Recognized horse trials
Entry status
CCI Entry Status as of 9/12/20
Plantation Field International Horse Trials
Unionville, Pennsylvania
9/17/20 to 9/20/20
Entry Status as of 09/12/2020 04:09 PM
Rider Name Horse Name Division Amount Due Missing Items Status
Aden, Nicole Truckee Bash CCI4-S $20.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Aharoni, Arielle Dutch Times CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Anderson-Blank, Cindy MHS Cooley Vegas CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Anderson-Blank, Cindy Windchase Phoenix Star CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Ashker, Laine Call Him Paddy CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Barr, Fylicia Galloway Sunrise CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Baughman, Woods C'est La Vie 135 CCI4-S $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Baughman, Woods Hopak de Greenbay Z CCI2-S $20.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Baussan, Sofia Invito CCI2-S $20.00 •Signatures  •Horse USEF  •Rider FEI  •Horse FEI  •Passport PENDING: FEI system entry not rec'd
Beale Clement, Amanda Carlson 119 CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Beshear, Emily Deal With It CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Beshear, Emily Olney Uncle Sam CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Beshear, Emily Plumpjack CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Black, Maya FE Black Ice CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Black, Maya Miks Master C CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Bortuzzo, Elizabeth Belongs To Teufer CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Bortuzzo, Elizabeth Royal Archie CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Borun, Amy Vitalis CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Bosley, Isabelle Night Quality CCI3-S $20.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Bourke, Tim Quality Obsession CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Bourke, Tim Quality Time CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Bradley, Stephen Belle De Reve CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Brannigan, Jennifer Amazing Anthem CCI2-S $546.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Brannigan, Jennifer FE Connory CCI3-S $546.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Brannigan, Jennifer FE Lifestyle CCI4-S $546.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Brannigan, Jennifer I Bella CCI4-S $546.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Brannigan, Jennifer Stella Artois CCI4-S $546.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Brannigan, Jennifer Twilightslastgleam CCI4-S $546.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Braundel, Mia Cashmere CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Brost, Shelby RHF Peterzano CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Brown, Matthew Alderwood OP $0.00   Complete
Brown, Matthew Big Berry CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Brown, Matthew Just the Zip CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Brown, Matthew Super Socks BCF CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Bryner, Matthew Va Va Voom CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Burchianti, Brooke Eternal Hope CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Burnett, Hannah Sue Bellefleur Z CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Burnett, Hannah Sue Capitol HIM CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Burnett, Hannah Sue Stakkato Bronx CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Carroll, Aisling Asthore OP $0.00   Complete
Champagne, Bradley Wallaroo W OP $0.00   Complete
Christopher, Katherine Frodo of the Shire CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Chubb, Alison Wakeup CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Clasing, Daniel MW Gangster's Game CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Collier, Charlotte Clifford M CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Collis, Charlotte Call the Law OP $20.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Conrad, Alexander Malibu Preacher CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Coolidge, Olivia Bold Impression CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Cousins, Sarah Christopher CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Cousins, Sarah Wizard CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Curtis, Jack Luska Candy Clover CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Curtis, Jack Playmate III CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Curtis, Sam Blyth's Centurion FE CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Davidson Jr., Bruce Carlevo  CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Davidson Jr., Bruce Cerafino D CCI2-S $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Davidson Jr., Bruce Copper Beach CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Davidson Jr., Bruce DHI Showman CCI2-S $0.00 •Coggins  •Horse FEI Incomplete
Davidson Jr., Bruce Erroll Gobey CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Davidson Jr., Bruce Jak My Style CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Davidson Jr., Bruce Sorocaima CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Decker, Skyler HHS Iris CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Douzant, Martin Frame Shamrock CCI2-S $793.00   PENDING: FEI system entry not rec'd
Dubrawski, Abby Cobble Creek OP $0.00   Complete
Dutton, Olivia Iniesta CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Dutton, Phillip Apollo OP $0.00 •[unknown: paperwork not yet processed] PENDING paperwork processing
Dutton, Phillip Lander Van Het Heekse OP $0.00 •[unknown: paperwork not yet processed] PENDING paperwork processing
Dutton, Phillip Fernhill Singapore CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Dutton, Phillip Z CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Ebzery, Jessica Absolut Cooley Quality CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Ennis, Jules Cooley O CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Faudree, Will FRH Ramona CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Faudree, Will Mama's Magic Way CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Faudree, Will PFun CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Faudree, Will Pleasant Humphrey CCI3-S $160.00   Balance for pre-ordered shavings
Fergusson, Lisa Marie Epic Moment CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Fergusson, Lisa Marie Honor Me CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Flores-Kinney, Zara Elusive Dassett CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Gartenberg, Alexa Louis M CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Grald, Ariel BGS Aurora CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Grald, Ariel Caballe CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Grald, Ariel Diara CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Grald, Ariel Isla de Coco CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Grald, Ariel Leamore Master Plan CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Grassie Fay, Maisy Irish Roadie OP $333.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Green, Cosby Highly Suspicious CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Gutierrez, Pedro Bonmahon Flash CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Gutierrez, Pedro California Mail CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Hagaman, Sydney Charmeur CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Hain, Victoria Bounce Pass CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Halliday-Sharp, Elisabeth Cooley Be Cool CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Halliday-Sharp, Elisabeth Cooley Quicksilver CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Halliday-Sharp, Elisabeth Deniro Z CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Halliday-Sharp, Elisabeth Flash Cooley CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Hamel, Emily Corvett CCI4-S $0.00 •Rider SafeSport Incomplete
Hayes, Olivia Astrana De La Galerna  OP $0.00   Complete
Heard, Lillian CharmKing CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Heard, Lillian Cooley Gentleman OP $0.00   Complete
Heard, Lillian Dassett Olympus CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Heard, Lillian Dassett Ricochet OP $0.00   Complete
Heard, Lillian LCC Barnaby CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Hill, Katherine RamBamUncleSam  CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Hogan, Madison OKE Ruby R CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Hogan, Mallory Clarissa Purisima CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Jacks-Smither, Holly Candy King CCI4-S $796.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Jacks-Smither, Holly More Inspiration CCI4-S $793.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Kanara, Erin Campground CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Kanara, Erin Morning GlorySE CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Kanara, Erin Not Ours OP $0.00   Complete
Kanara, Erin Paddy the Caddy CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Keahon, Emma PS Duty Calls CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Keane, Kevin Sportsfield Candy CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Kehoe, Ashley Kiltealy Toss Up CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Klugman, Ema Bendigo CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Klugman, Ema Bronte Beach Z CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Klunick, Avery Pisco Sour  CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Kress, Annabelle Canny Calypso CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Kuchta, Mikki Special Reserve CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Lauze, Corrinne Caraway Gilly CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Lichten, Katie Sapphire Blue B CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Lichten, Katie Yarrow CCI3-S $20.00 •Owner SafeSport Incomplete
Loach, Coleen FE Golden Eye CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Loach, Coleen Qorry Blue D'Argouges CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Loach, Coleen Vermont CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Lomangino, Emma Master Frisky CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Lomangino, Emma Riot Act CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Loschiavo, Anna Fernhill That Guy Jack OP $0.00   Complete
Loschiavo, Anna Spartacus Q CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
MacVaugh, Ashley Latino H CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
MacVaugh, Ashley Reuben Rialto CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Martin, Boyd Long Island T CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Martin, Boyd On Cue CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Martin, Caroline Diablo Hit CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Martin, Caroline Islandwood Captain Jack CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Martin, Caroline Redfield Dexter CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Martin, Caroline Redfield Fellow OP $0.00   Complete
McAllister, Morgan Made To Order CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
McConnon, Andrew D'Luxe Steel OP $0.00   Complete
McConnon, Andrew Ferrie's Cello CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
McConnon, Andrew Wakita 54 OP $0.00   Complete
McGrath, Morgan Mizz Indy Cat CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
McKissock, Casey Spice of Life OP $0.00   Complete
Merala, Kristen Sportsfield Neverland OP $0.00   Complete
Middlebrook, Sophia Candy Jane OP $0.00   Complete
Moses, Hillary Save Magic CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Neneman, Natalia Electric Lux CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Nicholson, Lauren Landmark's Monte Carlo CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Nicholson, Lauren Paramount Importance CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Nicholson, Lauren Vermiculus CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Nitzenberger, Kerri Pinazola CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Norris, Ashley Bestthingsinlife OP $0.00 •Signatures  •Rider SafeSport Incomplete
O'Donoghue, Meghan Fashionable Man CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
O'Donoghue, Meghan Palm Crescent CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Olijslager, Jorgen Northern Quest Lady's Man CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Orms, Moriah Widespread Chaos CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Pellegrini, Meg RF Eloquence CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Pendleton, Michael Butt's Aria W CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Pendleton, Michael Contessa CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Pendleton, Michael Miss LuLu Herself CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Pendleton, Michael The Fonz Himself CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Pendleton, Michael Wabanaki CCI3-S $543.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Pendleton, Yeardley Not Without Me CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Peterson, Alyssa R-Perfect Storm CCI4-S $20.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Phillips, Barrett Whole Nine Yards CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Renfroe, Erin Monbeg Myth CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Risso, Erin Bluegrass Talisman CCI2-S $20.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Risso, Erin Sportsfield Enquiry CCI3-S $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Scott, Madeline Annaghs Spirit CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Selmayr, Booli Millfield Lancando CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Selmayr, Booli Urania CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Shinn, Sydney Paprika OP $0.00   Complete
Silliman, Caitlin Ally KGO CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Solomon, Sydney Early Review C CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Speck, Braden BSF Liam CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Speck, Kaelen Charmed Victory CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Speck, Kaelen Sweet Rebellion CCI4-S $0.00   Complete
Stoltzfus, Vanessa Teddy Sarco CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Stone Bourke, Marley LVS Dassett Charisma CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Strader, Erin Live and Learn CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Strawbridge, Julia Balmoral Oakey CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Sumner, Lauren Crossfire CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Tracy, Kendyl Bobbie Burns CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Trayford, Daisy Ermintrude CCI3-S $0.00   Complete
Trayford, Daisy Exmoor Xandy Z  OP $0.00 •Horse USEA upgrade Incomplete
Wagtmann, Filippa Special Feature CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Welker-Ebling, Elizabeth Santana II CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Wickman, McKinsey Chabadu OP $0.00   Complete
Wilcher, Patrick Yankee Station CCI3-S $291.50 •Signatures PENDING: payment not yet received
Wilson, Megan Get Ready CCI2-S $0.00   Complete
Wood, Ryan Carmella OP $333.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Wood, Ryan Cooley Cadbury OP $333.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Wood, Ryan Cooley Flight OP $0.00   Complete
Wood, Ryan Rembrandt OP $0.00   Complete
CCI Final Results
Final Results: Plantation Field International Horse Trials Plantation Field International Horse Trials Unionville, PA 19375 9/17/2020 to 9/20/2020 Final Results CCI Two Star Short-ARiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceXCJumpXCTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceStadJumpStadTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceCCI Two Star Short-BRiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceXCJumpXCTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceStadJumpStadTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceCCI Three Star ShortRiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceCCI Four Star ShortRiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlaceOpen PreliminaryRiderHorseDressScoreDressPlaceStadJumpStadTimeTo DateScoreTo DatePlaceXCJumpXCTimeFinalScoreFinalPlace
Sam CurtisBlyth's Centurion FE32.803-T0.000.0032.801-T0.000.0032.801
Olivia DuttonIniesta29.7010.006.4036.1040.000.0036.102
Woods BaughmanHopak de Greenbay Z35.607-T0.000.8036.4050.000.0036.403
Elizabeth BortuzzoRoyal Archie32.803-T0.000.0032.801-T4.000.0036.804
Jack CurtisPlaymate III38.90160.000.0038.9070.000.0038.905
Kaelen SpeckCharmed Victory36.00110.001.2037.2060.002.8040.006
Shelby BrostRHF Peterzano31.0020.008.8039.8090.000.8040.607
Zara Flores-KinneyElusive Dassett34.5050.000.8035.3038.000.0043.308
Victoria HainBounce Pass35.2060.004.4039.6084.000.0043.609
Jessica EbzeryAbsolut Cooley Quality36.10120.007.6043.70100.000.0043.7010
Morgan McAllisterMade To Order43.3021-T0.008.0051.30150.000.0051.3011
Braden SpeckBSF Liam39.70170.007.2046.90128.000.0054.9012
Annabelle KressCanny Calypso35.90100.0016.0051.90164.000.0055.9013
Filippa WagtmannSpecial Feature41.90190.008.4050.30148.000.4058.7014
Elizabeth Welker-EblingSantana II36.5013-T0.0018.0054.50174.001.6060.1015
Yeardley PendletonNot Without Me50.20230.000.0050.201312.000.0062.2016
Madeline ScottAnnaghs Spirit42.10200.003.6045.701120.000.0065.7017
Megan WilsonGet Ready38.10150.0036.0074.10190.000.8074.9018
Sofia BaussanInvito35.607-T20.0027.2082.80204.000.0086.8019
Madison HoganOKE Ruby R43.3021-T40.0030.00113.30214.000.00117.3020
Jack CurtisLuska Candy Clover35.70920.003.2058.90180.00RRR
Morgan McGrathMizz Indy Cat41.501820.00RRR0.00RRR
Skyler DeckerHHS Iris36.5013-T0.00WWW0.00WWW
Michael PendletonMiss LuLu Herself28.6090.000.0028.6020.000.0028.601
Bruce Davidson Jr.Cerafino D27.2050.002.0029.2050.000.0029.202
Caroline MartinRedfield Dexter29.30130.000.0029.3060.000.0029.303
Meghan O'DonoghueFashionable Man30.7016-T0.000.0030.7090.000.0030.704
Emily BeshearPlumpjack28.80100.002.4031.20110.000.0031.205
Caroline MartinDiablo Hit31.30180.000.0031.30130.000.0031.306
Jennifer BranniganAmazing Anthem31.70220.000.0031.70150.000.0031.707
Ariel GraldDiara29.00110.000.0029.0034.000.0033.008
Martin DouzantFrame Shamrock25.0020.000.0025.0018.000.0033.009
Ariel GraldIsla de Coco26.8040.002.4029.2044.000.0033.2010
Hannah Sue BurnettStakkato Bronx29.20120.004.8034.00180.000.0034.0011
Booli SelmayrUrania30.2014-T0.000.0030.2074.001.2035.4012
Amy BorunVitalis25.9030.0010.4036.30210.000.0036.3013
Avery KlunickPisco Sour 33.20240.000.0033.20174.000.0037.2014
Stephen BradleyBelle De Reve24.4010.006.4030.80108.000.0038.8015
Alison ChubbWakeup31.60210.003.2034.80194.000.4039.2016
Alexander ConradMalibu Preacher31.5019-T0.000.0031.50148.000.0039.5017
Matthew BrynerVa Va Voom32.30230.000.0032.30168.000.0040.3018
Corrinne LauzeCaraway Gilly33.80270.007.2041.00244.000.0045.0019
Kerri NitzenbergerPinazola33.60260.008.8042.40254.000.0046.4020
Mikki KuchtaSpecial Reserve31.5019-T0.003.6035.102012.000.0047.1021
Lauren SumnerCrossfire34.10280.004.8038.90228.000.4047.3022
Hillary MosesSave Magic34.70290.0012.8047.50260.000.0047.5023
Matthew BrownJust the Zip28.3080.0010.8039.10238.000.8047.9024
Bruce Davidson Jr.DHI Showman27.80720.0010.4058.20270.000.0058.2025
Erin RissoBluegrass Talisman36.903220.007.6064.50280.000.0064.5026
Pedro GutierrezBonmahon Flash36.6030-T40.0029.60106.20304.000.00110.2027
Lisa Marie FergussonEpic Moment27.6060.003.6031.20120.00WWW
Moriah OrmsWidespread Chaos38.003321.008.4067.40290.00WWW
Julia StrawbridgeBalmoral Oakey30.2014-T0.000.4030.6088.00RFRFRF
Pedro GutierrezCalifornia Mail33.402520.00TETETE0.00TETETE
Hannah Sue BurnettBellefleur Z30.7016-T85.00RFRFRF0.00RFRFRF
Katherine HillRamBamUncleSam 36.6030-T85.00RFRFRF0.00RFRFRF
Maya BlackFE Black Ice25.2030.000.0025.2030.000.0025.201
Hannah Sue BurnettCapitol HIM26.1050.000.0026.1040.000.0026.102
Natalia NenemanElectric Lux28.80150.000.0028.80100.000.0028.803
Elisabeth Halliday-SharpCooley Be Cool26.2060.000.0026.2050.002.8029.004
Ariel GraldCaballe27.30100.000.0027.3070.002.4029.705
Meg PellegriniRF Eloquence26.0044.000.0030.00120.000.0030.006
Isabelle BosleyNight Quality27.50120.000.0027.5080.002.8030.307
Katie LichtenYarrow27.40114.000.0031.40150.000.4031.808
Lauren NicholsonLandmark's Monte Carlo27.0094.000.0031.00130.000.8031.809
Boyd MartinOn Cue23.5010.000.0023.5010.009.2032.7010
Lillian HeardDassett Olympus31.10190.000.0031.10140.004.4035.5011
Katie LichtenSapphire Blue B33.00230.000.0033.00170.002.8035.8012
Meghan O'DonoghuePalm Crescent33.30240.000.0033.30180.004.0037.3013
Caitlin SillimanAlly KGO33.5025-T4.000.0037.50270.000.0037.5014
Boyd MartinLong Island T24.4020.000.0024.4020.0014.4038.8015
Michael PendletonThe Fonz Himself28.20144.000.0032.20160.007.2039.4016
Ema KlugmanBronte Beach Z35.60304.000.0039.60300.000.0039.6017
Andrew McConnonFerrie's Cello26.5078.005.6040.10310.000.0040.1018
Michael PendletonWabanaki35.0028-T0.000.0035.00230.005.2040.2019
Tim BourkeQuality Obsession33.5025-T0.000.0033.50190.006.8040.3020
Ariel GraldBGS Aurora30.80184.000.0034.80220.006.0040.8021
Elizabeth BortuzzoBelongs To Teufer31.30208.002.0041.30340.000.0041.3022
Laine AshkerCall Him Paddy32.90228.000.0040.90330.000.8041.7023
Bruce Davidson Jr.Sorocaima34.20270.000.0034.20200.008.0042.2024
Emma KeahonPS Duty Calls42.90440.000.0042.9036-T0.000.0042.9025
Jennifer BranniganFE Connory32.10214.000.0036.10250.006.8042.9026
Erin KanaraCampground35.0028-T4.000.0039.00290.004.8043.8027
Erin KanaraMorning GlorySE30.50174.000.0034.50210.009.6044.1028
Katherine ChristopherFrodo of the Shire40.8040-T0.000.0040.80320.004.4045.2029
Sydney HagamanCharmeur26.9080.000.0026.9060.0018.4045.3030
Michael PendletonContessa27.90130.000.0027.9090.0018.0045.9031
Cosby GreenHighly Suspicious36.80340.000.0036.80260.009.6046.4032
Erin RissoSportsfield Enquiry35.80310.000.0035.80240.0010.8046.6033
Brooke BurchiantiEternal Hope43.00454.000.0047.00410.000.0047.0034
Marley Stone BourkeLVS Dassett Charisma36.30328.000.0044.30390.003.6047.9035
Erin RenfroeMonbeg Myth37.50368.000.0045.50400.003.6049.1036
Patrick WilcherYankee Station48.10474.000.0052.10440.000.0052.1037
Sarah CousinsWizard43.30460.000.0043.30380.009.6052.9038
Daisy TrayfordErmintrude41.70430.001.2042.9036-T0.0010.0052.9039
Barrett PhillipsWhole Nine Yards37.6037-T16.000.0053.60450.001.2054.8040
Erin StraderLive and Learn40.8040-T8.000.0048.80420.0016.8065.6041
Vanessa StoltzfusTeddy Sarco41.00428.000.0049.00430.0020.0069.0042
Cindy Anderson-BlankMHS Cooley Vegas29.80160.000.0029.801120.0021.6071.4043
Ashley MacVaughReuben Rialto36.403312.005.2053.60460.0020.8074.4044
Emma LomanginoRiot Act37.00354.000.4041.403540.0043.20124.6045
Ashley MacVaughLatino H37.6037-T0.000.0037.602865.00RFRFRF
Will FaudreePleasant Humphrey38.60390.00WWW0.00WW
Elisabeth Halliday-SharpDeniro Z26.4010.000.4026.8010.000.0026.801
Phillip DuttonZ27.3020.000.0027.3020.002.0029.302
Woods BaughmanC'est La Vie 13531.70100.001.2032.9060.004.0036.903
Will FaudreePFun30.205-T0.000.0030.2030.007.6037.804
Holly Jacks-SmitherMore Inspiration37.30350.000.0037.3022-T0.002.4039.705
Fylicia BarrGalloway Sunrise35.5028-T4.000.8040.30310.000.0040.306
Erin KanaraPaddy the Caddy34.80210.000.4035.20120.005.2040.407
Will FaudreeMama's Magic Way35.0023-T0.000.0035.00110.006.8041.808
Lauren NicholsonVermiculus29.9044.001.6035.5013-T0.006.4041.909
Phillip DuttonFernhill Singapore34.30180.000.0034.3080.007.6041.9010
Coleen LoachVermont30.205-T0.000.4030.6040.0011.6042.2011
Ema KlugmanBendigo42.40500.000.0042.40350.000.0042.4012
Elisabeth Halliday-SharpCooley Quicksilver32.4012-T4.000.4036.80210.006.8043.6013
Jennifer BranniganTwilightslastgleam36.40320.000.0036.4017-T0.008.4044.8014
Jennifer BranniganFE Lifestyle35.40274.000.8040.20300.004.8045.0015
Ariel GraldLeamore Master Plan33.80164.000.0037.80240.008.0045.8016
Bruce Davidson Jr.Jak My Style35.1025-T4.000.0039.10260.006.8045.9017
Jennifer BranniganStella Artois30.6074.001.6036.20150.0010.0046.2018
Maya BlackMiks Master C32.4012-T4.000.0036.4017-T0.0012.8049.2019
Coleen LoachQorry Blue D'Argouges32.70154.000.0036.70200.0013.6050.3020
Lisa Marie FergussonHonor Me36.30310.000.0036.30160.0015.6051.9021
Matthew BrownBig Berry34.90224.000.0038.90250.0014.0052.9022
Jennifer BranniganI Bella31.6098.000.4040.00290.0014.8054.8023
Bruce Davidson Jr.Erroll Gobey35.70304.000.0039.70280.0016.4056.1024
Tim BourkeQuality Time38.304112.000.0050.3046-T0.006.4056.7025
Sydney SolomonEarly Review C41.20464.000.0045.20390.0013.6058.8026
Kaelen SpeckSweet Rebellion38.50428.000.0046.50410.0013.6060.1027
Holly Jacks-SmitherCandy King32.50148.001.6042.1033-T0.0020.0062.1028
Amanda Beale ClementCarlson 11938.2039-T0.002.4040.60320.0022.4063.0029
Mia BraundelCashmere45.60524.003.2052.80490.0012.8065.6030
Booli SelmayrMillfield Lancando37.60368.001.2046.8042-T0.0021.2068.0031
Arielle AharoniDutch Times42.50510.002.0044.50360.0024.0068.5032
Jules EnnisCooley O39.90448.000.0047.90450.0026.8074.7033
Mallory HoganClarissa Purisima41.80484.002.0047.80440.0032.0079.8034
Will FaudreeFRH Ramona38.10384.000.0042.1033-T20.0019.2081.3035
Coleen LoachFE Golden Eye34.50190.000.0034.501020.0028.4082.9036
Emily HamelCorvett34.60204.000.8039.402720.0023.6083.0037
Anna LoschiavoSpartacus Q35.0023-T20.002.0057.005220.0013.2090.2038
Lauren NicholsonParamount Importance42.30498.000.0050.3046-T20.0022.0092.3039
Ashley KehoeKiltealy Toss Up41.604712.001.2054.805120.0026.80101.6040
Emma LomanginoMaster Frisky39.60434.003.2046.8042-T20.0041.20108.0041
Nicole AdenTruckee Bash46.805320.000.4067.205360.0022.00149.2042
Cindy Anderson-BlankWindchase Phoenix Star36.90348.000.4045.304080.00EEE
Emily BeshearOlney Uncle Sam28.3034.000.8033.10760.00EEE
Emily BeshearDeal With It38.2039-T4.002.4044.603760.00RRR
Jorgen OlijslagerNorthern Quest Lady's Man37.903712.004.0053.905040.00RRR
Kevin KeaneSportsfield Candy33.90170.000.4034.3090.00WWW
Caroline MartinIslandwood Captain Jack35.5028-T0.000.0035.5013-T0.00WWW
Bruce Davidson Jr.Carlevo 32.001112.000.8044.80380.00WWW
Matthew BrownSuper Socks BCF40.004512.000.0052.00481.00MRMRMR
Daniel ClasingMW Gangster's Game35.1025-T0.001.6036.70190.00MRMRMR
Lillian HeardCharmKing31.2080.000.0031.20566.00RFRFRF
Elisabeth Halliday-SharpFlash Cooley36.50330.000.8037.3022-T66.00RFRFRF
Ryan WoodRembrandt27.8090.000.4028.2050.000.0028.201
Ryan WoodCarmella24.1024.000.8028.9080.000.0028.902
Ryan WoodCooley Cadbury29.6014-T0.000.0029.6090.000.0029.603
Andrew McConnonD'Luxe Steel31.10200.000.4031.50130.000.4031.904
Phillip DuttonApollo28.5010-T0.000.0028.5060.004.4032.905
Sydney ShinnPaprika33.30230.000.0033.30150.000.0033.306
Phillip DuttonLander Van Het Heekse28.5010-T4.000.0032.50140.000.8033.307
Sophia MiddlebrookCandy Jane24.804-T4.000.0028.8070.004.8033.608
Caroline MartinRedfield Fellow29.6014-T4.000.0033.6017-T0.001.2034.809
Erin KanaraWarren LVS Z30.00170.000.0030.00110.005.6035.6010
Matthew BrownAlderwood24.804-T0.000.4025.2030.0010.8036.0011
McKinsey WickmanChabadu24.804-T0.000.0024.8020.0012.4037.2012
Ryan WoodCooley Flight29.1012-T4.000.4033.50160.004.4037.9013
Andrew McConnonWakita 5429.1012-T8.000.0037.10190.002.0039.1014
Lillian HeardCooley Gentleman29.6014-T4.000.0033.6017-T0.006.0039.6015
Kristin SchlachterComo MBF32.80228.000.0040.80240.000.8041.6016
Casey McKissockSpice of Life40.20300.000.0040.20220.004.8045.0017
Abby DubrawskiCobble Creek33.7024-T8.000.8042.50280.007.6050.1018
Kendyl TracyBobbie Burns25.407-T4.000.4029.80100.0024.8054.6019
Erin KanaraNot Ours37.40294.000.0041.40260.0014.8056.2020
Olivia HayesAstrana De La Galerna 30.4018-T4.008.0042.40270.0022.0064.4021
Ashley NorrisBestthingsinlife35.40284.000.0039.40210.0026.8066.2022
Charlotte CollisCall the Law35.2026-T4.002.0041.20250.0025.2066.4023
Aisling CarrollAsthore30.4018-T8.002.0040.40230.0028.8069.2024
Kristen MeralaSportsfield Neverland24.4030.000.0024.40120.0028.4072.8025
Michael PendletonButt's Aria W35.2026-T8.000.0043.202920.0017.6080.8026
Maisy Grassie FayIrish Roadie33.7024-T12.000.0045.703020.0032.0097.7027
Bradley ChampagneWallaroo W25.407-T0.000.0025.40460.0018.80104.2028
Lillian HeardDassett Ricochet23.3018.000.0031.30120.00WWW
Daisy TrayfordExmoor Xandy Z 32.60214.002.4039.002065.00RFRFRF
Anna LoschiavoFernhill That Guy JackEE0.00EEE0.00EEE
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