey Square TR Complete      
Conrad, Alexander Malibu Preacher OI Incomplete $60.00   •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Cunningham, Kaylyn Ollivander JOT Complete      
Davidson Sr., Bruce Chesterland's Sunswick OP Complete      
Emerson, Delaney Redfield Ponte OBN Incomplete     •Coggins
Emerson, Delaney Redfield Liverno OT Complete      
Emerson, Delaney Redfield Lavei ON Incomplete     •Coggins
Emerson, Delaney Independer J W B OP Incomplete     •Coggins
Emerson, Delaney HSH Tolan King OP Incomplete     •Coggins
Fazio, Laura Royal Dancer 43 NR Complete      
Fedak, Sophia B E Never Say Never JON Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Fernandez, Gianna Excel Star Vero Amore TR Complete      
Ford, Olivia Kilcannon Pride TR Incomplete $40.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
French, Jenavieve Stevie Woods JON Complete      
Googins, Kara Huckleberrys Bro TR Complete      
Gregg, Erica High Noon TR Complete      
Gudger, Josey Miss Fantastic TR Incomplete $40.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Hambleton, Anne Should Expect PR Complete      
Haverlock, Kelsie Waterhill Will OT Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Hogan, Madison Quintessential 39 ON Complete      
Horwith, Allison More Zen Ready TR Incomplete $275.00    
Huey, Lillian Zodiac Matador NR Incomplete $40.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Ireland, Christen Florida Bay OP Complete      
Ireland, Christen Landmark's Apollo OT Complete      
Iskra, Olivia Baker Street JOT Complete      
Johnson, Kerra Star Quality PR Complete      
Johnson, Kerra Fly High Quality PR Complete      
Johnson, Kerra Detailed in Diamonds ON Complete      
Jonsdottir, Alicia Remember Clement JOT Complete      
Kelly, Jennifer Black Boogs 54 OT Complete      
Killeen, Jenna Jersey Jet NR Complete      
Kirst, Mallory Absolute Wink JON Incomplete $60.00   •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Kreiser, Rachel B.E. Trinity NR Incomplete $25.00    
Kress, Annabelle Canny Calypso OI Complete      
Laird, Sarah Captain Morgan BNR Complete      
Lilley, Shannon Eindhoven Garette OP Incomplete     •Coggins
Lilley, Shannon CSF Midnight Rose ON Complete      
Lobach, Zoe Fake Start BNR Complete      
Lopez, Isabel Beau's Emergence TR Incomplete $40.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Mann, Mackenzie Been There Dun That TR Complete      
Marcantonio, Nicole Funny Money TR Complete      
Marnane, Hillary Celtic Heritage TR Complete      
Maroko, Samantha Powerofone BNR Incomplete $40.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Mazza, Stefanie Brigantine OI Complete      
McClure, Sabrina Pirates Bid TR NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $350.00    
McMillen, Molly Lily OT Complete      
Middlebrook, Sophia Bonhunt Bertie OT Complete      
Moyer, Adrianna Backgammon JON Complete      
Myers, Lauren Fernhill Rodger That TR Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Nock, Megan Breezy BNR Complete      
O'Connor- Reichert, Keira Adrenaline Rush BNR Complete      
Peloquin, Amy Calicia Z OT Incomplete $40.00   •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Roberts, Brian Bombino BNR Complete      
Rockwood, Gail Indigo Blue NR Complete      
Rodriguez, Antonio Kyanite TR Complete      
Rowsell, Leeci Man of Conviction JOT Complete      
Scott, Madeline Silvia 70 OT Complete      
Selmayr, Booli Urania OI Complete      
Sharp, Constance Hazel Rock Sun JOBN Complete      
Sharp, Helen Rembrandt JON Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Sidorsky, Brooke Daddy Said Yes BNR Complete      
Simpson, Jebb Grantstown Coney Street OT Complete      
Solomon, Sydney Cotton House OT Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Solomon, Sydney Acatoni E OBN Incomplete $20.00   •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Steele Norris, Ashley Bestthingsinlife OI Complete      
Stockar, Kameryn Scandalous Love TR Complete      
Stoltzfus, Vanessa Teddy Sarco OI Complete      
Surdam, Emily Southern Beach BNR Complete      
Ucko, Veronica Mainely Brews NR Incomplete $60.00   •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt  •USEF Waiver
Wakefield, Lynette Rathmoylan Bay ON Complete      
Wandy, Tiffany CV Outlaw OI Complete      
Welker-Ebling, Elizabeth Santana II OI Complete      
Werner, Jessica Hawkins ON Complete      
White, Donna Esprit De Barbereau NR Complete      
Wren, Brooke WS Hunts Bay NR Complete      
Wyatt, Alden I'mhereallday JON Complete      
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