Plantation Field April Horse Trials

Unionville, Pennsylvania

4/22/2017 to 4/23/2017

Entry Status as of 04/21/2017 05:49 AM

Rider NameHorseDivisionBalance DueMissing ItemsStatus
Abell, ElizabethIllegal IntruderJYOP$0.00 Complete
Agard, RoseBenjamin BratTH$0.00 Complete
Aharoni, ArielleDutch TimesOI$25.00 Complete
Allison, JuliaLast DiplomatJOBN$40.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Alpert, ArielleAces Zoomin' DudeTR$20.00 Complete
Bailey, Kelly QuatrainBNR$0.00 Complete
Bank, WiebkeDidoreTR$0.00 Complete
Barnett, RebeccaLaurentianCBNR$0.00
  • Signatures
Barr, FyliciaShow of ApprovalTH$0.00 Complete
Battig, NoraWater SkipperNH$0.00 Complete
Baughman, Sidney Rock StarPR$33.00 Complete
Bayer, AmeliaRoad to RedemptionPR$0.00 Complete
Beale Clement, AmandaAspire RJYOP$329.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Beaver, DanielleCoffee and DonutsPR$0.00 Complete
Beaver, KellySempre FinoOP$0.00
  • Coggins
Beaver, DanielleChai Tea LatteNH$0.00 Complete
Begbie, Jenna Nemo's Lucky FinnNH$0.00 Complete
Bender, KellySharp Dressed ManNR$0.00 Complete
Benton, AnnaShake N It UpJOBN$0.00 Complete
Berardino, Mia George 43JON$40.00 Complete
Beshear, JeffSay CheeseTR$0.00 Complete
Beshear, NicholasCobaltJOT$0.00 Complete
Beshear, EmilyOlney Uncle SamOP$0.00 Complete
Bienemann, TraceyEleganzePH$0.00 Complete
Bienemann, TraceyAustinTH$0.00 Complete
Bierman, ElizabethCherokeeOT$0.00 Complete
Bingham, MaegenInfinite TruthOI$30.00 Complete
Blackman, MadelineOllieTH$0.00 Complete
Blackman, MadelineCalido CloverOI$0.00 Complete
Blauner, StephenElegant PerformerNR$0.00 Complete
Blythe, JayceeRenoJON$0.00 Complete
Borun, Amy RuthVitalisOT$0.00 Complete
Bourke, TimothyAstrana De La GalernaOI-$125.00 Complete
Bovaconti, MaryImmortal HonourJOBN$20.00 Complete
Bowersox, JoeMinotaure du PassoirOT$0.00 Complete
Brannigan, JennieFestive RoseNH$0.00 Complete
Brannigan, JennieDark EnergyTH$0.00 Complete
Brannigan, JennieAmerican-MadeTH$0.00 Complete
Brannigan, JennieGreat BurtonOP$0.00 Complete
Brinsfield, TaylorAllureJON$0.00 Complete
Buchanan, Maggiesplash of chromeBNR$0.00 Complete
Bull, JudyManos de PiedraNR$0.00 Complete
Butkus, CatherineAbendgoldJOBN$0.00 Complete
Callanan, KaseyExecutive PumpkinJOBN$321.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Callanan, KaseyBlind DateJOBN$321.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Camelli, StaceyJimmy BuffettON$0.00 Complete
Caprez, EleynaHwin of Narnia JON$0.00 Complete
Cascarino, AveryDudley Do RightJOBN$0.00 Complete
Cauffman, CindiLamondale FloriniaBNR$20.00
  • Coggins
Chadderton, KateFF ValourBNH$20.00
  • Signatures
Champagne, BradleyWallaroo WOI$329.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Chance, ParkerBelle of BallJOT$0.00 Complete
Charen, HillarySpeedballBNR$0.00 Complete
Chavis, CarySpectraVET CohibaTH$0.00 Complete
Cianciulli, Paige Dark N HandsomeJOT$0.00 Complete
Clasing, DanielArsinoeNH$40.00
  • Signatures
Clucas, PattyLookover ErinON$150.00
  • Coggins
Clucas, CadenceCnoc An OirJON$150.00
  • Coggins
Clyde, ChristopherJayvynON$0.00 Complete
Coleman III, WilliamDon DanteOP$0.00 Complete
Coleman III, WilliamHighly SuspiciousOP$0.00 Complete
Coleman III, WilliamButch CassidyOI$0.00 Complete
Coletti, VictoriaJudge WellON$20.00 Complete
Conrad, AlexPreacherNH$40.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Coon, HallieAzraelOP$479.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Coon, HallieCelienOI$479.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Cooper, CourtneyGrove of StarsOT$0.00 Complete
Cooper, CourtneyCount R Lucky StarsOT$0.00 Complete
Cooper, CourtneyCaia ZTH$0.00 Complete
Cornetta, RebeccaLiondriveOP$0.00 Complete
Cousins, SarahGreat BearOP$0.00 Complete
Cousins, SarahHerculonOP$0.00 Complete
Cousins, SarahWizardOI$0.00 Complete
Cousins, SarahStravinskyOI$329.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Cousins, SarahChristopherOI$329.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Crespo, OliviaEvery Good ThingON$0.00 Complete
Cuccuini, JessicaMacho ManNR$0.00 Complete
Davidson, MateaR Valentino HimselfOT$0.00 Complete
Davidson, MateaAtavismTH$0.00 Complete
Davidson, MateaCarlsburgTH$0.00 Complete
Davis, Susan G.Halftime ShowOBN$0.00 Complete
DeMuth, DawnLife of RyleyOBN$67.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Deatrick, MaggieInvictusNH$0.00 Complete
Driscoll, StaceyLuck of the IrishPR$0.00 Complete
Driscoll, StaceyPopstarNH$0.00
  • Coggins
Duggan, AnnaKildare's ChescaJYOP$0.00 Complete
Duncan, ClaudiaAwesome CommanderOT$0.00 Complete
Dutton, OliviaIcabad CraneOT$321.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Ennis, JulesCooley OOP$0.00 Complete
Evans, ThereseClover JoePH$40.00 Complete
Evans, ThereseBeechfields SkyfallTH$40.00 Complete
Faith, GenevieveBurned You TooPR$0.00 Complete
Farris, CharlotteCanyonleigh SirechoBNH$0.00
  • Coggins
Fernandez, GiannaNorth FaceJON$0.00 Complete
Fitzhugh, AnnaBelieve It or NotJOT$0.00 Complete
Flora, CordCatching FireBNH$0.00 Complete
Foote, MadisonWaileaOI$0.00 Complete
Foote, MadisonJomanjiBNH$40.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Forsyth, MicaelaMosley's GiftON$0.00 Complete
Francart, AngieLionTR$0.00 Complete
Francart, AngieArk of AgesBNH$0.00 Complete
Freeman, HannahCoyoteJON$0.00 Complete
Garrett, HollandGeorgia's GoldBNH$0.00 Complete
Gibboney, TaylorFlying First ClassJON$0.00 Complete
Glover, StephanieFashion Princess ON$0.00 Complete
Gorrell, NicoleA Wild and Crazy Guy OT$0.00 Complete
Graham, MeganKoko VossTH$0.00 Complete
Greene Stewart, PatriciaMirkwood ForestNR$0.00 Complete
Groner, EllaGraftonTH$0.00 Complete
Gross, LucyFredJOBN$0.00 Complete
Grubbs, Mary KateWhole Lotta HeartON$0.00 Complete
Guimond, DominiqueAstarOBN$25.00 Complete
Hahn, MackenzieMingunadeBNR$0.00 Complete
Hambleton, AnneShould ExpectPR$0.00 Complete
Hamel, EmilyCorvettPH$0.00 Complete
Hamel, EmilyFernhill Pick PocketTH$0.00 Complete
Hamel, EmilyQuadriviumOT$0.00 Complete
Hamel, EmilyLC SnowcapTH$321.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Hayes, OliviaShall We DanceJON$20.00
  • Signatures
Healy, KerriZalmonOBN$0.00 Complete
Henry, ZoeElexagentePR$0.00 Complete
Herman, MardiTintin's JournalTR$0.00 Complete
Hollands, Jeana StrykerNH$0.00 Complete
Horn, ColeCooley SligoNH$0.00 Complete
Horwith, AllisonMore Zen ReadyON$0.00 Complete
Horwith, AllisonLarrikinPR$0.00 Complete
Howe, BlakeField AgentJON$0.00 Complete
Huis, MadelineLet it SlamON$0.00
  • Signatures
Ingraham, LeeAnnTrump CardON$0.00 Complete
Jenkins, JuliaZempatON$0.00 Complete
Jenkins, JuliaVamos A VerON$0.00 Complete
Johnson, MorgynCoroniroJOT$0.00 Complete
Kager, VictoriaSage AdviceTH$0.00 Complete
Kager, SophiaRuby SlippersJOBN$0.00 Complete
Kager, LillianPaisley PonyJOBN$0.00 Complete
Kager, SophiaMaggie MooJON$0.00 Complete
Keefe, RyanEighttofasttocatchOT$0.00 Complete
Kepferle, MeganAnakinPR$359.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Kinnamon, MollyMK's Concord DawnOP$0.00 Complete
Kinnamon, MollyTeddy SarcoOT$40.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Koch, NancyQuest In TimeOT$0.00 Complete
Koppin, MichelleNo Stranger to the RainOT$0.00 Complete
Koppin, MichelleKing BustOI$0.00 Complete
Kozlowski, CarolMain AttractionPH$40.00 Complete
Kress, AnnabelleCooley StreetwiseJON$0.00 Complete
Laurie, KatyKarvalyPR$0.00 Complete
Layfield-Insley, DarylAristocortTH$0.00 Complete
Lee, CassieBulls First TrickBNR$40.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Leese, CarrieBunnyPR$0.00 Complete
Leuenberger, JamieTough and GroovyON$0.00 Complete
Levering, AlexSwizzleTR$0.00 Complete
Ligon, NicoleMadison AvenuePR$0.00 Complete
Litter, JordanCreon ZOP$0.00 Complete
Lomangino, EmmaMaster FriskyOP$0.00 Complete
Longreen, AmberClassic StormJYOP$0.00 Complete
Longreen, AmberSublime TwistJOBN$0.00 Complete
Lounsberry, SyrinaTrue GritJON$0.00 Complete
Luria, Margot C.Truly FernhillJON$0.00 Complete
Macauley, JillTake Your TimeTR$0.00 Complete
Makowski, AlexanderHopin' and PrayingPR$0.00 Complete
Makowski, AlexanderWithout GracePH$30.00 Complete
Marcus, SaraHarvest of HopeTR$40.00 Complete
Martin, BoydRingo StarNH$0.00 Complete
Martin, BoydZoranOP$0.00 Complete
Martin, BoydLong Island TOP$0.00 Complete
Martin, BoydRay PriceOI$0.00 Complete
Martin, BoydOn CueOI$0.00 Complete
Martin, BoydKyraOI$0.00 Complete
Martin, BoydMayaOT$0.00 Complete
Martin, BoydBarryOP$0.00 Complete
Mata Blake, MiaScarletJYOP$20.00
  • Coggins
Mays, KatieThe Queen BeeTR$0.00 Complete
Mazza, StefanieBrigantinePR$0.00 Complete
Mazzatta, AlexisShigatziJOT$0.00 Complete
Mazzatta, AbigailSwears Like A SailorJON$0.00 Complete
McBain, ElizaGray Flannel JacketJON$0.00 Complete
McBain, SadieLinusJOBN$0.00 Complete
McGrane, JessicaTrue MysticTR$0.00 Complete
McIntyre, MarietteImpossible RittleON$0.00 Complete
Meek, NicoleCause I CanOBN$0.00 Complete
Middlebrook, SophiaSouth ParkOI$0.00 Complete
Miller, BarbaraMighty AmbitiousOT$0.00 Complete
Mink, GailTrebuchetNR$0.00 Complete
Morey, HollyMetropolitanBNR$0.00 Complete
Moses, HillaryCameronON$0.00 Complete
Moses, HillaryIrish TurnPH$0.00 Complete
Moyer, JennyRoaring LeoNR$0.00 Complete
Nesler, ErikaNo Doubt DSFOI$0.00 Complete
Nolan, CatyMan of ConvictionJOT$0.00 Complete
Nolte, TarynSierra de LuneSETH$0.00 Complete
O'Donnell , MadisonCurious GeorgeJOT$0.00 Complete
O'Lone, EmmaFacing GiantsJYOP$0.00 Complete
O'Toole, MarinaShaughnessyJON$0.00 Complete
Pappler, MeganPrivate ShowNH$0.00 Complete
Pastuck, AlaynaIsn't She FastOP$0.00 Complete
Payne Caravella, HollyCharmKing PH$0.00 Complete
Payne Caravella, HollyBruisyard HallOI$329.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Peck, SharonNo ComparisonTR$0.00 Complete
Peeler, JaimeDouble Shot of EspressoJOBN$0.00 Complete
Perry, LaurenPrince William GON$0.00 Complete
Przyborowski, TeaganMaster AttractionJYOP$40.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Reeves-Curtis, LeloBurnished GoldON$150.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Reilly, Erin M.Banc D'orON$0.00 Complete
Roberts, WaylonWakeupOT$40.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Roberts, WaylonLoves Last ChanceNH$40.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Roberts, WaylonFortunate RebelOP$45.00
  • Signatures
Rockwood, GailIndigo BlueBNR$0.00 Complete
Roden, BrittRune StoneOP$0.00 Complete
Roden, BrittMargo's GiftOI$0.00 Complete
Rogers, AndersonSome Kind of WonderfulNR$0.00 Complete
Rucci, CarsanKynynmont's RioTR$25.00
  • Signatures
Ruffa, IsabellaPainted FancyNR$0.00
  • Coggins
Rupert, SarahGlennbrooke Cooley PH$0.00 Complete
Russell Jordan, KimAlpengeistTR$0.00 Complete
Russell Jordan, KimI'm PerfectTR$0.00 Complete
Rzucidlo, EmilyRS Riva RidgeNH$96.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Samoylenko, SeijaBlack RussianPR$0.00 Complete
Sansone, CynthiaPippin VINR$0.00 Complete
Schlachter, KristinOne Cool DevilOT$0.00 Complete
Schlachter, KristinEmma's MailTH$0.00 Complete
Selmayr, BooliFirst FrostTH$0.00 Complete
Selmayr, BooliMillfield LancandoOI$0.00 Complete
Selmayr, BooliCopycat ChloeOP$40.00 Complete
Semilia, ChristefanoAristosJOBN$0.00 Complete
Shute, JenniferTeachers PetON$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Sigsbee, JoaBFF CypherPR$0.00 Complete
Simpson, Curran Fernhill FlameTR$0.00 Complete
Solomon, SydneyQui Luma OT$0.00 Complete
Solomon, SydneyQuarlotta COT$0.00 Complete
Somers, ConradNew LevelOBN$0.00 Complete
Sommer, HannahMagic ReplicaTR$0.00 Complete
Sorzano, RandaPleasant RendezvousOT$0.00 Complete
Spurlock, KaitlinTell Them NothingON$0.00 Complete
Spurlock, KaitlinWarren LVSBNH$20.00
  • Horse USEA
Stahl, JohannahLaloJOBN$0.00 Complete
Stamos-Johns, ChristinaTri for the RubiesBNH$0.00 Complete
Stamos-Johns, ChristinaMy Two KingsNR$0.00 Complete
Stephenson, SherryPygmalion PrinceOT$0.00 Complete
Stewart, TaylerIdeal ContiniOI$0.00 Complete
Stewart, ElizabethElusiveOI$0.00 Complete
Stone Bourke, Marley Looks QualityTH-$130.00
  • Coggins
Strini, LuciaJMF Master CooleyOP$20.00 Complete
Strini, BenitaCooley All OutOP$0.00 Complete
Strini, LuciaGalway Bay CooleyOP$20.00 Complete
Sumner, LaurenCrossfirePR$0.00 Complete
Sweger, AbigailRavenJON$0.00 Complete
Sylvester, ErinRhapsody in BayOBN$40.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Taylor, AshleyUntouchable RockPR$30.00 Complete
Thompson, JordanWildwood DaysOBN$0.00 Complete
Thompson, DianeBoston JackOT$0.00 Complete
Thompson, DianeImproper BostonianOT$0.00 Complete
Tonner, MarisaCraving ChocolateON$0.00 Complete
Underwood, AmaraYo KoffyJOT$0.00 Complete
Upton, Jennie Fleet Final NR$0.00 Complete
Ursini, SamanthaPop Goes My HeartON$40.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
Volpe, AshleighAlkaneBNH$0.00 Complete
Walker, HollyCurraheen SkyyNR$0.00 Complete
Walton, MichaelFreedom's EclipseOP$0.00 Complete
Warro, MichellePlay Like A RavenPH$0.00 Complete
Whitty, ThomasWhitty RemarkTR$0.00 Complete
Wiedemann, PamelaMade To OrderPH$0.00 Complete
Wikstrom, AlexandraChange OrderOP$0.00 Complete
Wilks, RachelGreat ExpectationsOI$0.00 Complete
Williams, KelleyVery TastefulOI$0.00 Complete
Williamson, SandyJohn KellyOBN$0.00 Complete
Wilson, ChristinePerfect IntentionsTR$0.00 Complete
Wilson, MeganVictory DanceJON$0.00 Complete
Wohlschlegel, KasandraCognac CougarON$0.00 Complete
Wohlschlegel, KasandraKillinick Lady BounceNH$0.00 Complete
Wood, RyanShannondale MurphyON$40.00 Complete
Wood, RyanMainstream MagicON$40.00 Complete
Wood, RyanChusinmyconfessionNH$0.00 Complete
Wood, RyanL'istesso TempoNH$40.00 Complete
Yablonovitz, BaileyFiddlers ChoiceJOT$0.00 Complete
Zebley, MarshaHawkeye ViewOT$0.00 Complete
Ziemann, RachelCasablancaJOT$0.00 Complete
buchanan, cindyflying candlesPR$0.00 Complete