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Entry status
Status Page for September 2021 CCI
Plantation Field September 2021 CCI
Unionville, Pennsylvania
9/15/2021 to 9/19/2021
Entry Status as of 9/13/2021, 11:02 AM
Rider Name Horse Name Division Status Balance Due Inactive Registrations Missing Items
Adams, Ashley Charly CCI3-S Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt/Waiver
Adams-Blackmore, Lea Frostbite CCI2-S Complete      
Anderson-Blank, Cindy Windchase Faberge Star CCI3-S Complete      
Anderson-Blank, Cindy Windchase Phoenix Star CCI4-S Complete      
Baker, Shanon Ballingowan Zeal CCI3-S Incomplete     •Coggins  •Coggins
Baker, Shanon Fly Boy CCI3-S Incomplete     •Coggins
Barr, Fylicia Galloway Sunrise CCI4-S Complete      
Baughman, Woods C’est La Vie 135 CCI4-S Complete      
Baughman, Woods Hopak de Greenbay Z CCI3-S Complete      
Beale Clement, Amanda Carlson 119 CCI4-S Complete      
Bodnar, Viktoria SBT Amarone CCI2-S Complete: stabling balance $64.00    
Bortuzzo, Elizabeth Belongs To Teufer CCI3-S NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $648.00    
Borun, Amy Ruth Vitalis CCI3-S Complete      
Bosley, Isabelle Paper Doll CCI2-S Complete      
Bosley, Isabelle Night Quality CCI4-S Complete      
Boyd, Teegan Grand Central CCI2-S Complete      
Bradley, Stephen S. Erika Louvo  CCI2-S Complete      
Brannigan, Jennifer FE Lifestyle CCI4-S Complete      
Brannigan, Jennifer Keepsake CCI2-S Complete      
Brannigan, Jennifer Kismet CCI2-S Complete      
Brannigan, Jennifer Stella Artois CCI4-S Complete      
Brannigan, Jennifer Twilightslastgleam CCI4-S Complete      
Brannigan, Jennifer Amazing Anthem CCI2-S NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $648.00   •Coggins
Braundel, Mia Junkanoo CCI2-S Complete      
Brost, Shelby RHF Peterzano CCI3-S Complete      
Brown, Matthew Alderwood CCI2-S Complete      
Brown, Matthew Just the Zip CCI2-S Complete      
Brown, Matthew Super Socks BCF CCI3-S Complete      
Bush, Heather L. Skyfall 007 CCI3-S Complete      
Cecere, Kimmy Landmark's Jungle's Gold CCI2-S Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt/Waiver  
Cecere, Kimmy Landmark's Monaco CCI4-S Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt/Waiver  
Clasing, Daniel MW Gangster's Game CCI3-S Complete      
Clasing, Daniel Olney Uncle Sam CCI3-S Complete      
Cooke, Dana FE Glamour CCI3-S Complete      
Cooke, Dana Harlequinn CCI3-S Complete      
Coon, Hallie Global Clue CCI2-S Complete      
Coon, Hallie Global EX CCI4-S Complete      
Coon, Hallie Global Lilliehof CCI2-S Complete      
Coon, Hallie Global Naxos CCI3-S Complete      
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Tick Tock CCI2-S Complete      
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Time to Shine CCI2-S Complete      
Cooper, Courtney R River Star CCI2-S Complete      
Cousins, Sarah Tiz Ready CCI2-S Complete      
Cousins, Sarah Truly Wiley CCI3-S Complete      
Cousins, Sarah Wizard CCI3-S Complete      
Crandall, Brittany Cooley Almighty CCI3-S Complete      
Curtis, Jack Luska Candy Clover CCI2-S Complete      
Curtis, Jack Playmate III CCI3-S Complete      
Davidson Jr., Bruce Cooley Candyman CCI4-S Complete      
Davidson Jr., Bruce Erroll Gobey CCI4-S Complete      
Davidson Jr., Bruce Sorocaima CCI4-S Complete      
Davidson Jr., Bruce Invito CCI3-S Complete      
Davidson Jr., Bruce Cerafino D CCI3-S Incomplete     •Coggins
Decker, Skyler Cooley Monsoon CCI2-S Complete      
Dickerson, Gabby Cheeky Girl CCI2-S NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $898.00    
Douzant, Martin Olympus CCI2-S Complete      
Douzant, Martin Beall Spring Seahawk CCI2-S Complete      
Dubrawski, Abby Cobble Creek CCI2-S Complete      
Dutton, Phillip Quasi Cool CCI4-S Complete      
Dutton, Phillip Hachi CCI2-S Complete      
Dutton, Phillip Clueso CCI2-S Complete      
Ennis, Jules Cooley O CCI4-S Complete      
Farley, Mia Phelps CCI3-S Incomplete     •Coggins
Faudree, Will Carli 13 CCI2-S Complete      
Faudree, Will FRH Ramona CCI4-S Complete      
Faudree, Will Mama's Magic Way CCI4-S Complete      
Faudree, Will PFun CCI4-S Complete      
Faudree, Will Pleasant Humphrey CCI3-S Complete      
Fergusson, Lisa Marie Honor Me CCI4-S Complete      
Flores-Kinney, Zara Elusive Dassett CCI3-S Complete      
Forrest, Anthony Maya CCI2-S Complete      
Gartenberg, Alexa FE Whole Lotta Rosie CCI3-S Complete      
Gartenberg, Alexa Frame Shamrock CCI2-S Complete      
Green, Cosby Copper Beach CCI4-S Complete      
Green, Cosby Highly Suspicious CCI4-S Complete      
Hamel, Emily Corvett CCI4-S Complete      
Hawkins, Hannah Didgeridoo CCI2-S Complete: stabling balance $112.00    
Hawkins, Hannah Ivian HX CCI2-S Complete      
Heard, Lillian Cooley Gentleman CCI3-S Complete      
Heard, Lillian LCC Barnaby CCI4-S Complete      
Heard, Lillian Chilly CCI2-S Complete      
Henriksen, Christina Cierra CCI3-S Complete      
Hoffos, Taren Master Class CCI2-S Complete      
Hogan, Mallory Clarissa Purisima CCI3-S Complete      
Jacks-Smither, Holly Candy King CCI4-S Complete      
Jacks-Smither, Holly Anderboch Flier CCI3-S Complete      
Keane, Kevin Sportsfield Candy CCI4-S Complete      
Keller, Hannah Vagabon de Champdoux CCI2-S Complete      
Kellock, Jamie Summer Bay CCI4-S Incomplete     •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt/Waiver  
Kepferle, Megan Anakin CCI4-S Complete      
Klugman, Ema Stephanie Bronte Beach Z CCI4-S Complete      
Klugman, Ema Stephanie RF Redfern CCI2-S Complete      
Knowles, Alexandra Business Class CCI4-S Incomplete     •Coggins
Knowles, Alexandra Morswood CCI4-S Complete      
Knowles, Alexandra Ms. Poppins CCI4-S Complete      
Kozumplik Murphy, Sara Otta B Quality CCI3-S Complete: stabling balance $80.00    
Kreitl, Dan Horales CCI3-S Complete      
Kreitl, Dan Carmango CCI3-S Complete      
Lapp, Alexa Pascal CCI2-S Complete      
Lapp, Alexa Adirondack King CCI2-S Complete      
Lawrence, Andi Cooley Northern Mist CCI4-S Complete      
Lee, Rebecca Bradley Cooper CCI3-S Complete      
Lewis, Wendy Up On Stage CCI2-S Complete      
Lichten, Katie Sapphire Blue B CCI3-S Complete      
Lichten, Katie Yarrow CCI3-S Complete      
Lilley, Shannon Ideal HX CCI3-S Complete      
Littlefield, Audrey Prince Renan CCI2-S Complete      
Loach, Colleen FE Golden Eye CCI4-S Complete      
Lomangino, Emma Master Frisky CCI4-S Complete      
Lomangino, Emma Riot Act CCI3-S Complete      
Loschiavo, Anna Fernhill That Guy Jack CCI3-S Complete      
Martin, Boyd Catarina CCI3-S Complete      
Martin, Boyd Long Island T CCI4-S Complete      
Martin, Boyd On Cue CCI4-S Complete      
Martin, Boyd Mystic Fair CCI2-S Complete      
Martin, Caroline HSH Vamonos CCI3-S Complete      
Martin, Caroline Galwaybay Blake CCI2-S Complete      
Martin, Caroline HSH Did It Anyway CCI2-S Complete      
Martin, Caroline Islandwood Captain Jack CCI3-S Complete      
Martin, Caroline Redfield Champion CCI3-S Complete      
Martin, Kurt D.A. Lifetime CCI3-S Complete      
McMechan, Brandon Oscar's Wild CCI4-S Complete      
Messaglia, Liz Greenfort Carnival CCI2-S Complete      
Miller, Olivia Cooley Starstruck CCI2-S Complete      
Neneman, Natalia Electric Lux CCI4-S Complete      
Nicholson, Lauren Landmark's Monte Carlo CCI3-S Complete      
Nolan, Michael Bad Moon Rising CCI3-S Complete      
O'Donoghue, Meghan Palm Crescent CCI4-S Complete      
Pellegrini, Meg RF Eloquence CCI3-S Complete      
Pendleton, Michael Steady Eddie CCI4-S Complete      
Phillips, Alyssa Cornelius Bo CCI2-S Complete      
Phoenix, Jessica Bogue Sound CCI4-S Incomplete     •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt/Waiver  
Phoenix, Jessica Wabbit CCI4-S Incomplete     •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt/Waiver  
Phoenix, Jessica Watson GS CCI4-S Incomplete     •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt/Waiver  
Phoenix, Jessica Freedom GS CCI3-S NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $898.00   •Coggins  •FEI System Entry  •USEF Agrmnt/Waiver  
Phoenix, Jessica Shaitani CCI3-S NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $1148.00   •Coggins  •Coggins  •USEF Agrmnt/Waiver  
Poulsen, Danielle Capability Brown CCI3-S Complete      
Ransehousen, Missy Slow Heart Break CCI3-S Complete      
Risso, Erin Sportsfield Enquiry CCI4-S Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt/Waiver  
Roth, Rebecca Chapter Two CCI2-S Complete      
Sanger, Cassie Danger Mouse CCI2-S Complete      
Sanger, Cassie Redfield Fyre CCI2-S Complete      
Schain, Ayden Fernhill Hole Shot CCI3-S Complete      
Schlachter, Kristin Como MBF CCI3-S NOT ENTERED: payment not yet received $648.00    
Schuitema, Kirsten One Sly Fox CCI3-S Complete      
Scovil, Lexi Chico's Man VDF Z CCI4-S Complete      
Sebring, Juli Ulises CCI2-S Complete      
Selmayr, Booli Millfield Lancando CCI4-S Complete      
Selmayr, Booli Urania CCI3-S Incomplete $250.00    
Sendak, Courtney DGE TheManInTheGlass CCI3-S Complete      
Shinn, Sydney Nyconn Cat CCI3-S Complete      
Silliman, Caitlin Ally KGO CCI4-S Complete      
Solomon, Sydney Early Review C CCI4-S Complete      
Solomon, Sydney FE Mactan CCI3-S Complete      
Speck, Braden BSF Liam CCI2-S Complete      
Speck, Kaelen Charmed Victory CCI3-S Complete      
Stoltzfus, Vanessa Teddy Sarco CCI2-S Complete      
Strader, Erin Live and Learn CCI3-S Complete      
Strehlow, Claire Seabanks Theygo CCI2-S Complete      
Strini, Lucia FE Caspian CCI2-S Complete      
Strini, Lucia Superstorm Sandy CCI3-S Complete      
Sussman, Dani Jos Bravio CCI3-S Complete      
Symansky, Lynn RF Cool Play CCI3-S Complete      
Symansky, Lynn Donner CCI3-S Complete      
Thompson, Eliana Surelock CCI2-S Complete      
Traisnel, Lindsay Bacyrouge CCI4-S Complete      
Walker, Robin SBT Barolo CCI4-S Incomplete     •USEF Agrmnt/Waiver  
White, Sharon Claus 63 CCI4-S Complete      
White, Sharon Cooley Kildaire CCI3-S Complete      
White, Sharon Cooley On Show CCI4-S Complete      
Wood, Ryan Cooley Flight CCI3-S Complete      
Wood, Ryan Chusinmyconfession CCI3-S Complete      

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